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Task Force 93

Humanitarian Operations


Starbase 93


CDRE Imya Jori

Deputy Commander

FCAPT Brodie Lewis


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Task Force 93 is the Fourth Fleet's designated humanitarian operations unit. Based out of Starbase 93 on the border to the old Romulan Neutral Zone, this task force is tasked with providing humanitarian support and protection to struggling regions of the galaxy. While this includes protection from predatory factions, Task Force 93 aids worlds devastated by natural disasters or violence, and treats with local and major powers to coordinate this assistance.


  • Assist the rebuilding of cultures ravaged by natural or political disasters
  • Protect isolated worlds from predatory factions
  • Monitor the old Neutral Zone to bring safety and support to abandoned peoples
  • Preserve the stability of chaotic regions across the Federation border


For the last decade and a half, Task Force 93 has served as a humanitarian and peacekeeping force along the Romulan border. Following the hypernova of 2387, it was tasked with securing the former Neutral Zone, protecting Federation interests in the Beta Quadrant. Worlds have been abandoned by the Federation and Romulan Factions alike, left to fend for themselves against the ravages of regional dangers, fledgling and weak infrastructures, and natural disasters. With the Fourth Fleet's repurposing with a galactic mandate, it was deemed Task Force 93 to take this skill and expertise to all troubled corners of the galaxy.

Recent years have seen many powers withdrawing their support to many regions as they reinforce the borders they can protect. In their wake are worlds vulnerable to regional piracy or exploitation by other powers, worlds forced to rebuild governance and infrastructure from scratch, and worlds lacking any support should the worst happen. Be they independent or answering to a higher government, Federation or otherwise, the support that now arrives fastest is from Task Force 93.

This work is more than bringing blankets. It takes engaging with communities to meet their needs, navigating fraught diplomacy with local leaders and their conflicting priorities, and providing protection from opportunistic pirates that might see such a world ripe for the taking, or nearby powers that might see them ripe for seizing. Across the galaxy are worlds that have been chewed up and spat out by one government or another. To some, Task Force 93 is a welcome helping hand. To others, a necessary shield.

Task Force Assets and Headquarters

While Task Force 93 is no longer the major Starfleet force supervising the Neutral Zone, it retains its headquarters at Starbase 93 on the border, which is home to Devron Fleet Yards. With the capacity to resupply and maintain ships in the region as well as the Task Force's vessels, the fleet yards provide a base of operations from which relief missions can be launched to all quarters of the galaxy.

The flagship of Task Force 93 is the USS Verity, an Odyssey-class heavy explorer, which is based out of SB93.

Task Force Composition

Task Group 44

Task Group 58

Task Force History

When Task Force 93's mandate of providing support to those who needed it the most changed in 2399, assets were redeployed to ensure that the Task Force's focus was not just along the fractured border that the Federation now shared with the various Romulan factions. That said, the initial response from Task Force 93 maintained a focus near to the former Neutral Zone.

The Archanis Campaign

One of the biggest operations that Task Force 93 was fully involved with was the unexpected invasion of the Hunters of D'Ghor of the Archanis Sector. Along with other ships from the Fourth Fleet, ships from Task Force 93 entered the Archanis Sector to assist with repelling the rogue Klingons and providing support to Federation worlds, outposts, and other assets that were affected. The clean-up operation, after Starfleet forces were successful with their efforts, was led by Task Force 93. Restoring stability along the border was essential. Task Force 93 ships saw themselves having to prove to Federation colonies that the threat was now removed and that the Federation government took the incident seriously. Further construction of defense networks took place, alongside providing care and aid.

The Echoes of the Tkon

During the end of 2399, every single ship across Starfleet was placed on high alert after multiple sightings of the Omega molecule were reported. Task Force 93 ships were assigned to the duty of not only dealing with this threat but also found them having to help ships that found themselves stranded after some molecules exploded, causing disruption in subspace and preventing warp drive from being used in some areas of known space. Furthermore, certain worlds and bases were left without any external support, as a result, Task Force 93 became that vital lifeline to them. Eventually, ships were given the order to provide assistance in tracking down Tkon Empire artifacts, which ultimately resulted in the removal of the Omega threat and other dangers that this incident brought. Lessons learned from the post-recovery efforts from the Archanis Campaign prepared Task Force 93, for once again helping those who need assistance in rebuilding.

The Stormbreaker Campaign

In early 2400, the Century Storm hit the Paulson Nebula and the surrounding region. This phenomenon severely affected those ships, stations, and colonies that existed in this area, causing huge disruption to communication and placing lives on the line. To prevent millions from being killed, the Federation government ordered an immediate evacuation of the area. Task Force 93 ships saw action, along with other ships from the Fourth Fleet, to help those who were affected by the countless ion storms. The entire event took time and many installations were either lost or severely damaged by the ion storms. Though many were saved, some were not as fortunate as others. Many search and rescue missions were undertaken by ships in Task Force 93.

Sundered Wings

Having so many ships and stations based near the shared border with the Romulans, Task Force 93 found itself in the thick of it when the Star Empire of Rator collapsed and the Velorum Sector declared its independence before seeking assistance from the Federation. This massive political upheaval caused a high level of tension between the Federation and the various Romulan Factions. Task Force 93 ships were given the mandate to send ships into the area and provide relief efforts to those Romulan worlds that were isolated from others and required the support to support their populations. The Velorum Sector eventually opted to join the Romulan Republic once a majority of their worlds were stabilized, thanks to the efforts of Starfleet and a meditated deal led by the Federation.

The Blood Dilithium Campaign

The Lost Fleet

Command History

  • Early 2399: Admiral Elizabeth Wolf
  • Early 2399: Rear Admiral Sebastein Leclerc
  • Mid 2399: Fleet Captain Azras Dex
  • Late 2399: Vice Admiral Aubrey Seagraves*
  • Early 2400: Captain Gar'rath
  • Mid 2400: Captain Henry Maxwell
  • Late 2400: Rear Admiral Zack Marshall-Bennet*
  • Late 2400: Commodore Imya Jori

*denotes Interim Commander