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USS Pandora



Luna Class

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Task Force 72


Alpha Quadrant




Captain Nycolas Temple


After a number of previous attempts to chart and explore the Inconnu Expanse, the Federation mandated Task Force 72 to perform long-term expeditions into the region. One of the first to be sent was the newly designated USS Pandora, a top-of-the-line Luna Class science vessel. Though not the Starfleet first to carry the Pandora name, it was hoped that this mission would gain significant insight into the Expanse and help to change the region into a safer location for other Federation ships to explore. The ship was to be captained by first-time CO, Commander Nycolas Temple, on a mission to investigate the scientific mysteries, spacial phenomena, and the many worlds of the Expanse. To prepare them for their mission, the Pandora was gifted with an expanded recreation area to make the long tour more tolerable, and state of the art science facilities to give the ship the best chance of finding answers to the Expanse’s many questions.

After receiving her initial crew compliment, the Pandora disembarked from Luna Shipyards in December 2387.

Mission History

The Pandora’s journey into the Inconnu Expanse started at the entrance to Carnwennan Corridor - a usually safer means of entry into the region (“New Moon Rising”). However, after arriving at Carnwennan Station, the crew were immediately requested to help rescue a Talarian diplomat’s missing ship. The Pandora had her first task. Sailing into the Corridor, the ship was drawn into a border dispute between the Talarians and the Tzenkethi, and the Pandora was forced to risk their own safety to try and save the diplomat’s crew. After a fierce fire-fight with the Tzenkethi, the Pandora was victorious and they were able to resume their primary mission.

Following from this, the Pandora continued into the Expanse, where they came across one of the biggest dangers of the region - the Ravagers (“Into the Wild”). Here they discovered a rogue Ravager ship had been capturing and tearing apart other vessels in an area known as the “killing field”, an ocean of wreckage and broken ships. The Pandora’s only means of escape was through a dark matter nebula, one of the Expanse’s many “graviton storms” that made traversing the region so difficult. The crossing was tough and caused significant damage to their vessel, but they eventually made it through. Little did they know, however, that the Ravagers had detected them and started to hunt for the Pandora.

On the other side, the Pandora found themselves in the Salvaxe system, notable for it’s two stars and one hospitable planet. While repairing, the Pandora monitored the isolated world of Salvaxe, discovering the former Talarian colony had developed into a significantly technologically advanced planet. The people of Salvaxe were called the Mendazians, and their planet appeared to be a resource-rich utopia. However, they also realised that Ravager scouts had somehow made it through the dark matter and followed them to Salvaxe. The rogues immediately attempted to raid the Mendazians. The Pandora was faced with a dilemma - break the Prime Directive and help Salvaxe, or allow the Ravagers to plunder the planet, knowing they were responsible for the rogues finding Salvaxe. The crew chose to help and successfully defended the Mendazians from the Ravagers.

The Pandora made First Contact with the Mendazians following the attack; the ship’s first significant diplomatic achievement of their tour. Lieutenant Commander Nash led the away-team to Salvaxe and after the Pandora’s first Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Glyndar, chose to step down from the role, the now-Commander Nash was promoted to her place.

However, while returning to the nebula, the Pandora was attacked by the Ravager’s mothership, The Carnage, which was captained by a particularly brutal pirate, Balek. In their current state, the Pandora couldn’t out-run the enemy vessel, and so was forced into a nasty one-on-one battle with the ruthless Ravager hunters. Captain Temple and a small team attempted to infiltrate the ship through subterfuge but were caught. Balek was about to execute Temple when one of the rogue crew betrayed him, and the Pandora’s science officer, Lieutenant Brennan, managed to shut down the Carnage’s engineering. The battle was won by the Pandora and the Carnage was scuttled, it’s captain going down with the ship.

Seeking to explore a more peaceful area, the Pandora travelled to a region known as The Indigo Sky, named after it’s vibrant mix of spacial gases and particles producing a rare and colourful display (“Divided We Fall”). However, while attempting to send a probe into the Indigo Sky, the Pandora accidentally triggered a violent explosion which sent a particle wave hurtling towards the ship. The wave caught the ship across the first few decks and disabled the Pandora entirely. When the crew recovered, they discovered everyone on Bridge and two lower floors had disappeared, including the Captain and many of the senior team. With Nash now in command of the Pandora, repair work was done in earnest as they attempted to find the missing officers. It took significant effort from Chief Engineer Lieutenant Mindo, to find that the crew were in-fact trapped in the ship’s transporter buffers, and were slowly able to retrieve everyone who had disappeared.

In the meantime, the missing crew experienced an entire lifetime in a ‘bubble’ of alternate reality. In their world, the universe wasn’t much larger than the few decks of the Pandora they had been trapped in. Time in different parts of the ship would travel faster or slower than others, and the lack of resources caused a considerable strain. Eventually, some of the crew split into a defector group, who sparred with the Captain over how to cope with the situation. Tragically, the Captain was ‘killed’ by a junior officer, Rochester, while searching for a stolen weapon. Chief of Security Griffin took over captaincy of the Pandora bubble crew, and managed to maintain order for thirty years until his own passing. His wife, Lieutenant Brennan (married in the bubble by Temple before his death), succumbed to psychosis and spent many years hiding in the jeffries tubes. Upon the news of Griffin’s passing, Rochester again attempted to take over the ship. However, his mission was to destroy the bubble universe itself, believing this would free them all from their unreal prison. He succeeded, managing to collapse the alternate reality just as Mindo was retrieving their physical selves from the transport buffers. However, time continued to jump inside the bubble, and Brennan was forced to watch everyone age and die before succumbing to the darkness of space herself.

Awaking again in the real world, the Captain and the missing crew had to adjust back to reality, having really only been gone for a matter of weeks - not decades. Some, like Lieutenant Kaleri, had lived an entire life inside the bubble - with children and grandchildren. Brennan had spent the longest in the bubble and required time to heal. Others preferred to believe what happened was merely a false construct of reality and wished to deny it ever happened, such as Ensign Rochester. The Captain allowed for a period of rest and relaxation while they continued through the Inconnu Expanse, as Lieutenant Mindo opened his ‘Little Caesars’ retro arcade in the Holodeck, a permanent program that would allow the crew to blow off steam.

While leaving the area, they discovered the Indigo Sky was actually in a cycle of "burning off" and rebirth, the spacial phenomena starting to come to life again as the Pandora departed.

In the meantime, forces around the Inconnu Expanse started also to shift and change. Not long into 2389, the formation of the Alrakis Pact would alter the environment of the Expanse forever. The Pact, a surprise coalition agreement between the Breen, Talarians, Tzenkethi, and Ravagers, claimed total ownership of the region and ordered every Starfleet ship out of the sector. The Pandora was sent to a regional trade station known as Paradise Outpost, in an attempt to find out more information about the Alrakis Pact (“Death In Paradise”). Once at the station, it soon became apparent that someone onboard the ship was working against the Pandora, potentially in league with the Alrakis Pact. An urgent investigation was launched into finding the culprit. Lives were lost as a result of the betrayal and subsequent attempts to find the guilty party, with Captain Temple realising that their time in the Inconnu Expanse was beginning to change the Pandora and her crew...

Notable Discoveries

Sim Awards

  • Task Force 72 Sim of the Month - December 2016
  • Bravo Fleet Sim of the Quarter - Second Quarter 2017
  • Task Force 72 Sim of the Month - June 2017
  • Medal of Collaboration - July 2017
  • Bravo Fleet Sim of the Quarter - Fourth Quarter 2017
  • Task Force 72 Sim of the Month - January 2018
  • Task Force 72 Participation Medal - August 2018
  • Task Force 72 Sim of the Month - October 2018
  • Task Force 72 Sim of the Year - January 2019

Long-Term Crew Members

  • Captain Temple (Commanding Officer)
  • Commander Nash (Chief Operations Officer, Executive Officer)
  • Lieutenant Fick (Chief Flight Control Officer)
  • Lieutenant Griffin (Chief of Security)
  • Lieutenant Brennan-Griffin (Chief Science Officer)
  • K'Laus (Chief Supply Officer)
  • Lieutenant Smith (Chief Intelligence Officer)
  • Lieutenant Mindo (Chief Engineering Officer)
  • Lieutenant Kaleri (Chief Operations Officer, Chief Counsellor)

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