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"Io's beauty moves me, for its brilliance is as that of a dream." —Ovid - Ship's Dedication Quote
USS Io (NCC-80105) is one of the Luna-class light explorers commissioned by Starfleet and designated to the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 17, led by Captain Silas Crowe. Following the tradition of its class, the Io is named after one of the moons within the Sol-system.


In the annals of Greek mythology, the tale of Io shines as a beacon of resilience and transformation. Io, a revered priestess, captivated the heart of Zeus. To shield her from the jealous wrath of his wife Hera, Zeus transformed Io into a radiant white heifer. Yet, Hera’s suspicions led her to imprison Io under the watchful eyes of Argus, the giant with a hundred eyes.

Zeus, determined to free Io, dispatched Hermes, the god of cunning and music. With skill and patience, Hermes lulled Argus into eternal sleep, granting Io her freedom. Hera, unrelenting, sent a tormenting gadfly to chase Io across the earth, marking her journey with pain and perseverance.

Io’s relentless wanderings eventually led her to the land of Egypt, where Zeus restored her to her true form. In this new beginning, Io gave birth to Epaphus, heralding a future of greatness.

The story of Io is a testament to the strength and endurance of the human spirit, a saga of overcoming adversity and emerging stronger. May the USS Io, named after Jupiter’s moon Io, named in her honor, embody this enduring legacy as it voyages through the stars, facing challenges with courage and transforming trials into triumphs.

Technical Configuration

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Auxiliary Craft


USS Io (NCC-80105) History and Timeline

Early Service and Commissioning (2379-2380)

  • 2379: Commissioned as a Luna-class light explorer, the USS Io symbolizes the Federation's commitment to peaceful exploration post-Dominion War.
  • 2380: Under the command of Captain T'Vrea, the Io conducts shakedown cruises, testing its systems and scientific instruments.

The Early Missions (2381-2383)

  • 2381: Commences its official mission, exploring uncharted regions of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, making significant discoveries.
  • 2382: Participates in a joint mission with the Vulcan Science Academy, contributing to the understanding of subspace anomalies.
  • 2383: Makes first contact with a previously unknown species, leading to new diplomatic and scientific opportunities.

Deep Space Exploration (2384-2387)

  • 2385: Assigned to a long-term mission in the Gamma Quadrant, showcasing the crew's diverse expertise.
  • 2386: Assists in a major evacuation effort, demonstrating its humanitarian capabilities.
  • 2387: Conducts extensive research on a rogue planet, leading to groundbreaking discoveries in astrobiology.

Continuing Mission (2388-2401)

  • 2388: Investigates an ancient alien artifact, prompting further missions to study ancient civilizations.
  • 2389: Part of a Federation task force exploring the Delta Quadrant, contributing to scientific and diplomatic goals.
  • 2390: Engages in a first contact mission with a new species, successfully establishing peaceful relations.
  • 2391-2400: Continues missions of exploration and scientific discovery, expanding the Federation's knowledge of the universe.

The Borg Incident (2401)

  • 2401: Participates in Frontier Day celebrations near Sol Station, seized by the Borg Collective during the event. The Io, along with the fleet, is used in an attempted invasion of Federation space, resolved with significant effort from Starfleet and allies.

Notable Crew

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