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USS Pegasus



Galaxy Refit Class

Date Commissioned:




Assigned TF:

Task Force 99


Starbase 400 Defense Fleet


Beta Quadrant




Fleet Admiral Mike K'Wor Bremer



For the Ares Theater version, please see USS Pegasus (Ares Theater).

The USS Pegasus NCC-1702-B is the Flagship of Fleet Admiral Mike K'Wor Bremer and is the primary defense vessel for Starbase 400.



The first Starship named Pegasus was a NX class ship built in 2154 first commanded by Captain Brian Bremer. Little was known about the early missions of NX-10 until recently. The Pegasus first few missions took her to the edge of Klingon space where the crew learned more about the feared warrior species, and even conducting joint missions with future Federation members, the Vulcans and Andorians. In 2155, under the command of Captain Christopher Bremer, Pegasus joined the Starfleet battle fleet fighting the Romulans. Near the end of the Earth/Romulan war, the Pegasus was assigned as Task Force command ship for a group of six ships (two Venus class, two Neptune class, the NX Class ship Yorktown, and the NX Pegasus). This group was to attack a Romulan supply base at planet Galorndon Core, however during the attack a force of Romulan Warbirds and Bird of Prey counter attacked. While her escorts took care of the supply base and cargo ships, the Pegasus held off the Romulan group of four ships. NX-10 suffered heavy damage and was towed back to Earth for repairs by the USS Horizon, one of the brand new Daedalus class ships. The Pegasus was repaired and fought in the last two major engagements of the war, including the Battle of Cheron. The Pegasus was decommissioned in 2170. After ten years in the 'mothball fleet', the Pegasus was assigned to Starfleet Academy as a training vessel.


The first Federation Starship named Pegasus was a Constitution Class ship built in 2246. NCC-1702 served the Federation well in her early years. In 2265 she received a new Commanding Officer, Captain Walter Norman Bremer whom maintained command though out the rest of the late 23rd century. In 2280, the ship was scheduled for decommissioning, but was refitted instead, the last of the class to be refit. In 2395, after a major overhaul of all key systems, the Pegasus was assigned a new Commanding Officer, Jonathan Roebuck. The Pegasus would continue to serve the Federation gallantly. In 2321 the ship was decommissioned. She is now apart of the Starfleet Museum in Earth Orbit.


In 2280 Starfleet was finishing up a new Starship design. With NCC-1702 scheduled to be decommissioned, the class was named the Pegasus class, with the first ship called USS Pegasus NCC-1974. However a week before launching, Starfleet Command decided to keep NCC-1702 in service and refit her as they did the rest of the Constitution class ships like the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. NCC-1974 was renamed USS Carolina, but the class kept the name as the Pegasus class. Only six of the class were built. USS Cerberus NCC-1982 was lost to unknown forces in 2344. USS Hercules NCC-1982 was destroyed by the Borg during their incursion into Earth's space in 2373. USS Pereseus NCC-1984 was lost in 2376 during the Dominion war. USS Charleston NCC-1986 was lost in 2324 after an encounter with the Romulans. Two, the USS Carolina NCC-1974 and USS Hammond NCC-1979 are used by Starfleet Academy as training vessels today.


The next starship named Pegasus was an Oberth Class Science ship built in 2342. NCC-53847 was the test bed vessel for several new system designs, many of which were used later in the Galaxy Class Starship. Under the Command of Captain Preston, with a young William T. Riker at Conn, the Pegasus was also the test bed ship for a phasing cloak. The ship was destroyed when the cloak failed while the ship was inside an asteroid.


The next Starship named Pegasus was a Galaxy Class ship. NCC-1702-A was commissioned in late 2371. She was the flagship of the Sisth Fleet codenamed 'Tango Fleet' for just over one year. In 2373, her command was given to Mike K'Wor Bremer, the ship's Executive Officer, who was promoted to Captain. The Pegasus took part in the Federation/Klingon attack on the Torros III Shipyards at the start of the Dominion War. She then spent the next few weeks patrolling the Federation/Cardassian border until the ship was destroyed while on a rescue mission.


The next ship to be named Pegasus was the first Galaxy Class Refit in Starfleet. NCC-53847-A was commissioned just after the previous Pegasus was destroyed in 2373. Command was given to Captain Bremer. The Pegasus was assigned to Starfleet's Fourth Fleet, codenamed 'Bravo Fleet', the new Special Operations Fleet. Bremer was promoted to Admiral and Fleet Executive Officer of the Fourth Fleet.

In mid 2374, Bremer was promoted to Fleet Admiral and Commanding Officer of the Fourth Fleet. During the Dominion War, the Pegasus-A was often at the front. She took part in the mission to retake Deep Space Nine. Later that year, Task Force 44, part of the Forth Fleet and led by the Pegasus-A, raided a Dominion facility and POW camp on Lazon II. The facility was destroyed and over 1000 Federation POWs were rescued. The Pegasus took part in the Federation Alliance attack on the Chin'Toka System, then followed that up by raiding a Dominion Cloning Facility.

In 2375, USS Pegasus-A and USS Falcon raided the Dominion Base on Trelka V and destroyed its orbital drydocks. A few weeks later, USS Pegasus-A led a Federation Task Force which included USS Falcon and USS Yorktown-D in an attack against the Dominion shipyard and Cardassian weapons research facility in the Loval system. The facilities were destroyed. A week after that, The Forth Fleet launched an attack against Dominion Forces in an attempt to draw ships away from the main lines. While successful, over thirty Federation ships were lost. The USS Pegasus-A was believed to be one of them after the ship was heavily damaged and abandoned. Most of the crew were picked up by other vessels. However, after the battle, the USS Enterprise-E located and recovered the badly damaged USS Pegasus-A and towed her to Starbase 24 where she was rushed into dry dock. After repairs were completed, the USS Pegasus-A led an attack against the Son'a Outpost on Devos Two with the USS George Washington. After the attack, the Pegasus-A and most of the Fourth Fleet rendezvoused at Deep Space Nine and took part on the Federation Alliance's attack on the Cardassian system which ended the Dominion War.

Also during this time, the Pegasus-A was transported to the mirror universe via a spacial anomaly. In 2374, the Pegasus-A and the USS Bonnaventure made first contact with the Krazzle in Sector 349. The entity known as Q even visited the Pegasus-A during the Dominion War, dressed as Earth's Santa Claus and passed out presents to members of the crew.

In the weeks after the Dominion War, USS Pegasus-A tested of a new transwarp drive system that had been developed during the war. The tests failed and the ship was heavily damaged.

NCC-53847-A was destroyed defending the Cardassian planet of Remu III from a renegade Federation ship in late 2375.


A month after the NCC-53847-A was lost, a new Galaxy Class Refit was commissioned. Originally name Aries, the ship was redesigned Pegasus, NCC-1702-B. Fleet Admiral Bremer and his crew were assigned the new ship, Bravo Fleet's new Flagship. The ship proceeded on her trial runs. Since then, this ship has done the Federation proud in exploration, Federation defense, first contact with new races, intelligence gathering, and all missions she has been assigned.

The Pegasus-B started her career by putting out several diplomatic brush fires in the wake of the Dominion War. At the end of 2376, the Pegasus-B started a six month exploration mission in the Beta Quadrant beyond Klingon territory. Near the end of 2377, the Forth Fleet was ordered to Earth in preparation for fleet wide training maneuvers. Eighteen vessels arrived early, among them were the Pegasus-B, Yorktown-E, Avenger, Tiriptz, Prometheus, Hyperion, Vendetta, Venture, Essex-A, Durga, Tomar, and Constantinople. Soon there after, a Borg transwarp conduit was detected close to Earth. The Forth Fleet vessels, lead by the Pegasus-B, respond and intercepted a Borg Sphere. Unknown to Starfleet at the moment, USS Voyager reached Earth using the Borg Transwarp conduit, destroying it in the process. USS Voyager destroyed the Borg Sphere as it emerged from the conduit close to Earth. USS Voyager was escorted into Earth by the Forth Fleet.

In 2379, a heavily damaged Dominion Attack Ship drifted though the wormhole toward Deep Space 9. USS Pegasus-B and USS Yorktown-E were sent covertly into the Gamma Quadrant to find out what happened. Fleet Admiral Bremer learned from Odo that a small group of Founders had broken off from the Great Link and started a civil war in an attempt to take over the Dominion as a whole, then plan to re-attack the Alpha Quadrant. The ploy fails and led to improved Dominion/Federation relations.

In 2380, another Borg Cube entered the Alpha Quadrant. USS Pegasus-B was sent halt the advance while a fleet was assembled. During the engagement, Fleet Admiral Bremer was captured and assimilated by the Borg. Bremer unwillingly helped the Borg destroy twenty-five starships, kill thousands of people, and nearly assimilate the Zerian population and their planet before he was rescued in a joint mission by the Pegasus-B, Enterprise-E, Yorktown-E, and Voyager. The Borg Transwarp Hub in the Zerian system was destroyed. Following his recovery, Bremer retired from Starfleet. A few months later, the renegade Klingon Toral convinced Malor, the Klingon Governor of Toran, to follow him and the recently recovered Sword of Kahless. Starfleet Command and Chancellor Matok request Bremer come out of retirement to try to talk to Malor who was a close friend of Bremer's father ma'gh. Reluctantly, Bremer agreed. Bremer was successful in recovering the Sword and talking Malor down, however Toral escaped. The Pegasus-B chased Toral to his Reman ally's base where Toral boarded a newly built Scimitar class ship and set course for the Bajorian Wormhole. The Pegasus-B pursued, but Toral attacked Deep Space Nine before entering the Gamma Quadrant. While assisting Deep Space Nine with repairs, Alexandra Harrison is assigned to the USS Pegasus-B as Chief Security/Tactical Officer and Patrick Dow returns to the Pegasus-B as Chief Strategic Operations Officer. The Pegasus-B managed to prevent Toral from attacking the Founders' Homeworld, and took Toral into custody, averting a possible war. Near the end of the year, Starbase 400 was scheduled for decommissioning and scrapping. Bremer resigned from his position in the Forth Fleet and took a demotion to Captain in order to take over as commander of Starbase 400, keeping the station from being decommissioned. The Starships Pegasus-B and Yorktown-E were assigned to Starbase 400, joining the USS Luna already there. Captain K'Temoc is reassigned to Starbase 400 as R&D CO.

In late 2384, Krazzle ships crossed into Federation space and attack a Federation ship. USS Pegasus-B and USS Vanguard were sent to investigate the attack and were also attacked by the Krazzle. Bremer, whom was promoted back to Admiral in 2383, was believe killed when the Pegasus's Stardrive Section exploded while covering the withdrawal of its Saucer Section and USS Vanguard. While reviewing logs from the recent battle with the Krazzle, Starbase 400 personnel learn that the Krazzle ships were in fact the same ships that attacked the USS Pegasus-A and USS Bonnaventure in 2374. They also learn of Federation prisoners aboard the ship. A rescue mission led by Major General Fultian-Bremer aboard the USS Durga and Captain K'Temoc aboard the USS Yorktown-E was undertaken. One of the prisoners rescued is Admiral Bremer himself, who'd been beamed board the Krazzle ship just before the Pegasus's Stardrive exploded.

In late 2386, Bremer learned of a Romulan spy operating at Starfleet Command. The USS Pegasus-B, recently repaired from the battle with the Krazzle just over a year before, is deployed to Earth to find out who it is and apprehend him. Bremer and crew managed to stop the Romulan plot, and discover Admiral Edward Jellico had been supplying intelligence to the Romulans in the hope of preventing a possible war. The new USS Excalibur under command of Captain Calhoun confronted the Pegasus-B, but later stood down when they learned of Jellico's involvement. Jellico was arrested for treason, and the Romulans on Earth were held as spies. Lieutenant General Bremer is kidnapped by rogue members of Starfleet JAG that were assisting Jellico, but she was rescued by the USS Cairo.

In mid 2388, a Task Force comprising the Starships Pegasus-B, Yorktown-E, Essex-B, Defiant, Saratoga, Avenger-A, and Sutherland left Starbase 400 to investigate the possibility of a Dominion base on Iconia, left over from the Dominion War. Once in the system, Odo contacted the planet and the Vorta Deyos explained he was ordered to hold the planet by the Female Founder and refused to surrender. A Jem'Hadar fleet of six Attackships and one Battleship attacked the Starfleet task force and the USS Yorktown-E was destroyed. However all of the Dominion Attackships were destroyed and the Battleship was neutralized. A joint Marine/Security/Jem'Hadar Commando assault force beamed down and managed to secure the Outpost. Deyos was captured, and later orderd the Jem'Hadar garrison to stand down after speaking to the Female Founder via subspace. However the assault force suffered heavy casualties, including Major Hurd and Admiral Bremer, both being severely wounded.

In early 2389, While on their way for a family vacation, a runabout carrying Admiral Bremer's family was attacked. Marc and Emmaline Bremer were killed, Janice Bremer and Christopher Bremer were severely injured, and K'Wor was kidnapped. Admiral Bremer, who had to stay on Starbase 400 for a high level meeting, took the Pegasus-B to the site of the attack where the crew began recovering the casualties and investigating who attacked the runabout and why. Becca Bremer was unharmed, she had remained on Starbase 400 with her father. During the investigation, the crew of the Pegasus-B discover three tricobalt charges have been planted against the ship's hull. Captain Pike and Lieutenant Vid-Lotilija manage to deactivate two before the third detonated, injuring both and damaging the ship. It was discovered that Jon Westmoreland, former USS Pegasus-A Chief Security/Tactical Officer was behind the attack on Bremer's Family. The Pegasus-B gave chase. Meanwhile, Vice Admiral T'Lar found evidence that Admiral Riggs at Starfleet Command was aiding Westmoreland, and she took the Essex to Earth to investigate. The Essex arrived at Earth to question members of Starfleet Command while attempting to track down and detain Admiral Riggs. The Starlighter, Westmoreland's private craft, arrived at Remu III and landed at a previously unknown smuggler base. The Pegasus-B arrived a few minutes later and beamed down Marines. Admiral Bremer led the rescue team to find his son. The rescue team from the Pegasus-B recoverd K'Wor and Bremer kills Westmoreland in personal combat. The crew of the Essex apprehends Admiral Riggs. Riggs admits to aiding Westmoreland. It's discovered that Riggs falsified records during the Dominion War, and Westmoreland was using that information to force Riggs to help him. They also learn Westmoreland's hate for Bremer goes back thirteen years to the Pegasus-A's mission to stop the USS Universal's attack on the Cardassian planet Remu III following the Dominion War. Westmoreland's wife had been killed aboard the USS Universal and he blamed Bremer for her death. The Pegasus and Essex later returns to Starbase 400.

Currently, the Pegasus is assigned to station Starbase 400, which Fleet Admiral Bremer commands.

OOC Note

The USS Pegasus is considered a retired/reserved designation. Such honors have been reserved for retired Bravo Fleet Commanding Officers. Future simulations in Bravo Fleet may not carry the name save for Admiral Bremer, who is currently operating this starship in Task Force 99.