Starbase 400

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Federation FactionThis article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

Starbase 400
Star System:



Kaleb IV


Beta Quadrant

Technical Details



Federation Starbase and Ship Yard






Fleet Admiral Mike Bremer



For the Ares Theater counterpart, please see Starbase 400 (Ares Theater)

A Spacedock type Starbase in orbit of Kaleb IV in the Beta Quadrant. Commanded by Fleet Admiral Mike K'Wor Bremer


Starbase 400 (SB400) was completed in 2369 on the edge of and area of space where Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulan borders meet, known as The Triangle, orbiting Kaleb IV. It was hoped that having an advanced starbase in the area would not only make the Romulans think twice about crossing into the Neutral Zone, but also service as a location for diplomatic meetings between the three super powers. Starbase 400 soon became one of the main base of operations for the 4th Fleet.

Starbase 400

During the Dominion War, SB400 serviced as a remote staging area for Klingon and Romulan fleets heading toward the front lines. Following the war, SB400 serviced as one of the main refit and supply bases for Starfleet vessels leaving the front lines. Starships would be refit for peace time service and crews rotated to other ships or back to there home planets for R&R. In 2380, this duty had been fulfilled and SB400 returned to the Diplomatic role.

Following the Shinzon coup, the Romulans wanted to continue diplomatic talks, and several of these were held at SB400 before being moved to Earth. During this time, SB400 began to run into disrepair. With supplies being sent to further out Starbases to restock their stores and trained crews transferred to new ships and bases, SB400 began to see neglect. Commander Conners, the station commander requested additional supplies and crew, but these requests were ignored. Starfleet's main goal was to bring the outer ring of starbases back up to full strength, while also getting the fleet back on it's feet as well.

With tensions between the Federation and Romulans eases, SB400 was seen as 'expendable'. Plans were made to deactivate the starbase within two years, however Commander Conners requested an early retirement. With no available commanders to take command, Starfleet Command decided to shut down the base. At the same time, Admiral Mike K'Wor Bremer was considering retiring from command again. Hearing about SB400's situation, Bremer requested taking the USS Pegasus to Starbase 400, taking command. Starfleet declined, saying these had no plans for an Admiral to serve as commander of the starbase. Mike requested a demotion back to Captain to take over SB400. After much consideration, this was approved, but by 2388 Bremer had been promoted back to Fleet Admiral and Starbase 400 was assigned twelve support ships.

Vice Admiral Deela T'Lar, former Task Force 72 Commanding Officer in the Forth Fleet is the current Executive Officer of Starbase 400. The USS Essex-B is her flagship.

Support Ships

USS Pegasus - NCC-1702-B - Galaxy Refit Class
USS Essex - NCC-173-B - Intrepid Class
USS Yorktown - NCC-1717-E - Defiant Class
USS Luna - NCC-80100-A - Luna Class
USS Avenger - NCC-74206-A - Intrepid Class
USS Alabama - NCC-24889 - Ambassador Class
USS Lexington - NCC-1709-D - Sovereign Class
USS Venator - NCC-74595 - Prometheus Class
USS Laffey - NCC-80724 - Defiant Class
USS Tripitz - NCC-41944 - Excelsior Class
USS Endeavor - NCC-72802 - Nova Class
USS Durga - NCC-75175-A - Ronin Class