Velorum Sector

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The Velorum Sector is a region that once fell within the territory of the Star Empire of Rator. It is a heavily industrialised area, particularly rich in minerals, and its mining operations were long a key part of the backbone of the Romulan Star Navy. In mid-2400, upon the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire, a workers’ uprising in Velorum ejected the imperial overseers and seized control in a bid for independence and self-determination.

After support from Starfleet to free themselves from the Star Empire, the Federation mediated negotiations with the Romulan Republic for the Velorum Sector to join the fledgling democracy.


The only mining industry of the Old Romulan Star Empire older than Velorum was the mines of Remus. Early into Romulan expansion, the wealth of Velorum was found and would go on to fuel the empire. Vast numbers of Reman labourers were sent to the new mines, overseen by Romulan supervisors. Most of life in the sector revolved around this industry, from Reman labourers in the mines to Romulan skilled metallurgists, supervisors, governors, and their families.

Defensive infrastructure and a smattering of Star Navy garrisons were established over the centuries, particularly as hostilities arose with first the United Earth Commonwealth and later the Klingon Empire. Many of these military holdings endured through the Dominion War, giving the navy both a logistical and a cultural foothold, with many military families settling and living in the sector.

The Romulan supernova did not particularly disrupt the way of life on Velorum. Of the few Reman workers evacuated, the majority were sent to labour in Velorum’s industries, and the sector otherwise fell under the authority of the Romulan Senate of Rator. As with much of the successor empire, a large degree of resources and support were withdrawn as Rator’s authority was stretched thinly across its holding. Pockets of imperial loyalism or military garrisons remained, but more systems were left with relatively-autonomous Romulan overseers.


In mid-2400, the Star Navy launched a coup against the Senate of Rator. The ensuing chaos led to a civil war heralding the collapse of the Star Empire, with many worlds declaring independence or throwing their lot in with the Romulan Free State or Romulan Republic. Velorum saw workers’ rebellion on many worlds, including Psi Velorum III, where a miners’ uprising led by the Reman Resak assumed control of the sector’s capital world.

With other worlds inspired to follow suit, the labourers of Velorum, assuming control across the sector and led by Resak, declared independence from the Star Empire. With the Star Navy keen to bring them back under control, and the sector vulnerable from interference by the Free State, the Klingon Empire, or raiding pirates and warlords, Resak turned to the Federation for help. Starfleet dispatched the Fourth Fleet to aid the sector in establishing its independence.

For long weeks, the Fourth Fleet vied with local forces trying to undermine Velorum's independence. Most of these were efforts by the Star Empire's military trying to bring Velorum back to heel, but a further setback arose with the arrival of a Klingon warband. Led by younger children of noble houses, these renegade Klingons sought to exploit the opportunity of chaos on their border to conquer and defeat their ancient enemies among the Romulans. Fourth Fleet starships also reported significant interference by Tal Shiar agents, likely hoping to destabilise Velorum enough to drive them into the arms of the Free State.

While Velorum was secured, considerations turned to its future. To ensure its continuing liberty, Fleet Admiral Ramar made introductions between Acting-Governor Resak and representatives of the Romulan Republic, believing the two could benefit from cooperation - especially with Velorum's strong Reman populace and the Republic's history of helping Reman workers. As the power of the Star Empire of Rator waned and it became clear Velorum would not be reconquered, Starfleet at last began to withdraw its involvement in the region, handing support and relief missions over to the Republic.

By the latter half of 2400, the Velorum Sector formally became a part of the Romulan Republic, greatly bolstering its industrial capacity, and securing freedom and self-determination for the Reman population who had acted as forced labourers for most of their lives.


The Velorum Sector is rich in systems, worlds, asteroid belts, moons, and other stellar bodies rich in minerals. Many of these have been tapped for mining industry, with varying extents of settlements and livelihoods springing up around that. Some systems boast extensive refineries, some simply mine raw minerals, and several have large civilian populations of the families and support systems for these industries. The sector is particularly densely-packed with stars, a tight-knit and resource-rich cluster.

The Psi Velorum system is considered the heart of the sector. Its capital buildings and infrastructure have stood on Psi Velorum III for centuries, and it was here that the uprising led by Resak seized control, overthrowing the Romulan leadership and pronouncing the establishment of a provisional government to lead the rest of the sector to freedom.