USS Mercy

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The USS Mercy is an Olympic-class medical vessel assigned to the Fourth Fleet.


The USS Mercy was launched April 2, 2370 at 8:30am.

The ship was regularly called upon to assist in humanitarian efforts, rescue operations and fleet actions where a medical support ship was required. She was quite active in the events following the events involving the dissolution of the Romulan Star Empire and received several commendations from Starfleet regarding the crew's performance and valor. She is placed on refit from January 2400 to August of 2400.

Ship Interior

The bridge is designed to be more of a conversational setup in which the CO, XO, and 2O would sit in the three center chairs while the various department chiefs and assorted officers sit in their assigned seating throughout the bridge's various stations. The intentionality of the refit design was to experiment with a bridge design more conducive to the designation of the Mercy as a science and medical ship.


Main Crew Lounge


Mission 1 - "Life as a House"

The USS Mercy is assigned a new captain and a new crew as the long-serving previous crew was due to stand down. The crew begins the unloading process at Starbase Bravo but is interrupted by a distress signal from a long thought abandoned moon base several sectors over, well within Federation Space.

Mission 2 - "Into the Breach"

An outlying colony in Federation space comes under heavy orbital and ground attack from separatist Romulan forces who are on the run from the newest iteration of the Romulan Empire. While the fleet takes chase against the attackers, the USS Mercy is tasked with engaging in search and rescue operations in both the major city and outlying rural communities.

Mission 3 - "Lost in Space"

Far beyond Grazer in Federation space sits the planet SB1094, aka “Steam Drift.”  A planet occupied by a pre-warp humanoid species currently experiencing an industrial revolution across the planet. Three large cities occupy a varying biome, from desert sands to lush forests and high-reaching mountains.  The technology relies on steam power and, as such, has been nicknamed “Steam Drift.”  The duck-blind operations are coming up on their two-year review. It is a fifteen-person crew set up in a disguised piece of a high cliff above the capitol known as “Larsland.”  The crew of the USS Mercy will find the crew missing and need to use their wits, experience, and knowledge to find the crew.  A mysterious disease spreads slowly among the population, further challenging the crew and the Prime Directive.  Time is of the essence.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers

  • 2400 - 2400: Captain Leopold Halsey
  • 2398 - 2400: Captain Acker Kather
  • June 2385- December 2398: Captain Alexandra Tolliver
  • May 2375- May 2385: Captain Sarah Ashmore
  • April 2370- April 2375: Captain Paul Jordan