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The Fourth Fleet, colloquially known as Bravo Fleet, is one of the numbered fleets that make up Starfleet. Founded in response to the Borg incursions of 2367 and 2373, the Fourth Fleet has grown over the years to support operations in all four quadrants of the galaxy through its six operational units, Task Forces 9, 38, 64, 72, 93 and 99.


Following the the Borg Invasion of Sector 001 and the onset of the Dominion War, Starfleet was forced to quickly mobilize all available assets in joint efforts with the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire. Thus, the Fourth Fleet, commonly referred to as Bravo Fleet was born. The Fourth Fleet was called upon for multiple occasions during the war, including the initative to retake Deep Space 9 and the Invasion of Cardassia.

Upon signing of the Treaty of Bajor, Starfleet reorganized the Fourth Fleet into multiple Task Forces which were assigned to multiple mandates throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Over time, the Fourth Fleet's Area of Operations was expanded to include the Gamma Quadrant (for exploration) and the Delta Quadrant (to reach out to lost ships, like the USS Voyager.

Today, the galaxy remains an uncertain theater. While many powers, like the Cardassian Union, looking to reclaim former glory, the Romulan Empire recoiling from the destruction of their homeworld, and even the Borg advancing their directive to assimilate the galaxy at large, the Fourth Fleet has been tasked with maintaining the peace, and respond appropriately to any crisis.


Throughout its history, Bravo Fleet has been divided into a multitude of Task Forces, each with a mandate to uphold in a section of the galaxy. Presently, the Fourth Fleet consists of 5 Task Forces.

Alpha Quadrant

Alpha and Beta Quadrant Map
For More Information, please review Task Force 72.

Task Force 72 has been assigned to keep watch over the Alpha Quadrant, home of the Cardassian Union, Breen Confederacy, and the Ferengi Alliance. Its current objectives include:

  • Establish a foothold to conduct exploratory, scientific and diplomatic operations within the Inconnu Expanse.
  • Protect Federation interest against internal and external threats.
  • Continue vigilance along the borders of the Cardassian Union, the Breen Confederacy, the Ferengi Alliance and the Tzenkethi Coalition

Beta Quadrant

For More Information, please review Task Force 93.

Caught in between the honor-bound Klingon Empire and the subversive Romulan Star Empire, Task Force 93 strives to maintain the peace and continue Starfleet's mission of exploration. Their current objectives include:

  • Manage Incident of the Gorn invasion into the Cestus and Centerra systems.
  • Monitor the activities of the Romulan Star Empire due the destabilized government.
  • Safeguard & Rebuild the Raeyan Transit Corridor with a new presence in these sectors.
  • Rebuild Starfleet’s presence in the Raeyan Sector, one that has fallen into disrepair after Task Force 58 withdrew from the region in 2386.
  • Civil War within the Klingon Empire has alerted the Federation to keep monitoring the situation and aid where needed.

Gamma Quadrant

Gamma Quadrant Map
For More Information, please review Task Force 9.

With the threat of the Dominion gone, and the scourge of The Consortium lifted at long last, Task Force 9 continues to explore deep into the Gamma Quadrant, unprepared for the dangers it will soon face. Its objectives include:

  • Explore the Gamma Quadrant to catalog planets, nebulae, spatial anomalies and more.
  • Protect Federation Interests in the Quadrant and its citizens who explore and conduct trade.
  • Support the development of Federation colonies in cooperation with local powers.

Delta Quadrant

The Delta Quadrant's Gradin Belt.
For More Information, please review Task Force 38.

Task Force 38 is now Starfleet's most distant and isolated task force, struggling with many of the same challenges in the Delta Quadrant as once faced by the USS Voyager. It is charged with:

  • Manage the operations of Federation ships isolated in the Delta Quadrant.
  • Explore the Gradin Belt, the Nacene Reach, the Nekrit Expanse, and the Swallow Nebula.
  • Monitor major threats to Federation security: The Borg, Species 8472, and the Voth.
  • Establish peaceful relations with native species.

Historical Research

For More Information, please review Task Force 64.

Fueled by the Federation's Historical Archive, Task Force 64 digs through older records to shine a light on forgotten or overlooked events ranging from Captain Archer's first voyage to the launch of the USS Enterprise-D under Captain Jean-Luc Picard's command.

Alternate Realities

For More Information, please review Task Force 99.

Respecting the Temporal Prime Directive, Task Force 99 is mandated to explore beyond the boundaries of time and space, exploring alternative realities to learn what may have happened were choices different.




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