USS Nighthawk

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The USS Nighthawk (NCC-86422) is a Reliant-class frigate assigned to the Fourth Fleet, Task Force 93.


Early Service and the Lost Fleet

Upon commissioning in 2400, Nighthawk was placed under the command of Commander Daniran Kosst. Her young crew saw a trial by fire, participating in Starfleet interventions to contain the chaos of the collapse of the Star Empire of Rator in mid-2400. At this time, Nighthawk fell under the authority of Fleet Captain Jericho, CO of the USS Triumph, but played a primarily scouting and support role to the unit and saw little action. Nighthawk continued in this role as the unit came to form Endeavour Squadron in early 2401, providing logistical aid to operations on the Federation-Romulan border.

In March 2401, the squadron was dispatched to the Deneb Sector to respond to the Lost Fleet Crisis, the invasion of Dominion ships displaced in time and continuing the war. The squadron was charged with the liberation of the planet Izar, the oldest colony of the sector, whose billions-strong population had fallen under Dominion occupation. In the Battle of Izar, Nighthawk was charged with the essential task of locating a Dominion control centre, but was disabled early in the fighting. Only by heroic effort did her crew manage to repair key systems enough to finish the task, transmitting data to the squadron that helped turn the tide of battle.

Many of the crew died in the battle, including Commander Kosst, who ordered the ship be abandoned but remained aboard to help survivors evacuate, and died saving lives. Several officers received posthumous commendations and Nighthawk herself was given high battle honours even as she was repaired and crewed anew after the Lost Fleet's defeat.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers