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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

Bravo Fleet Specifications describe the starships, stations, and small craft of the Federation and other major powers in the Milky Way.

United Federation of Planets

Playable Federation Starships
Federation Stations
Federation Small Craft
Retired Federation Ships

Alpha Quadrant Powers

Breen Confederacy
Cardassian Union
Ferengi Alliance
Kzinti Patriarchy
Talarian Republic
Tholian Assembly
Tzenkethi Coalition

Beta Quadrant Powers

Gorn Hegemony
Klingon Empire
Nausicaan Pirates
Orion Syndicate
Romulan Free State
Romulan Republic
Other Romulan Factions
Children of Tama

Gamma Quadrant Powers

The Dominion
Karemma Foundation

Delta Quadrant Powers

Borg Collective
Devore Imperium
The Hiearchy
Hirogen Tribes
Kazon Collective
Malon Cooperative
Vaadwuar Autocracy
Vidiian Sodality

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