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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

USS Charleston







Explorer / Heavy Cruiser




Basic Information

Commissioned in 2377 at the Beta Antaries Ship Yard , the USS Charleston A was commanded first by Captain Tigra Thundra and then by Captain Sekai Matsurono before command eventually fell to Captain Luke Sullivan.

Under Sullivan, the ship served in the 4th fleet’s Task Force 9 and 58. After more then a year commanding her, Sullivan was reassigned and the ship was sent back to the Beta Antaries yards to undergo a scheduled refit. Most of her staff was sent to different assignments for the 3 month long procedure. During that time, Lieutenant Commander Miranda Cook was assigned as her commanding officer and a new senior staff was assembled.

The ship was then assigned as part of the task group exploring sector 667, commonly called the Maelstrom Systems. Operating out of Starbase 874, Rear Admiral Liu's flag base, the ship and it's crew faces great challenges due the Maelstrom Systems extreme anomalies.

At the beginning of the Charleston’s latest journey, before she even left space dock, the crew encountered many problems with the ship. Systems that where running at 100% began to fail and an assassination attempt was made against the captain, an ominous sign of what was to come.

The Charleston finally leaves Spacedock in pursuit of rouge captain Jonathan Bennett. The ship quickly arrives in the Alioth system and engages Bennett’s forces that lurk in the system. Shocking everyone Cook orders the destruction of an Oberth Class ship with 18 Starfleet personal aboard and uses the distraction to move in towards the planet. With Lieutenants Brandon and Ulamarano in tow, Cook leads an attack into the underground base. Cook’s team makes a startling discovering when they come across a room being used a temple. After collecting pictures of the strange decorations in the room they move onto to Bennett’s office. Finding it empty, Brandon hacks into the base computer and Ulamarano investigates a small containment chamber in the room that contains transpahsic particles.

Back in space Lt. Cmdr Wilberforce loads all the ships shuttles, runabouts, and fighters with explosives and fakes civilian lifesigns on them. One ship goes after them and meets an untimely end. The last remaining ship surrenders to the Charleston. On the planet they find the location of Bennett. Cooks orders everyone back to the Charleston and transports to Bennett’s last know location. Cook finds him and Bennett speaks cryptically until Cook discovers the horrifying truth: Bennett has been taken over by a alien being of extraordinary power. Finding her phaser useless, Cook attempts to escape.

In space, Commodore Serena Cabot arrives on the USS Lake Louise to assist in the transport of the prisoners. After finding out that Bennett is still alive Cabot orders the destruction of the complex. The Charleston puts itself between the planet and the massive Intimidator Class ship and a tense standoff ensues. The situation comes to an end when Cook mysteriously arrives back on the bridge with no memory of how she got there. As recovery operations begin on the planet, a young child no older 10 or 11, approaches an officer. She asks for Cook, but is told she is back on the Charleston. When asked her name, she replies Purson before he eyes flip to green and she holds out her hands.

The Lake Louise detected a large explosion in the bunker, but before they can determine the cause the core of Alioth IV begins to destabilize. As the planet begins to collapse, the two ships barely escape back to Starbase 874.

What happened over the next 8 months are a mystery. Starfleet has classified everything. All that is known is 14 starships were destroyed on March 16, 2384 in the New Holland system and Starbase 874 was lost. 1,234 people were killed and large and mysterious explosives have all but destroyed the sector. The USS Charleston was thought to have been destroyed along with the other ships but her barely held together hull was salvaged from the New Holland system. It has been taken to an unknown location for study. The ship's senior staff, except for Commander Miranda Cook, survived the events.


The Charleston is the third starfleet ship to carry the name.

USS Charleston (NCC-70570)

USS Charleston (NCC-70570) was the first ship of her class. Construction started in 2365 after a lengthy design process. She quickly made a name for herself and proved that the Charleston Class was a strong and capable class. The Charleston was pulled back to Earth just one year after he launch where she fought in the Battle Of Sector 001 and was destroyed when the Borg Cube exploded.

USS Charleston (NCC-73485)

USS Charleston (NCC-73485) was a Saber Class ship that served in the fleet from 2374 to 2376. After serving the fleet for 2 years she was destroyed when her warp core breached after pirates attacked the ship while it was a diplomatic mission.