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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.This article is official Task Force 93 canon.

USS Excalibut



Excalibur Class

Date Commissioned:




Assigned TF:

Task Force 93


Beta Quadrant




Captain Anthony Richardson


The USS Excalibur is an Excalibur Class vessel currently assigned to Task Force 93 under the command of Commander Anthony Richardson.


USS Excalibur NX-77900/NCC-66702 (2372-2375)

The first starship Excalibur in the current lineage was the prototype for the Excalibur Project. The project itself was considered a success, but it was hastened to the front lines of the Dominion War because of a severe shortage of both starship and commanders. The Excalibur went missing and was later declared destroyed while no official statements otherwise were ever issued. Her commander was Captain Alex Wright.

USS Excalibur NCC-66702-A (2376-2380)

In 2376, during a brief ceremony, a new Akira-class starship was christened the USS Excalibur as it neared its completion. Captain Jonathan Ruthaford served as its commanding officer for three years, operating along the Romulan Neutral Zone. In 2379, after Ruthaford was killed in action, it was reassigned under the command of its former Executive Officer, Commander Robert Martens. The Excalibur continued its operations along the Romulan Neutral Zone, until its untimely demise against pirate forces at the Battle of Black Mira.

USS Excalibur NCC-66702-B (2380-2385)

The longest lasting Excalibur of the current lineage, the Explorer Class vessel was launched in the beginning of 2380 under the command of Vice Admiral Robert Martens and executive officer Commander Jason Long. Both men had served during and after the Battle of Black Mira aboard the former ship to bear the Excalibur namesake. Shortly after its shakedown cruise, the Excalibur led a defensive force against the Gorn. Due to events during this conflict, Vice Admiral Martens was recalled to Earth. Over the next two years, the Excalibur-B was under the command of Captain Jason Long and Captain John Tacoma, serving as a support vessel for Deep Space 6. In early 2383, restored Commodore Robert Martens took command of the Excalibur-B for a short stint before the vessel was then transferred out of the Fourth Fleet. Two years later, it was destroyed. It would be two years before another ship would bear the namesake USS Excalibur.

USS Excalibur NCC-79610 (2386-2387)

In 2386, it was decided that a new Excalibur Class vessel rolled out out from Avalon Fleet Yards was granted the namesake USS Excalibur, honoring three past vessels in recent history to bear the name. It was assigned to Commander Jaxcen Elhaym as part of Task Force 86. Following the Hobus disaster of April 2387, a massive reorganization within the Fourth Fleet occurred to support a greater demand for assets to deal with the ailing Romulan Star Empire. To this end, the Excaibur was assigned briefly to Task Force 47 and then moved permanently to Task Force 93 given it's experience with the Triangle Region and the Klingon Empire. This Excalibur was later destroyed.

USS Excalibur NCC-77900

The USS Excalibur NCC-66702, at last glance, was seen drifting in space, the ship time forgot. The ship almost everyone forgot about. Abandoned when her old crew were captured and assimilated by the Borg, in an attack that still to this day baffles the Federation, only the quick thinking of two passing ships prevented the Excalibur from drifting into a part of space no ship has ever ventured into. Taken back to Utopia Planetia, a four-year rebuild, resupply and refit have brought her back up the standards. The namesake of the whole class is ready to launch back into service. The ship was recommissioned as NCC-77900, based off her construction prefix, and given to Captain Anthony Richardson to command.