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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.This article is official Task Force 9 canon.

USS Triton



Luna Class

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Task Force 9


Gamma Quadrant




The USS Triton (NCC-80106) is a Luna-Class Federation starship operating in the 24th Century and is the third starship to bear the name. The Triton currently serves in the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 9 in the Gamma Quadrant and frontier.


Construction & Launch

The Triton was launched on January 2nd 2380 on stardate 57005.35 and was the last of the first batch of twelve Luna-class ships to be constructed. She was built at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in the orbit of Mars. Like her sister ships, the Triton would have a diverse crew with only twenty percent of her crew being human and the other eighty percent being crewmembers from all walks of life with different backgrounds. Captain Evelynn Vangelos took command of the Triton at the ship’s christening service. The Triton would be Vangelos’ last time in the captain’s chair before her decision to retire.


After a six month shakedown cruise in Federation space, Vangelos would command the Triton on its first five years deep space mission in the Beta Quadrant. The exploration mission was a success and the Triton made contact with twenty one new races, catalogued and mapped just over three thousand light years of unexplored space. For Vangelos’ efforts on her final assignment she was highly decorated and awarded with a presidential award. Once the Triton returned to Federation space, Vangelos retired from Starfleet and the ship was sent to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards for some repairs, a refit to its computer and propulsion systems as well as a resupply. The entire process would take between nine-twelve months; as such the entire Triton crew were re-assigned elsewhere in the fleet while the yards engineers got on with the upgrades.


At the end of 2385 it was announced that Starfleet Command had selected a new commanding officer and that James Preston McCallister would be taking over the ship. McCallister, a young but experienced officer, from the post-C'hakilian Empire conflicts of the late 2370s and early 2380s, supervised the last of the refits of the Triton. McCallister was instrumental in shedding off some time of the estimated time of completion. The Triton was expected to re-launch with a brand new crew two months than originally expected.


Triton was launched and ordered to take up lead of a small relief force heading to Starbase 378 to support efforts in the Alcor sector. The sector was preparing for the collapse of the Amorgia star which would have drastic changes to the local region. Before Triton arrived though they received news that the star collapsed and as such the gravity shift in the Alcor sector has had a profound effect on a number of Federation worlds. The task group that Triton had led was assigned various duties to provide relief efforts while the Triton herself was ordered to deal with a crisis that was brewing between the Federation colony of Alcor Prime and a race known as the Hayden'ek, who are a Federation Protectorate. Ships from the Hayden'ek Royal High Guard had been attacking Federation ships when they sought refuge in the Commonwealth after the collapse of Amorgia. The Federation Council and President wanted answers to know why this was happening and to stop any more attacks from happening again. The crew discovered that the Hayden'ek had a change in their government, one that was orchestrated by dissidents who were manipulating military and political leaders against each other. This rebel group were being supported by a Ferengi Daimon and his crew, who themselves were captured by their business partners and later killed. Working alongside some of these leaders of the Hayden'ek Commonwealth, the crew were able to help restore order to the Commonwealth after the underground movement was exposed. Peace returned to the Hayde'nk Commonwealth and answers were shared with the Ferengi Alliance about the rogue Ferengi crew that were helping the dissidents. During this mission the Triton herself was badly damaged and returned to Starbase 378 for extensive repairs and to finish off installing any systems that were not put in before her rushed launch. The ship remained moored at the station for a few weeks before being ordered to help the colony on Olbari II with evacuation.

After entering the Olbari system, Triton was responsible in construction emergency shelters on Olbari III to help in the evacuation of its sister planet on Olbari II. At the beginning of this mission the crew and ship were pushed to their limits to help the Olbari II colonists survive the climate changes that they were experiencing and to deal with leaving their homes behind them. As the crew continued with their efforts to save the population they soon discovered a virus was spreading through the colonists. Racing against the clock, the medical staff worked hard to find the cure to save the population. With the colonists saved and setup in their new temporary homes, Triton remained in the system for several more weeks to ensure the colony’s new homes were safe and secure. By the end of the year the ship was ordered to head to Deep Space 10 to receive new orders.


The crew spent some well deserved R&R on the station and celebrated the New Year in while at DS-10. Starfleet finally sent the crew their next set of orders via Admiral Luke Duncan. Duncan had retired almost two years prior however was pulled out of retirement by Starfleet to lead a critical mission that only he had expertise and experience to carry out. He had been tasked to find Deep Space 19 and the Kovar colony which had gone missing the previous year. Triton would join with the USS Odyssey on a joint-mission that was publicised as an exploration mission of the Gavarian Frontier but was in fact this was a front for the mission to find out if the missing station and colony had in fact been moved by a powerful anomaly from the Beta Quadrant to somewhere on the fringes of the Gavarian Corridor. Both Starfleet ships left Deep Space 10 and raced in to the Corridor to reach the possible new location of Deep Space 19. Due to the possible political ramifications of the mission, the Triton was upgraded with some new systems, mostly tactical based and was assigned a company of marines. The new tactical systems included a new Multi-Layered Shielding System and the use of the experimental isokinetic cannon.


In 2388, Captain McCallister was reassigned elsewhere in the Fourth Fleet. Command was briefly granted to Captain William Gomez, who saw the ship transferred to Task Force 9 to track rogue Starfleet Captains during the Consortium Crisis. When the crisis had ended, command was transferred to Commander Scott Kenway.


The name Triton comes from Ancient Greek mythology. Triton is named after the Greek sea god Triton, the son of Poseidon (the Greek god comparable to the Roman Neptune). Triton is the name of the moon that orbits Neptune in the Sol system.

There have been many Earth naval ships named after Triton in both the British Royal Navy and the United States Navy.

Triton NV-21

The first starship to be named Triton, was an old Earth Starfleet Neptune Class. The Triton served for many years in the early days of Humanity's quest to explore the stars. She was assigned to protect the shipping lines between Earth and Andoria. Sadly though she was destroyed and lost with all hands during the closing days of the Earth Romulan War. The Triton was responsible for destroying twelve Romulan ships and served alongside Andorian forces in defending the Andorian Empire.

USS Triton NCC-2147

The second starship to be named Triton, was an Excelsior (Refit) Class launched in 2294. The ship would go on to serve Starfleet and the Federation for over fifty years until she was decommissioned in 2347. The ship had been involved in many assignments from a number of deep space exploration assignments to being involved in several conflicts with hostile neighbours. These include the Tomed Incident and the opening days of the Federation-Cardassian War. The Triton went through four captains and numerous refits.

In 2373, in the build-up to the Dominion War, Starfleet re-activated the Triton and she received a major refit to bring her in line with the latest technologies to help in defending the Federation. She served throughout the entire war until she was sadly lost at the last battle, the Battle of Cardassia.