Starbase 38

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Starbase 38
Star System:

Kartelan System


Kartelan II


Gradin Belt


Delta Quadrant

Technical Details



Task Force Headquarters






Admiral Paka Larem




Starbase 38, commonly referred to as Kartelan Station, serves as the headquarters for Task Force 38. The only permanent Starfleet facility thus far established in the Gradin Belt, it is strategically positioned near the Epatha Gateway in order to research and protect Task Force 38's only bridge to the Round Table and Federation space.


The Kartelans are a warp-capable species native to the Gradin Belt. Their homeworld, while rich in natural resources to support agriculture, had only limited amounts of many basic materials necessary to support their technological research in medicine, energy and space travel. In response to this need, they mobilized to build a facility on the moon in orbit of their homeworld, which had many of the resources they lacked on the planet below. Since they took to the stars, Kartelan traders and merchants now acquire what they need from across the Belt, and consequently, this facility fell into disrepair, maintained by little more than a skeleton crew of maintenance staff.

When Task Force 38 arrived in the Gradin Belt, it quickly sought to build alliances with friendly neighbors and secure its presence in the Belt. The Kartelans were one of the first species the task force encountered. On account of their deep memory of the Belt and their strategic location near the Epatha Gateway, the Kartelan Protectorate Agreement was signed in October 2388. Among other provision, this agreement granted Starfleet the use of their abandoned lunar base, which would be used to protect the Kartelan homeworld, to research the Epatha Gateway and to headquarter the Starfleet's activities in the Gradin Belt.


Kartelan Station is a cluster of facilities located near the equator of the moon.

  • The Tower: Reminiscent the island on an ancient aircraft carrier, this facility includes a command & control center, briefing rooms, residential quarters and other facilities used as the headquarters of Task Force 38.
  • The Village: A name that started as a joke, this facility is a set of makeshift modular components rigged together to serve as the research facility for the scientists and researchers studying the Epatha Gateway.
  • The Relay: A mix of Kartelan and Federation technology, this facility hosts a wide range of communications equipment including the primary relay that passes messages through the Epatha Gateway.