Deep Space 19

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Deep Space 19 (DS-19), code-named Concordia Station, is a Federation Unity-class starbase located in the Kovar system on the outer edge of Federation space in the Alcor Sector of the Federation’s shared border with the Romulan Free State.

After its construction in 2380, it was initially intended to be used by the Federation to promote joint exploration missions with its former and new allies after the Dominion War. Though it was only sometimes successful with representatives from the Romulan government, it has successfully served Starfleet for over two decades in promoting coordinated exploration efforts beyond Federation territory with other powers.

Furthermore, Deep Space 19 is a critical link in Starfleet’s hyper-subspace relay network for its deep space exploration assignments—many compressed data streams from ships on deep space exploration assignments in the Beta and Delta Quadrants are received by Deep Space 19.

It also provides defence for one of the Federation’s prominent colonies, Kovar Prime and is critical to the security of the Federation border in this region. Further defence duties were assigned to the station in 2399 when Coppelius in the Vayt sector became a Federation protectorate.  


DS-19 is charged with the following missions:

  • Maintain the security of the Federation border.
  • Support and provide maintenance for starships undergoing missions within and just outside of Federation space.
  • Host and aid joint exploratory efforts with friendly powers alongside Starfleet assets.
  • Defend the Kovar system and other assets in the Alcor and Vayt Sectors.
  • Provide crucial communication support with deep space assignments through Starfleet’s hyper-subspace communication technology.

Regional Support & Defence

The Alcor Sector is one of the furthest regions of Federation territory that sits on the shared border with the Romulan Free State. DS-19 has provided critical aid to those who became refugees because of the Romulan Supernova of the late twenty-fourth century in this area. Since then, it has remained a watchful guardian of the Romulan Free State and has dealt with political interactions with this splinter of the former Romulan Star Empire.

Far from the core of the Federation, the Alcor Sector is self-sufficient thanks to some trading routes and the natural resources found in the area. As such, several companies have established mining facilities and trading outposts to facilitate strong commerce ties. As a result, DS-19 is responsible for defending these interests.

As one of the first lines of defence for the Vyat Sector, Deep Space 19 has recently been appointed as the defence headquarters in protecting the synthetic lifeforms that reside on Coppelius, which became a Federation protectorate in 2399.

DS-19 is a crucial element in the anti-cloaking detecting grid that sits along this area of the Romulan border. Tachyon scans, anti-proton beams, and metaphasic sweeps ensure that the station and other outposts can keep a close eye if the Romulans attempt to bypass border control.

Long-Range Communication Aid

The development of hyper-subspace technology in the late 2370s resulted in Starfleet being able to maintain contact with their ships, which were sent on deep space assignments. An Interdimensional Deep Space Array System (IDSAS) was built close to the station to aid in this. The collapse of the Amorgia sun in 2386 caused it to become a cyclic pulsar; as a result, the IDSAS uses the pulsar to amplify signals for long-range communication.

Support Vessels

The USS Formidable (NCC-74207) has been assigned to DS-19 since its construction. The primary mission of the Formidable is to assist in the defence and security of the Alcor sector. When not docked at the station, the Formidable undertakes a number of escort missions for various convoys and other protection details along the edge of Federation space.

Attached to the station are also several runabouts, most of them are Arrow-class, while the station boasts a large shuttlecraft complement.


Several stations were built or upgraded as part of Starfleet’s efforts to expand its exploration infrastructure and rebuilding efforts after the Dominion War. As part of that, work on Deep Space 19 began at the end of 2378 and was completed in 2380.

Deep Space 19, known as Concordia Station, was Starfleet’s attempt to continue building on diplomatic and political ties developed during the war to bring those who fought together to explore together. After the Shinzon coup d'état of the Romulan Star Empire in 2379 was dealt with, Starfleet had hoped this would be a new chance to engage the succeeding government. Joint exploration assignments alongside scientific and engineering projects may assist in continuing to promote cordial relations between the former allies. The location of Deep Space 19 was chosen so that it was far away from the former war zones, towards an area that had barely been affected. The Alcor Sector was selected for this. It was located on the Federation’s shared border with the Romulan Star Empire and had a few self-sufficient colonies. One of them, Kovar Prime, which sat on the edge of the sector, was one of these enriched systems. A colony had been established there in 2371 for those Federation citizens who accepted the Federation-Cardassian Treaty in 2370 and wanted to move away from the Cardassian border. As a settlement that welcomed many, the colony became an enriched society, blending the best of the Federation’s utopian idealogy. The colony’s government welcomed the interest of Starfleet to build a deep space station in orbit of the colony and for it to be the seat of the Federation’s aspiration of joint ventures with its allies.

In 2385, the station’s priorities were changed to support the mass humanitarian effort required to help the Romulan Star Empire. The station was the headquarters for the effort in this region to coordinate the relocation of many Romulan citizens onto worlds that could take them, including Kovar.

At the end of the century, DS-19 was designated as one of the stations that would host Starfleet’s efforts to expand its hyper-subspace communication relay networks. Starfleet Communication was developing its infrastructure to remain in touch with ships on long-range deep space assignments. With the collapse of the Amorgia sun and it becoming a cyclic pulsar, the station oversaw the use of the Interdimensional Deep Space Array System using the pulsar to amplify its signals into the Beta and Delta Quadrants.

Following the lift of the Synth Ban in 2399, DS-19 would play host in the formalising of the protectorate treaty for the inhabitants of Coppelius and would become the first line of defence for the colony against the threat posed by the anti-synthetic life Romulan cabal, the Zhat Vash.

In 2401, the station was fortunate not to be affected by the Jupiter Signal during the Frontier Day disaster. Following this, Starfleet ordered DS-19 to be the homeport of the Odyssey Squadron as it prepared to return to the Delta Quadrant. DS-19 would study what the squadron would report on to determine if there are any more threats to the Federation’s security from powers in the Delta Quadrant, including the Borg.

Leisure Facilities

The Plaza

The Plaza is the primary space enjoyed by the station’s inhabitants and visitors and is the social centre of DS-19. It hosts a massive arboretum and numerous shops, restaurants, bars and holosuites.  

The Estate

Located in the heart of the bustling Plaza, The Estate is a sprawling and breathtaking natural oasis, surrounded by diverse lush greenery and towering trees from many worlds across the Federation. Enveloped by the serene woodlands, visitors can unwind and rejuvenate in the inviting swimming pools, start a game in the many multi-use games areas or indulge themselves at the station’s premier theatre, where performances from famous plays to concerts regularly occur. This recreational haven provides a myriad of options for everyone who wishes to bask in the tranquillity of nature. The Estate is a vital source of fresh air and natural beauty, contributing to the station’s life support and environmental controls. Anyone can walk through it and enjoy the holographic perception that it is always sunny with a natural breeze.

The Clocktower Inn

The premier and largest restaurant and bar on the station, this establishment was the first one that opened after the station’s construction was complete and is very sophisticated. A clock tower exists in the centre of the bar. Different views of it can be seen on the various levels of the bar. Through the use of holographic servants, the Class Inn provides exceptional service with fresh meals made daily and a wide range of beverages. It has often been used to host important dinners for dignitaries visiting the station.

The Dock Of Bay Jazz Club

One of the most enjoyable locations to visit in the evenings, the Dock Of Bay Jazz Club is very lively and is the quintessential spot for a noisy night out on the town! Though they love to play jazz, the club’s house band is known to get the crowd moving by performing various songs and music styles from many Federation and non-Federation worlds. The Club sits high on the Habitat module and has a direct view of the docking ring through massive floor-to-ceiling bay windows.

The House of Korath’s Kitchen

A small Klingon restaurant that exists just outside The Estate, which is owned by Korath. He is a famous chef on DS-19 and has many of his family members serve in his kitchens. He enjoys sharing many old battle tales from his time as a KDF officer while serving his patrons. He is also known for his unique vocals and will usually sing Klingon opera once a night.

The Night Owl

A small coffee shop from San Francisco which was made famous after Voyager’s return and a certain admiral being a frequent visitor. The Night Owl is a franchise that has many of their small coffee shops located on several Starfleet bases. This is an excellent place for Starfleet officers to grab a small snack and a quick drink between shifts. ‘Coffee, Black’ is their most famous and popular order by most Human officers, but most recently, they have started to serve ‘Even better than coffee substitute’ thanks to recent trading relations with the Talaxians from the Delta Quadrant.

The IDIC Parlour

For those who enjoy something sweet and tasty, The IDIC Parlour is the best place to visit for a quick and delicious dessert. Ran by Stopek, a Vulcan chef, his various combinations of desert-based recipes are vast and endless. His triple-chocolate fruit sundae with warm fetran sauce will make you lose your mind, while his pistachio cake with parra-cream sauce is a favourite among Starfleet captains. The Parlour promotes Vulcan culture and encourages its customers to sit on comfortable cushions on the floor in front of candles - almost meditating while eating their desserts!

The Hasperat Temple

This Bajoran restaurant is known for its various ranges and flavours of the Bajoran dish, thanks to the close proximity of the Bajoran colony of Olbari II. Fresh ingredients are shipped to the station on a weekly basis for the Hasperate Temple, which is owned by a former member of the Bajoran Vedak Assembly. One of the most popular choices on its menu is the ‘Emissary’s Delight’ - which includes many hot peppers.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers


  • DS-19 is a starbase command assigned to Fleet Admiral Luke Duncan, but members may feature it in their stories in accordance with Section 3.5 of the Command Policy.
  • DS-19 has become a vital commercial port and defensive outpost for the Federation worlds in the Alcott and Vyat Sectors. Many Synthetics from Coppelius visit the station.
  • Ships visiting here can be resupplied and can receive repairs and regular maintenance. However, it is a smaller station than a Spacedock-class starbase, so some ships may have to orbit before a docking port is free, depending on how busy the station is.
  • If your ship is exploring the vast reaches of the Beta and Delta Quadrants and using Starfleet’s hyper-subspace communication network, then your messages and calls will most likely be routed through DS-19. If you require a starbase to call, then DS-19 is one of them that will most likely answer you for these quadrants.