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Deep Space 19
Star System:

Ontailio system


Sector 611


Beta Quadrant

Technical Details



Monitoring & Defense


Immense class






Station History

Deep Space Nineteen was originally built on the request from Starfleet Intelligence to place a base near to the C'hakilian Empire which would operate as a fallback measure in case of a possible invasion of Sector 611. The class of the base had to be a heavily armed base which could take on the C’Hakilians fast and maneuverable warships. In early 2379 tensions with the C’Hakilians were on the rise again as the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 21 were engaged in constant border disputes with forces from the C’Hakilians – the situation got heated more as they attacked Task Force 21’s flagbase at the time, Starbase 611, and destroyed nearly forty percent of the Jupiter class station’s structure with a powerful new ship. Starfleet Intelligence pushed further for another base to be established in the region in fear of another war with the C’Hakilians.

Further more in 2379 the Romulan government was overthrown by Shinzon who was bent on attacking the Federation with support from the Romulan military and many Reman forces. The situation in the Beta Quadrant was becoming extreme as Starfleet Intelligence learned that the C’Hakilian government didn’t sanction the attack on Starbase 611 and it was an act solely authorized by a well-respected sharalak (fleet admiral) who had gained support from his own personal fleet jejkilns (captains).

Starfleet Intelligence was keen on keeping an eye on both the Romulans and the C’Hakilians, as was the Klingons who believed the Romulans may threaten their borders with the latest Reman additions to their forces. However, with their government in a state of disarray, the Romulan Star Empire reluctantly agreed for Starfleet to establish a base in the region in exchange for a Romulan liaison diplomatic office. The Klingons also agreed on the base being set up as at the time they didn’t have the resources to build their own. Again a liaison diplomatic office would be setup on the base for the Klingons. At the time also the Ferengi Alliance had come to a deal with the Federation for trade routes coming from the Rayean region and towards sector six eleven. The Federation offered the Ferengi a chance to assist with trading operations for the base as well; in return, they agreed to follow Starfleet’s rules of those operations. They saw it as a good business opportunity to expand the influence of the Alliance and the Ferengi Commerce Authority agreed to the proposal.

The Starfleet Corps of Engineers began construction of the Immense class starbase by the end of 2379, after the construction of the first Immense class base, Deep Space Seven was nearing completion. This new construction was called Project Concordia, named after the Roman goddess of agreement, understanding, and marital harmony. It seemed to be a fitting name as the base would be used to promote good relations between the governments currently in that region of space.

Deep Space 19 in 2383 with the USS Odyssey

However unknown to others Starfleet Intelligence also supported the construction of another starbase, one closer to the C’Hakilian border and much larger. Starbase 565, a new spacedock class facility was constructed over a five year turn out near to the Kovar system. When the Federation Council heard of this construction there was some outrage at the secrecy of the base. The Klingons and Romulans became hostile over its establishment and the C’Hakilians rogue forces became more hostile which prompted Starfleet to finally launch an offensive against them and remove the threat before an all out war started. Starbase 565’s command was given to newly promoted Commodore James Ryan who used the base as a new flag base for Task Force 21 to operate from. However, a Klingon house who opposed the Federation alliance took it into their hands to attack the base and cause heavy damage to it. They felt it was a symbol of distrust on behalf of the Federation. Starfleet was forced to close the base down and remove it from the region to prevent any more diplomatic incidents with other powers.

Starbase 565’s components which were salvaged were towed to the new location of Deep Space 19 to be used in its construction.

A prominent supporter of Deep Space 19 was Rear Admiral Jeff Murdock, the commander of Task Force 21. Before his death in 2381 he convinced Starfleet Command to allow Task Force 21 to expand its theatre of operations as the task force became stronger with more ships and the C’Hakilian threat was slowly dying out. Command agreed to the proposal and stated that Deep Space 19 would be used as Task Force 21’s new flag base as well. Unfortunately, the admiral never got the chance to see his fruits of endeavor happen as he passed away from suffering from a deadly virus which was affecting the C’Hakilians.

Deep Space 19’s construction continued in the southwestern region of Sector 883– a stop off point between Romulan and C’Hakilian space. The base was placed in open space and the nearest star system was the recently charted Ontailio system, which was inhabited by the Ontailions, a humanoid race who were on the verge of creating faster-than-light propulsion technology. The Federation Council was keen to track their progress and offer them protectorate status the moment they entered the galactic community.

By 2382 construction was nearly completed on the base and Starfleet began to look for a commanding officer to take over. At the time the only other base in the region which was nearly as powerful was Starbase 610 under the command of Vice Admiral Sy’Pol. She had been appointed a task force commander in the sixth fleet and was assisting Task Force 21 with the C’Hakilians. Sy’Pol a respected Vulcan woman nominated Commodores Luke Duncan and James Ryan for the position. Starfleet decided not to push for Ryan as his position as commander of Starbase 565 would not be welcomed by the Klingons or Romulans. Duncan, on the other hand, was a young commander; his experience was from the Dominion War and was currently the acting commanding officer of Task Force 21 while commanding the USS Odyssey. He had gained quite a lot of support from his predecessor and mentor, Admiral Murdock and had even impressed Admiral Chadwick of the USS Farragut with his commitment to Starfleet and the Federation. Starfleet was willing to give him a chance, however, he and the Odyssey went missing before the orders could be sent.

A month or so later the ship re-appeared in the Alpha Quadrant, with a fleet of other missing Starfleet ships along with other missing ships from Romulan, Klingon and Ferengi territory. It also appeared that the young Commodore was no longer young as the region of space they were trapped in had been in a state of time displacement – he lived out nearly eight years of his life, gaining new experiences and understanding of being a leader. He created a coalition of forces to find away out of the region they called The Abyss, and together, they escaped.

Impressed further with his development and work in the Abyss, Starfleet gave the now forty-year-old Commodore the field promotion to rear admiral, fully appointed him as commanding officer of Task Force 21 and assigned him, the Odyssey and his crew to Deep Space 19. His time in the Abyss gave him the skills to work with other non-Federation members and to make things work well for the Federation in the region.

During the first year of the station's operation it had to under take the pressure of mass in taking of civilians after the Bolian colony, Gehki was destroyed by a rogue Romulan faction. The refugees were later transported to Kovar and other nearby Federation worlds. Several months later the station was attacked by the Romulan faction, known as the Romulan Imperium. The station was under siege for over forty hours while a majority of the crew that had not been evacuated assembled a resistances movement to retake the station back. The station was retaken back after joint efforts from the resistance as well as external support from Task Force 21 and Klingon Defence Force.

Attached Starships

  • USS Odyssey
  • USS Ulysses
  • USS Mikhail Kalashnikov


  • USS Achaemenides Huron Class
  • USS Circe Huron Class
  • USS Eurylochus Huron Class
  • USS Halithersês Huron Class
  • USS Misenus Huron Class
  • USS Telemachus Huron Class
  • USS Baius Mustang Class
  • USS Nestor Mustang Class
  • USS Menelaus Argo Class
  • USS Polyphemus Argo Class