USS Bellerophon

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"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."
    —Barack Obama - Ship's Dedication Quote

The USS Bellerophon (NCC-74705) is an Intrepid-class Federation starship built in the early part of the 2370s and served with distinction during the Dominion War. After thirty years of various missions within the Alpha and Beta Quadrant, the ship was assigned to the Delta Quadrant to support the Fourth Fleet’s Odyssey Squadron. Sent to undertake a deep space exploration assignment, the Bellerophon was refitted for this mission and to retrace the steps made famous by another Intrepid-class that traversed the same region. The ship’s quote is from a speech shared by the 44th President of the United States of America from Earth’s 21st century, President Barack Obama. Command of the vessel was given to Captain Horatio McCallister in 2399.

Unfortunately, after receiving significant damage during two conflicts (one against the Dominion and the rest to prevent the Borg from taking the ship), the Bellerophon was placed into long-term repair facilities at Avalon Fleet Yards and removed from the Odyssey Squadron.

With repairs completed, the Bellerophon, now under the command of Captain Kosev Thiren, resumes its mission to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Design and Layout

Launched at the height of the Dominion War, the Bellerophon was equipped with the latest technologies to assist with the upcoming war effort. Due to her fast nature (being one of the quickest ships in the fleet at the time), Starfleet cancelled her original exploration mission. She was assigned to Starbase 375 to serve as the flagship for Vice Admiral William Ross when he took command of all of Starfleet's forces near to the Bajor sector. Rarely was she used as a frontline ship, instead used to transport the admiral around the area (mainly between Starbase 375 and Deep Space 9). For this, the engineers ensured her shields, weapons, and engines were the best they could be. On a few occasions when the ship did engage enemy vessels, she was victorious in every battle (thankfully, down to the fact the ship was always under the escort of at least two other vessels).

Post-war, the ship remained in active service, and it was in 2385 that the vessel received it first significant refit. During the overhaul, engineers installed an Astrometrics Lab based on the one created by Voyager's crew, and holo-emitters were placed on every deck and every section of the ship. When it was decided that the vessel would be assigned to deep space exploration assignments, further enhancements were made. Further enhancements were made when Starfleet decided that the vessel would be assigned to deep space exploration assignments. This included a third holodeck (slightly smaller than the other two), and the ability for the ship to triple its replicator bounty (again based on alien technology learnt from Voyager). Once upgrades were complete, the ship was almost like Voyager after its return home. The only difference was the captain's request to add a few facilities to allow for some of the crew to bring members of their families. A small classroom and childcare facilities replaced the aft lounge (under the shuttle bay). In addition, the ship was equipped with its own Delta-class runabout.

Bridge, Deck One

The bridge of the USS Bellerophon, c.2400

Like other Intrepid-class vessels, the Bellerophon's bridge layout was the same, except for one difference during the Dominion War. Instead of the standard two-seat command chair configuration, a third command chair was added during the war, allowing Admiral Ross to sit on the bridge, coordinating with others during fleet engagements. Starfleet later removed this configuration after the ship was reassigned to other duties.

Along the aft wall of the bridge are the Mission Ops panels on either side of the long, wide Master System Display. Next to this, on the starboard side, is the entrance to the main lift, followed by the station assigned to security and tactical. A further door to the captain's ready room exists, following a few steps down. The last station on the starboard side is the engineering console. Next, in front of the command pit, is the helm station in front of the large viewscreen. Finally, the science station is on the port side of the bridge, by the forwardmost bulkheads. Behind this is the briefing room door, while the operations station has the identical setup opposite to the security and tactical station. Between operations and the mission ops area, a small corridor leads out to the rest of deck one, which includes another turbolift and access to the nearest escape pods.

Ready Room, Deck One

The Bellerophon's ready room, c.2400.

A home away from home, the ready room on the Bellerophon was initially used exclusively by the captain, while Admiral Ross would use the briefing room for most of his meetings. A large spacious area, the ready room on the Bellerophon has allowed for numerous private meetings for the captain and their senior staff or visiting guests. One unique feature is the golden models of previous ships named Bellerophon hanging behind the captain's desk. This includes the USS Bellerophon (NCC-62048) and the HMS Bellerophon. In addition, Admiral Ross gave the ship an antique grandfather clock that now sits beside the replicator as a parting gift.

Specific Technical Information

Emergency Holographic Programs

Like many Intrepid-class ships in the fleet, the Bellerophon was initially installed with a Mark I Emergency Medical Hologram. Starfleet engineers installed a Mark II during the war, then updated to Mark III before a Mark IV. These updates have continued throughout the ship's active service. Finally, in mid-2380, the ship received an Emergency Command Hologram and an Emergency Engineering Hologram.

Support Craft

With one shuttlebay, the Bellerophon comes with a standard compliment of shuttles and one runabout, along with its Aeroshuttle (called the Deliades).

  • Personal Shuttles
  • Runabouts



The USS Bellerophon in orbit of Romulus, c.2375

As the flagship of one the most prolific admirals in the fleet during the Dominion War, the Bellerophon's legacy was developed as one of the fastest ships that served so close to the frontlines. Usually, under escort with two other ships, the Bellerophon would ensure that the admiral could meet with field commanders and move around close to the border without any harm coming to him. Furthermore, the ship was instrumental in ferrying a large Federation delegation from Deep Space 9 to Romulus in 2375. It was the first Federation ship to visit the Romulan homeworld under a flag of truce and cooperation. Finally, the ship participated in the war's final battle and survived the onslaught the Dominion threw at the Federation Alliance. After the war, the Bellerophon was assigned to post-war duties that included escorting relief efforts into the Cardassian Union as well as patrolling the border with the Union and Breen Confederacy.


In 2377, Starfleet removed the ship from its work along the Federation-Cardassian border and assigned it to begin doing what it was initially built to do: explore! The vessel undertook an eight-year exploration effort beyond the Klingon Empire at the invitation of the High Council. The ship would spend at least half a year mapping elements of the Rotarran Maelstrom before returning to the Federation. After returning home to Earth, the ship assisted with the rescue and response attempts after the synth attack on Mars. Though the crew could only save under four hundred people from the surface, the attacking synth vessels damaged the ship, forcing it to flee to Jupiter Station. Heavily damaged, Starfleet sent the ship to the Beta Antares Ship Yards for repairs and its first major refit. The process took at least nine months to complete. Her entire crew was reassigned to other duties across the fleet.


Now it was under the commanded by Captain Laura McCallister, the ship was sent as part of Starfleet's response to the destruction of Romulus to provide aid. Being fast enough, the ship was able to help pull survivors from the wake of the devastation sent across the Romulan Star Empire and deposit them at refugee camps set up along the former Romulan Neutral Zone. The ship was placed on patrol and other duties along the Romulan border for the next five years.

In 2390, Starfleet sent the ship back to the Cardassian border to assist with threats from the True Way. The ship was able to support Federation colonies in the area in stopping raids and disrupting criminal networks. Over the next four years, the ship remained working on a range of missions in the Alpha Quadrant. In 2395, the ship was sent on a six month expeditionary mission to the Gamma Quadrant. The Bellerophon's primary duty was to ensure that the area close to the mouth of the wormhole was secure and to update Starfleet with any developments linked to the Dominion. At the end of 2398, the ship returned to Earth for its next refit and for Captain McCallister to be succeeded by her brother-in-law.


Captain Horatio McCallister's command will see the Bellerophon assigned to the Delta Exploration Initiative and the ship would be assigned to the Gradin Belt to assist with exploration and diplomatic exchanges. At the end of 2400, the crew assistant the Antarian Pact Organisation deal with the Blood Dilithium crisis. Their mission was successful and it ended with the crew winning the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally. Following on from this mission, the ship was then assigned to the Odyssey Squadron.

In 2401, the ship participated along with other ships from the Fourth Fleet the The Lost Fleet incursion. The ship, while pursuing a Dominion ship, was made to believe it was chasing a Jem'Hadar Fighter but it turned out to be a Jem'Hadar Battlecruiser. Bellerophon was heavily damaged and several crewmembers were killed. Eventually the ship was towed to the Avalon Fleet Yards for repairs. These repairs were stalled when the Borg uprise during Frontier Day took place. When the Jupiter signal reached Avalon, the younger members of the crew and the shipyard repair engineers, attempted to assimilate the ship into the collective. Those on the crew who had not affected by the Borg DNA modifications in a bold bid to prevent the Bellerophon from being taken over caused significant damage to the ship. They blew up a number of EPS conduits that obliterated four decks, overloaded the bio-neural circuitry and using plasma charges destroyed the entire computer core. The extensive damage inflicted on the ship, as well as the fact so many other ships were affected by the Borg attempt, forced Starfleet to hold off repairs. Repairs would take a long time. As a result, Starfleet reassigned Captain McCallister and the entire crew to other assignments.

With repairs eventually completed, the Bellerophon, now under the command of Captain Kosev Thiren, resumes its mission to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers

Command Staff

  • Executive Officer:
    • Commander Jepella (Benzite Female) (2373-2385)
    • Lieutenant Commander/Commander Lirissa Jaz (Trill Female) (2385-2401)
    • Commander Savar (Vulcan Male) (2401-present)
  • Second Executive Officer:
    • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Skal (Vulcan Male) (2373-2385)
    • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Jirani Edeena (Bajoran Female) (2385-2401)
    • Lieutenant Commander Lukas Murphy (Human Male) (2401-present)
  • Third Executive Officer:
    • Lieutenant Commander Jason Frame (Human Male) (2373-2385)
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade / Lieutenant Bowd Zalin (Bolian Male) (2385-2400)
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Rubon Jarata (Risian Male) (2400-2401)
    • Lieutenant Commander Cassian Edren (Human Male) (2401-present)

Senior Staff/Department Heads

  • Chief Flight Control Officer:
    • Ensign / Lieutenant Junior Grade / Lieutenant Joseph Hickham (Human Male) (2373-2385)
    • Ensign / Lieutenant Junior Grade Emze (Saurian Male) (2385-2396)
    • Ensign / Lieutenant Junior Grade Rubon Jarata (Risian Male) (2396-2401)
    • Ensign Kyth Nakav (Orion Male) (2401-present)
  • Chief Science Officer:
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade / Lieutenant Palle Wivip (Tellarite Female) (2373-2385)
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade / Lieutenant Bowd Zalin (Bolian Male) (2385-2400)
    • Ensign Jonarom (Ardanan Male) (2400-2401)
    • Lieutenant Zameer Khan (Human/Borg Male) (2401-present)
  • Chief Medical Officer:
    • Lieutenant Commander Jason Frame (Human Male) (2373-2385)
    • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander M'Turr (Caitian Female) (2385-2397)
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Sarella Corben (Betazoid Female) (2397-2401)
    • Lieutenant Commander Aleah Ryan (Human Female) (2401-present)
  • Chief Counselor:
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade / Lieutenant Gaetar (Rigelian Male) (2373-2385)
    • Lieutenant Threra Zh'rylrik (Andorian Female) (2385-2398)
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Krizon Hilgan (Trill Male) (2398-2401)
    • Lieutenant Commander Cassian Edren (Human Male) (2401-present)
  • Chief Engineer:
    • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Harold Smith (Human Male) (2373-2385)
    • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Thyth Ch'vaaqos (Andorian Male) (2385-2400)
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Penni (Vulcan Female) (2400-2401)
    • Lieutenant Tavana Hughes (Human/Klingon Female) (2401-present)
  • Chief Operations Officer / Chief of Operations:
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade / Lieutenant Cynthia Wheeler (Human Female) (2373-2385)
    • Ensign Nalli (Orion Female) (2385-2390)
    • Petty Officer 3rd Class / Chief Petty Officer Bronden (Zaldan Male) (2390-2401)
    • Lieutenant Commander Lukas Murphy (Human Male) (2401-present)
  • Chief Security & Tactical Officer:
    • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Skal (Vulcan Male) (2373-2385)
    • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Jirani Edeena (Bajoran Female) (2385-2401)
    • Lieutenant Tali Omer (Human Female) (2401-present)