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Federation Faction

Starfleet Starfleet

Class Information
Role: Heavy Cruiser


Date Entered Service:


Fourth Fleet Ships in Service:

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Ship's Complement
Crew Complement:


Overall Dimensions


Warp Performance
Cruising Speed:

Warp 6

Energy Weapons:
Torpedo Launchers:

4 Launchers


Regenerative Shielding System

Auxiliary Craft

Class Description

The original Excelsior-class.

The history of the Excelsior Class tends to consist of extremes. The Excelsior Class was the testbed for many new techologies and ideas in Starfleet thinking including a captains ready room, failed transwarp drive, and a new style of living arrangements for Starfleet officers. Initially fitted with a transwarp drive and proclaimed 'The Great Experiment', the ship had an ignoble start when its engines failed when it was called into action to prevent the theft of the USS Enterprise. Although this was due to deliberate sabotage, it transpired that the Excelsior had been saved from a major disaster. Engineers working to correct the damage discovered a series of flaws in the transwarp drive which, had it been used, would have caused a nacelle implosion which would have destroyed the ship. The USS Excelsior spent nearly a full year in spacedock while engineering specialists struggled to repair the problem. Re-launched early in 2286, the ship met with little more success.

USS Lancaster in Earth orbit

Although the fatal flaw of the transwarp drive was repaired, the system was subject to major problems and over the next year it never completed a successful test, much to the embarrassment of Captain Styles and his crew. Finally, Starfleet cancelled the transwarp project altogether, and for a short time the Excelsior faced decommissioning. There was nothing wrong with the basic engineering of the space frame however, and in all other areas the Excelsior Class was still the most advanced ship in Starfleet, and indeed the entire quadrant, by a considerable margin. In light of this Starfleet rapidly decided to fit the Excelsior Class with a more conventional propulsion system. She returned to spacedock for the third time in 2287 to have her hull converted to run with a standard warp drive. This process went remarkably smoothly, and by the end of the year the Excelsior was in space again. From here the history of the ship leapt from one extreme to the other. From being a costly and embarrassing failure, the Excelsior rapidly built a reputation for outstanding performance and a solid reliability few other designs have matched. Series production commenced at once, and continued unbroken for the next thirty nine years, a record for Federation shipbuilding. The Excelsior herself was assigned to Captain Hikaru Sulu in 2290 and conducted extensive scientific, exploratory and diplomatic missions under his distinguished command.

Since then the Excelsior has been a mainstay of the Federation fleet for nearly one hundred years, although production was eventually cut and the last Excelsior rolled out of dry dock in 2351. After refitting the class for decades to conform with updates and upgrades in technology, the class has massively outlived it's original twenty year life expectancy. The Excelsior Class also played a pivotal role in the fight against both the Borg Collective and Dominion. Many have now been retired, given other, non-Starfleet issued duties or scrapped for other, newer classes of ship. However just as many still remain in service and are expected to continue until finally breaking down, or are replaced. Overall, the class is supposed to have been replaced by the Explorer Class, but the phasing out of the Excelsior class is not expected until 2405 at the earliest, more than 120 years after the first was built.

Ship Specifications

Basic Information
  • Role: Heavy Cruiser
  • Dimensions: 467 meters (L) x 181.6 meters (W) x 77.8 meters (H)
  • Decks: 28
  • Expected Duration: 50 years
  • Time Between Resupply: 2 years
  • Expected Refit Cycle: 5 years
Crew Complement
  • Total Crew: 650
    • 110 Officers
    • 430 Enlisted
  • Number of Civilians: 10
  • Emergency Capacity: 1,500
  • Thrusters: RCS Thrusters
  • Sublight Speed: 0.25c
  • Warp Speed
    • Cruising Speed: Warp 6
    • Maximum Warp: Warp 7
    • Emergency Warp: Warp 8.5 (for 24 hours)
  • Slipstream Capable?:
Offensive Systems



  • 2 Forward (Neck)
  • 2 Forward (Engineering Hull)
  • 2 Aft


Defensive Systems
Primary Systems
  • Computer Systems:

Duotronic Computer Systems

  • Transporters:
    • 4 8-Person Transporter Pads
    • 3 Cargo Transporters
    • Transporter Range: 100,000 meters
  • Sensor Range: 10 light years
  • Communications Range: 15 light years
Auxiliary Craft



  • Shuttles: 10
  • Workbees: 2

Other Notes


  • Gym
  • Mess Hall
  • Crew Lounge


  • Duranium Double Hull

Deck Listing

Deck Details/Specifications of Deck
Deck 1
  • Bridge
Deck 2
  • Captains ready room
  • XO’s office
  • Main briefing room
Deck 3
  • Dorsal sensor array
  • Impulse bay upper level
  • Deuterium injectors
  • Senior Officers quarters
  • VIP quarters
  • Subspace comm array
Deck 4
  • Saucer section dorsal phaser arrays
  • Transporter rooms 1 through 4
  • Impulse bay main level
  • Officer quarters
  • Officers mess
Deck 5
  • Transporter machinery rooms 1 through 4
  • Officers’ quarters
  • Senior enlisted quarters
Deck 6
  • Main computer core upper level
  • Enlisted quarters
  • Guest quarters
  • Enlisted mess
  • Ships galley
Deck 7
  • Main computer core mid-level 1
  • Enlisted quarters
  • Recreation deck
  • Ships laundry
  • Forward crew lounge
  • Eva hatches
Deck 8
  • Main computer core mid-level 2
  • Ventral sensor array
  • Saucer section life support systems
  • Saucer section waste management systems
  • Sick bay
  • Chief medical officers’ office
  • Primary medical labs
Deck 9
  • Main computer core lower level
  • Saucer section ventral phaser arrays
  • Secondary medical labs
Deck 10
  • Torpedo storage
  • Long range sensor array
  • Chief Science officers’ office
  • Primary science labs
Deck 11
  • Forward torpedo launchers 1 and 2
  • Ventral sensor dome
  • Engineering section aft dorsal phaser arrays
  • Secondary science labs
Deck 12
  • Main shuttle bay upper level
  • Main shuttle bay control room
Deck 13
  • Main engineering
  • Chief Engineers office
  • Main shuttle bay main level
  • Aft crew lounge
Deck 14
  • Engineering support labs
  • Auxiliary bridge
  • Deuterium storage tanks upper level
  • Cargo bays 1 through 4 high bays
  • Dorsal cargo bay doors
  • Shuttle storage and maintenance
  • Eva hatches
Deck 15
  • Deuterium storage tanks lower level
  • Cargo bays 1 through 4 main level
Deck 16
  • Forward torpedo launchers 3 and 4
  • Torpedo storage
  • Cargo bays 5 and 6
  • Cargo transporters 1 and 2
Deck 17
  • Cargo bay 7
  • Cargo transporter machinery rooms 1 and 2
  • Aft torpedo launchers 1 and 2
  • Torpedo storage
  • Engineering section aft ventral phaser array
Deck 18
  • Secondary computer core upper level
  • Chief security officers’ office
  • Brig, Ships armory
Deck 19
  • Secondary computer core mid-level 1
  • Arboretum upper level
  • Guest quarters
Deck 20
  • Antimatter injectors
  • Antimatter generator
  • Antimatter storage pods
  • Antimatter ejection hatch
  • Warp core ejection hatch
  • Secondary computer core mid-level 2
  • Transporter rooms 5 and 6
  • Arboretum main level
Deck 21
  • Secondary computer core lower level
  • Transporter machinery rooms 5 and 6
  • Deflector dish bay upper level
  • Deflector control
  • Organic fabrication facilities
Deck 22
  • Cargo bay 8, Cargo transporter 3
  • Deflector dish bay mid-level 1
  • Inorganic fabrication facilities
Deck 23
  • Cargo transporter machinery room 3,
  • Secondary shuttle bay upper level,
  • Secondary shuttle bay control room,
  • Deflector dish bay mid-level 2,
  • Engineering life support systems
Deck 24
  • Secondary shuttle bay mid-level
  • Deflector dish bay lower level
Deck 25
  • Secondary shuttle bay main level
Deck 26
  • shuttle storage and maintenance
Deck 27
  • Engineering section waste management systems
Deck 28
  • Engineering section forward ventral phaser array
  • Main tractor beam emitter

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