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Based out of Starbase 86 and bordering the unclaimed Triangle region of the Beta Quadrant, Task Force 86 has a mandate of maintaining local stability and security. They operate in regions beset by insurgency or criminal forces, primarily through cooperation and support of local governments and civilian populations.


  • Manage Starfleet’s border defense and counterinsurgency operations.
  • Monitor criminal organizations operating within the Triangle region.
  • Develop relationships with local governments and communities.
  • Assist those local governments to push back against criminal elements already established and prevent footholds being established.


Following the synth attack on Mars in 2385, the Federation consolidated her borders and pulled back on her exploratory missions to focus on protecting Federation worlds and citizens. This action caused power vacuums to arise in several areas, allowing criminal organizations to fill those vacuums.

Operating out of a Starbase on the edge of the Azure Nebula, Task Force 86 is charged with border defense and counterinsurgency operations throughout the Federation. From its Headquarters on Starbase 86, the Task Force manages and co-ordinates patrols of the Federation’s borders with her neighbors and responds to incursions, monitors criminal activity within Federation space, works with local governments and communities to push back against and disrupt that criminal activity.

One particular area of concern for the Federation is The Triangle, an unaligned region between the borders of the Federation, the Romulan Republic and the Klingon Empire. The Triangle has always been a hotbed of criminal activity but the Federation’s shift in focus over the past fifteen years allowed several criminal groups to expand their operations and threaten the stability of worlds throughout the Federation.

Task Force Assets and Headquarters

With the Triangle a particular area of interest to Task Force 86 and its remit, headquarters along with flagship USS Majestic are located near the border at Starbase 86. An outpost, it provides support and resupply to Starfleet vessels heading to the chaotic, unclaimed region, and for many, is the last stop before the end of civilization. USS Sizemore, a Steamrunner, gives support at the borders by aiding civilian transport, border patrolling and responding quick to emergency cases.

Task Force Composition

Task Group 25

Task Group 64

Task Force History

Task Force 86 has had along and illustrious career as one of the longest serving Task Forces in the Fourth Fleet's history. In 2399, when Starfleet tasked the Fourth Fleet to return to space they also knew it was vitally important that their backyard was watched just as much what laid beyond. As a result, Task Force 86 was designated with the task of border patrol and security. One area that had become a further hotbed of criminal insurgency since the Attack on Mars was around the Azure Nebula in the region known as the The Triangle. Task Force 86 was assigned to setup its headquarters in this region as a starting point.

The Archanis Campaign

Task Force 86's mandate was put to the test in 2399 when the Archanis Sector was attacked by the Hunters of D'Ghor. The Fourth Fleet sent a large presence into the sector to defend the border and remove the threat to the Federation colonists and other important assets. Along with other task forces, starships from Task Force 86 responding immediately to the invasion and were able to eventually push the rogue faction out of Federation territory. Working in tandem with other ships, the border was eventually secured from further raids by the Hunters, however the clean-up operation would require a lot of effort. While Task Force 93 led on helping with repairs, rebuilding and recovery operations among the Federation colonies, it would be Task Force 86 that would be required to ensure the border was secure. Thanks to help from Task Force 17, who had built a brand new sensor array near to the border, Task Force 86 were able to monitor and defend the border from any further attacks. After several months of heavy patrolling and the installment of new defense grids (or upgrades to existing ones), Task Force 86 was able to pull some of its forces from the area after it appeared that the tension along the border had returned to the status quo.

The Echoes of the Tkon

During the end of 2399, every single ship across Starfleet was placed on high alert after multiple sightings of the Omega molecule were reported. Task Force 86 was given the simple order: secure the border. During this crisis, it was vitally important for the Federation's territory to be defended. Orders were issued to all Task Force 86 ships and bases to patrol various borders, in the event local neighbors decided to take advantage of the situation. Captains were ordered to do whatever it took to ensure Federation security was maintained, such a harsh approach was a surprise to many crews however when it came apparent that Omega was a genuine threat across the entire galaxy, it was down to Task Force 86 to maintain order and prevent chaos from creeping into Federation space. Along with patrols, Task Force 86 ships provided escort to convoys of ships evacuating from affected areas or responded to those who needed help.

The Stormbreaker Campaign

In early 2400, the Century Storm hit the Paulson Nebula and the surrounding region. This phenomenon severely affected those ships, stations and colonies that existed in this area, causing huge disruption to communication and placing lives on the line. To prevent millions from being killed, the Federation government ordered an immediate evacuation of the area. Elements from Task Force 86 responded to the distress calls of those in need but also aided in preventing criminal organizations from taking advantage of the innocent who were attempting to flee affected areas.

Sundered Wings

Having so many ships and stations based near to the shared border with the Romulans, Task Force 86 found itself once again having to monitor the border and prevent local crime syndicates from interfering when the Star Empire of Rator collapsed and the Velorum Sector declared its independence before seeking assistance from the Federation. This massive political upheaval caused a high level of tension between the Federation and the various Romulan Factions. Task Force 86 ships were ordered to track any ships crossing the border and causing more strife that was not needed. Those ships involved prevent some pirate ships from launching raids against civilian targets and halting any Romulan warlords from gaining resources from the black market. The Velorum Sector eventually opted to join the Romulan Republic once a majority of their worlds were stabilized, thanks to the efforts of Starfleet and a meditated deal led by the Federation.

Command History

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