USS Jaxartes

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The USS Jaxartes is a Raven-class multi-mission light starship. She is currently assigned to Task Force 86 of the Fourth Fleet


Start-Up Problems - 2393

A new batch of Ensigns gets assigned to the Raven-class vessel named USS Jaxartes. Their mission is to expand further exploration of the Typhon Frontier in areas that Starfleet designates as safe zones. Ensign Praugol, assigned to the USS Jaxartes as its designated Captain, finds itself with a ship half-ready for the long journey. She has to get the crew, the supplies, and the ship working again as Starfleet was on a tied budget when this was approved.

Ship's Tour

Captain's Ready Room

The Captain's Ready Room, also known as the briefing room, can be found on deck two behind the bridge because the size of the Raven Class is a relatively small briefing room. In addition, it is located in the middle of the ship, meaning it has no outside view. However, Ensign Valerio installed a holographic window that gives a real-time exterior view. Ensign Valerio gave it as a birthday gift to his Captain. In addition, the ship has some plants that contribute to the liveliness of the room.

The Captain's desk stands on the right side against the wall when entering the briefing room. It looks like a handcrafted table with the color of walnut brown, and it has grain patrons onto the wood to give uniqueness to the desk itself. The desk has two side drawers and a center drawer with a built-in holographic keyboard. When the center drawer is pulled out, the keyboard activates.

On the desk, you will find a group picture of Ensign Praugol and her academy class of 2392. Some scientific accessories such as a Vulcan Dust Globe, a planet mug that shows Federation Founders' planets, and when heated, it offers more astronomic details of those planets. On the side, a Newton Cradle Balance stands that keeps ticking. On the wall, you will find the screen and on its sides two posters that can be changed to any galaxy or star system. Most of the accessories on the desk are there as presents for Sazra, though in her fair opinion, they should have a function, or they shouldn't belong on the desk at all.

Praugol receives guests in the Briefing Room on her brown couch. She will sit most of the time in her desk chair and turns around to the guest to begin their conversation. A small round table between them can be used for drinks or for placing some PADDs.

The Observation Lounge

At the back of the ship, you will find the Observation Lounge on deck 2. When entering through a small door on the far right side (when coming from the bridge), you will see a long light-brown oak table on the left side, shaped in a stretch-out circle. The chairs are custom designed to those you will find in most Starfleet vessels. However, these chairs are also the same soft color as the table. In the middle of the table, you will find a holographic 3D device that can project any ship, planet, or astronomical object shown during a mission briefing.

On the wall, there are paintings of various famous exploration ships. One of those is the USS Enterprise. On the other side, you will find big windows that show the back of the ship and a great view of space itself. It is said that Ensign T'path was mostly found here, as it brought her calmness while practicing her Vulcan meditation. While on the floor before the window, you will find a classic earth-designed carpet with that dark red color.

Back at the entree on the right, you will find a corner for one person to sit and relax. Dr. Ruslanovna has the hobby of creating something of every mission in the form of a beautiful painting. It is in this corner that these small paintings are hanging.

Main Engineering

From deck 1 to 3 you will find in the middle of the ship the heart of all its power, the main engineering. When entering the engineering, you will hear the humming and buzzing sound of the warp-core, like a purring little kitty. Within the engineering, you will find various tools and monitoring console to keep the flow of energy in control. Most of the ship had to be rebuilt, and the engineering was no exception from it, so even thought it is an aged ship that has seen quite a bit it has newer equipment.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers