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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.This article is official Task Force 38 canon.

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USS Sizemore



Ares Class



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Task Force 38


Planetary Response


CaptainTholev zh'Mairhc


The USS Sizemore is an Ares-Class Rapid Response Vessel currently stationed in the Delta Quadrant assigned to Kartelan Station.

[OOC Note: The USS Sizemore is named in memory of James Sizemore, a former Commanding Officer in Bravo Fleet, after his early death in 1998.]

Ship History

USS Sizemore (NCC-74012)

In 2378, then-Commander Randi Moss took command of the USS Sizemore NCC-74012 a Defiant Class starship assigned to Task Force 38. The Defiant Class starship was one of the Task Force's leaders when dealing with the Borg and Kazon. Sometimes, Commander Moss would order his ship beyond the Theater of Operations.

The Sizemore would later join in a Joint Mission with five other ships from Task Force 38. A few months after the joint mission, the USS Sizemore responded to a distress call on the border of the Federation Space. Upon arrival in the system, the Sizemore was ambushed by three Kazon attack vessels. Commander Moss got his ship back to the nearest Federation Base, Starbase 900, but upon arrival the Defiant Class ship was destroyed from a warp core breach.

USS Sizemore (NCC-74012-A)

In 2379, then-Captain Randi Moss was given command of the USS Sizemore NCC-74012-A, which was a Concorde class starship, once he was cleared of any wrong doing in the destruction of the first Sizemore. This ship would serve with a remarkable service record in combat against the Borg and Kazon. It also saw the rise of Randi Moss to Commodore and was awarded the position of Task Group Flagship.

In 2382, Commodore Randi Moss was removed from command by key members inside of Starfleet Command who saw him as answer to problems in the Delta Quadrant; after his birth right was revealed. He was formally relieved of his command on March 5th, 2382 at 1500 Hours and given the status to activate his rank when the Federation need him once more. The then Executive Officer of the Sizemore, Captain Scott Rowe, took temporary command of the Sizemore and returned it to drydock, under orders, for repairs and a full crew rotation.

The Sizemore would remain in dry dock until a new crew was brought in to serve the Federation. Under Captain Xavier J. Douglas, the Sizemore-A was commanded for a very brief time, until they were transferred to an Insignia Class, USS Gettysburg. The Concorde saw service in the capture of Rogue Klingons, while befriending a Romulan Commander. XJ and the Sizemore were recalled mid mission to Starbase 99 by order of Major General Michael Brancer. The Sizemore sat at Starbase 99 for a little while until Lt. Commander James Huddle was put in command. With direct orders from Rear Admiral Jonathon Sumpter, the Sizemore began investigating the Federation Colonies on the Cardassian border, only to come under ambush. The Sizemore-A was damaged beyond repair, and decommissioned from active service.

USS Sizemore (NCC-74012-B)

Under the direct authority of Task Force 17's Commanding Officer, Rear Admiral Shawn MaGlaughlin ordered the Sizemore's crew stay together under the same banner. A newly refit Wildcat Class was stationed at Beta Antares and was commissioned the USS Sizemore, NCC 74012-B.

Newly-made-Commander James Huddle was her Captain under launch. After launching into the M90; The Sizemore sets sail for a shakedown and scanning run.

After having no contact with the Sizemore for days, Captain Brad Huddle is commissioned for a Search and Rescue mission. The Sizemore is found, repairs are made and under new Captain Brad Huddle; the Sizemore finds it way home to Gateway Station. Brad is permanently named the new Commanding Officer.

The Sizemore and her crewed served with distinction in the peace talks with the Menai a few months later. During a meeting between Menai delegates and Brad's team, a bomb is implanted and rips through several decks of the Wildcat cruiser. The USS Drake comes to the aid of the Captain and it's crew, and returns them to Gateway Station, pending a formal investigation.

USS Sizemore (NCC-74012-C)

At the formal request of Major General Jordyn Mormar, newly-promoted Commodore Brad Huddle is transferred to Excalibur Class, USS Triton, with orders to recommission the ship as the USS Sizemore. Weeks later, Sizemore is sent through the Gateway and told to rendezvous at Deep Space 14 before entering the Gamma Quadrant.

By 2386, the Sizemore returns home to the M90 Galaxy, as the flagship of Task Force 17. After a stint docked at Gateway Station, it was transferred to Deep Space 6 to provide support along the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Upon completion of its tour along the Romulan Neutral Zone, the Sizemore was en-route to Faltan Station for resupplying and personnel transfer when it detected a distress call a few light-years outside Romulan space. At this time, the Sizemore had been placed under the command of then-Commander Tholev zh'Mairhc. Upon crossing the Romulan border, the Sizemore encountered several Imperial ships which did not answer any hails from the ship. When no response came, Captain zh'Mairhc decided to fall back to Federation space; however just as the More was a few seconds from entering Federation space it was attacked by a Warbird-class battlecruiser, three Lanora II classes, and several older classes.

The running battle between the two forces would see the Sizemore destroy several of the older classes, while also disabling one of the Lanora II class vessels. Once the Sizemore crossed back into Federation space, the Romulan forces withdrew. When the Sizemore arrived at Starbase 611, it had several hull breaches in addition to its shuttle bay being opened to space.

Rather than try to recommission the Excalibur Class as the Sizemore, Starfleet Operation decided to decommission the ship.

USS Sizemore (NCC-74012-D)

In 2387, Starfleet commissioned one of the one of the newest Ares Class to carry the name of the USS Sizemore. This ship would once more be placed under the command of Tholev zh'Mairhc who had been promoted to the rank of Captain. The Sizemore would catch the attention of then-Brigadier General Paul Potter when he was selected as to fill the billets of Task Force Executive Officer of Task Force 72, Commander, Carnwennan Sector and Commander, Carnwennan Station.

During its time in the Carnwennan Sector, the Sizemore would lead the Carnwennan Task Group and deal with rising pirate activity in the Carnwennan Corridor of the Inconnu Expanse. This service would end when Major General Potter selected to carry the Sizemore over to the Delta Quadrant Operation for Task Force 38.

Sizemore Captains

  • 2378-2382: Randi Moss
  • 2382-2382: Scott Rowe
  • 2383-2384: Xavier J. Douglas
  • 2384-2384: James Huddle
  • 2384-2385: Brad Huddle
  • 2386-PRES: Tholev zh'Mairhc