USS Majestic

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The USS Majestic is a Sovereign Class explorer, currently serving as the flagship of the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 86 under the command of Captain Taavik. Permanently based at Starbase 86, the Majestic is tasked with carrying out border security operations in and around the volatile region of space known as The Triangle. As Task Force flagship, the Majestic is also frequently deployed on diplomatic and ceremonial missions. For this reason, the ship's reputation precedes it within Klingon Empire, Romulan Free State, Romulan Star Empire and Romulan Republic space.

Design and Construction

A fourteen year old space frame, construction of the Majestic was completed more recently than many other ships of her class. Her keel was laid during the closing stages of the Dominion War, representing the beginning stages of Starfleet's efforts to regroup and rebuild. At this point, the Sovereign Class had already been in service for six years. As a result, many initial design problems with the class had been identified and successfully ironed out. Improvements to tactical systems were key, along with upgraded scientific research facilities and peace-time enhancements to an already comfortable crew living situation. The latter caught the notice of then Captain Ciffao Tharc. An upwardly mobile officer, tipped for a flag rank, Tharc was able to oversee the final stages of the Majestic's construction before positioning herself to take command. The ship's dedication ceremony took place in the April of 2382 at the Devron Fleet Yards, causing many to remark that she is truly "native" to the region of space in which she operates.


Under the command of Captain Tharc, the USS Majestic gained a reputation as a veteran starship of the Klingon and Romulan frontiers. The ship was often the first to respond to incursions along core-ward sections of the old Romulan Neutral Zone from 2385-87. Her presence was often enough to ward off any further intrusion into Federation space in any given sector.

In the months leading up to the Romulan Supernova event in 2387, the Majestic was instrumental in the safeguarding of initial waves of Romulan refugee transports that sought safe harbor from the ensuing chaos. Isolated with no clear destination, many such ships fell victim to roving bands of privateers seeking to predate the fleeing civilians and separate them from their material wealth and more. Witnessing the Romulans' plight, Captain Tharc personally lobbied for the creation of refugee settlements on several uninhabited worlds within Federation space. Initially rejected by Starfleet Command, the idea was reluctantly revisited after the destruction of Admiral Jean-Luc Picard's rescue fleet above Mars. The Majestic was tasked with scouting suitable locations and providing support until each settlement was able to self-sustain.

As the Romulan Star Empire gradually disintegrated in the following years, tensions between the three resulting Romulan powers occasionally boiled over into Federation space. In stark contrast to the days of the Neutral Zone the border was now porous, with many Romulans now residing on the Federation side as refugees, seeking asylum, or in exile. It wasn't long before government forces with an axe to grind began to dispatch cloaked vessels to snatch groups or individuals from the safety of Federation territory, whisking them away to face Romulan "justice". The Majestic was on the front line of policing these border intrusions, responsible for chasing down any intruding vessels detected by Starfleet's newly constructed tachyon arrays. Captain Tharc would later comment on the emotional impact felt by her crew whenever a Romulan ship was allowed to escape. The guilt of failing to protect these new Federation citizens would weigh heavily on them all.

As the 2390s rolled on, the situation on the Romulan border began to stabilize. The Majestic was assigned permanently to Starbase 86 and Tharc was promoted to the rank Fleet Captain in recognition of her handling of a very difficult situation for Starfleet. The posting brought a more ceremonial aspect to the Majestic's operations. Federation trade delegations were brought to Qu'Vat for the Convention on Strategic Mineral Exchange. The official changeover of the Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire was conducted by the Majestic, transporting incumbent Ambassador Lon T'Renn to Qo'noS and returning outgoing Ambassador Axeyyn to Starbase 86.

During this time, the Majestic began to take on more of a policing role for Federation border colonies near The Triangle. Known throughout the region, the Majestic's presence in a sector was often all it took to deter criminal activity. The ship was soon dispatched on regular patrol missions to border worlds around The Triangle, operating independently and responding to security threats in remote areas far from fleet support.

Following heavy engagement with Hunters of D'Ghor forces in the Archanis incident of 2399, the Majestic was recalled to Starbase 86 for repair and refit. Deeply familiar with her area of operations, having faced down threats from both Romulan and Klingon forces, Ciffao Tharc was transferred to command of Starbase 86 with a promotion to the rank of Commodore. Command of the USS Majestic along with the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 86 was subsequently passed to CAPT Ryoko Takato.