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The 415 Division, or informally the 415 Envoy Division, is a division headquartered at Starbase 415, with one single starship assigned to the division, the USS Sovereign. The division is under the command of Captain Henry Maxwell, with his first officer, Commander Lexie Ward. The division is in the Nereus System which is located within Federation Space, adjacent to the Talarian Republic border and only so many light years away from the border of the Tholian Assembly.

The primary purpose of this division is to maintain diplomatic relations with the Talarian Republic and the Tholian Assembly, and with the USS Sovereign, they could conduct diplomacy more to their neighbors preferred location for any particular reason. Reasons could simply be, unable to attend at Starbase 415 or need to remain close to home world. Whichever it may be. Other tasks that the USS Sovereign will be undertaking, is responding to any distress calls, pirate raiders, and other unforeseeable situations in the future.



Before the USS Sovereign was assigned to Starbase 415, the station had a similar horrific event that other vessels in Starfleet had suffered during Frontier Day. After the smoke cleared, much of the station was in chaos. Two of three reactors were offline, long range communication systems were down and much of the space around the station was littered with small craft that either fired on each other or on the station. Make matters worse, the entirety of the station was on lockdown and the one person who could disengage the lockdown was Captain Gerald Hunt, who was incapacitated.

Captain Maxwell was given temporary command of the USS Gemini to immediately investigate the situation of the station, lift the lockdown and take command. After systems were released from the lockdown, it was then they realized that the Tholian Ambassador assigned to the station was kidnapped by a changeling who appeared as Lieutenant Commander Damien Hill, who was also responsible for disabling the satellite relay network.

As soon as Captain Maxwell obtained information from the Talarian cruiser captains, he took the two Hazard Teams assigned to the station onto the USS Gemini and proceeded towards the direction of where Damien Hill had taken the Tholian Ambassador. As soon as they located the planet, Maxwell deployed both teams, with himself included, in attempt to negotiate with the changeling. But when negotiations failed, Commander James Ryker, Commander of Hazard Team Alpha, had quietly made his way around so that he was able to get in between the Tholian Ambassador and the shot the changeling had made. This gave the rest of the team a chance to subdue the changeling and capture him alive, to which point, was sent to a proper holding facility per Starfleet's directives.

Life on the station since then had all returned to normal. Station is back at full capacity, repaired and the Tholian Ambassador returned. Much of any activity on board the station can be located in the Daily Life Logs. It was then the USS Gemini was returned to Fourth Fleet Command and the USS Sovereign was assigned to the station, thus created the 415 Envoy Division with the starbase as its headquarters and the USS Sovereign leading the way.



Current Assignments

  • Starbase 415 - Starbase 415 is a Narendra-class, a station currently assigned to the Fourth Fleet, Task Force 86. Construction of the station was finished in early February 2401 and came fully operation with the required minimum staff only a few days later and few more days later, the station was fully staffed. Station suffered moderate internal damage with minimum external damage caused by small craft during the crisis of Frontier Day and was fully repaired in a week. The station remains in orbit of Nereus III and will continue their Diplomatic and Scientific Research operations.
  • USS Sovereign - The USS Sovereign is a Sovereign-class Exploratory Cruiser starship currently assigned to the Fourth Fleet, Task Force 86. The Sovereign, one of the oldest ships in the fleet, flies with the latest technology and continues to operate to this date. The Sovereign had been through its own share of conflicts and has remained one of the most reliable workhorses in the fleet. Now assigned to the 415 Envoy Division, the Sovereign is ready to face any challenges in the unforeseeable future.