Valhalla Division

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Valhalla Division is a formation of ships under the command of Captain Aoife McKenzie and centered around the USS Valhalla, a Prometheus-class heavy escort. The Valhalla Division is part of Task Force 86.


In response to the appearance of the Dominion Lost Fleet Captain McKenzie formed the squadron in March of 2401 with an old acquaintance from the USS Denver. Both women had served together during the Dominion War.

At Arkan II the USS Andromeda was heavily damaged after a Changeling infiltrator sabotaged the torpedo system and escaped with the fleeing Jem’Hadar fighters. The squadron later held its ground against a 30-ship Dominion attack fleet with help from a small group of Klingon and Romulan forces. This victory was a major blow to the Lost Fleet losing a valuable source of the raw material needed in manufacturing Ketracel-white.

Squadron Composition

As of 2401 the Valhalla Squadron is compromised of two ships.