Task Force 47

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Task Force 47 is a Federation Starfleet task force part of the Fourth Fleet. Operating within the Gavarian Frontier, Task Force 47 is tasked with continued exploration of the area as well as rendering aid and support to the unaligned worlds and species of the corridor, caught up in the current conflict between the Cardassian Union and Romulan Star Empire. The current Task Force Commanding Officer is Rear Admiral James Ryan.

The Gavarian Corridor, also referred to as 'The Gauntlet', leads to what has been named the Gavarian Frontier. It is a 40 light-year stretch of neutral space once disputed by the Cardassian and Romulan Empires. The Corridor is now considered a war zone following the outbreak of hostilities between the Cardassians and Romulans. Since the end of the Dominion War, Starfleet has established a permanent presence in the corridor and are asserting their policies on the region.

Following the signing of the Gavarian Armistice Agreement, Task Force 47 was bound by the terms and conditions of the Agreement, where both the Federation and the Cardassian Union pledged to take joint responsibility for the unaligned worlds in the corridor and take part in co-operative scientific and explorative endeavours in the Frontier. Most notably for the Federation, the signing of the treaty finally ensured the Cardassians recognised the Federation's claim to the region. The Treaty lasted only months before the conflict now ravaging the Corridor saw it dissolved.

All Starfleet forces in the Corridor are to maintain normal operating procedures but are to remain cautious in the wake of skirmishes and battles between the Cardassians and the Romulans. All Starfleet assets in the Corridor are immediately assigned to the command of Task Force 47. No vessel is permitted to become an active participant in any engagement between these hostile powers unless fired upon.

Theatre of Operations

Task Force 47's Area of Operations

The theatre of operations of Task Force 47 extends towards the ‘Northern’ sectors of the explored regions of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. Whatever the Cardassian or Romulan designations for the area are, it is known throughout the Federation as the Gavarian Frontier, named after Captain Anticulo Gavarian who commanded the USS Franz Josef, the first Starfleet vessel to have charted the corridor for Federation interests in 2382.

At the mouth of the Corridor is Deep Space 10, a Nor-Class station, that serves as the first staging area for Starfleet’s operations in the Corridor. Roughly in the middle of the Corridor is Olympus Base, located in the Aquorat system. In stark contrast, at the far end of the corridor, 40 light-years from the relative safety of the United Federation of Planets (80 days at warp 9), sits Anticulo IV in the Anticulo System. This planet once housed the first established (scientific) base in the region and sits in neutral territory, making it the ideal stopping point for the Task Force before heading into the Frontier itself. These bases and planets are crucial to Starfleet’s presence in the area and ensure peace and security is kept in the disputed zone.

As the Starfleet presence grows larger, so does the amount of information gathered by the vessels exploring the area. Many new systems and areas of importance have been discovered as Task Force 47 continues the Starfleet mission of scientific exploration.

Landmarks of note

Major Trade Routes in TF47

There are many star systems and areas of interest within and around the Corridor and Frontier that are important to Starfleet and the Federation. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Deep Space 10 is the first stop for all Federation ships as all vessels must report in at DS-10 before entering the Gauntlet.
  • Trivas System is located in at the mouth of the Corridor
  • Komani Rubble is an asteroid field located ‘North’ of Romulan space.
  • Tolara Prime can be located one light-year ‘South-West’ of the Gavarian system.
  • Haess III is the home of the Hayden'ek species.
  • The Eruine system is located at the top left tip of the corridor, inside Cardassian space.
  • Belkan's Drift
  • Anticulo IV was once home to Kepler Station, believed to have been destroyed by the Order of 12.
  • The Il’Trian system can be found approximately halfway along the corridor and is a known location of an abandoned Obsidian Order base. Il'Trian IV is the location of a new Federation colony world.
  • The Mauo system, located in the Gavarian Frontier just above Romulan space, was once home to a suspected Tal Shiar operation and an item of strategic, military value; an Iconian Gateway.
  • A system under the flag of the Cardassian Union, the Ralius System is the site of a new Cardassian colony and military base being built in orbit.
  • The Turlix System inside the Cardassian Union is the suspected locale of a base belonging to the Order of 12.
  • Aquorat system, home to Olympus Base - a former Romulan Outpost now under Federation jurisdiction.

Task Force History

Direct Starfleet involvement in what is now known as the Gavarian Frontier began in 2381 as Starfleet saw the need to once again begin the exploration of new frontiers. Though at first hesitant, in late 2381 Starfleet, under direct Federation orders and permission, began the construction of a small scientific research base on a habitable planet. The most suitable planet in the Frontier was located 80 days away from Federation space. The base was built on the fourth planet in the Anticulo System, named in honour of the captain who charted it.

The repercussions of a new Federation base in the region would spread far and wide and as such, Starfleet had three ships assigned to the Frontier: the USS Opachia (Ronin Class), USS Gloria (Ambassador Class) and the USS Ren’Tak (Saber Class). The Opachia and Gloria performed charting expeditions and scientific operations while the Ren’Tak acted as a defence ship of Anticulo IV itself. However, due to the aggressive nature of the Cardassians in late 2385, the Ren’Tak was re-assigned elsewhere and five other ships, (the USS Merrimack (Excelsior Class Refit), USS T’Lana (Nebula Class), USS Venice (Atlantia Class) and USS Hippocrates (Kelly Class), were deployed along the Gavarian Frontier.

In early 2386, the crew of the Merrimack were startled to discover the sudden appearance of Kepler Station which had been located in the Delta Quadrant, as part of Task Force 38. Due to classified reasons and means, Kepler had been moved to its new location at the far end of the Gavarian Corridor. Rear Admiral Elizabeth Bassenthwaite was soon appointed as this Task Force's Commanding Officer, to oversee the fledgling Task Force in this chaotic and politically unstable area of space. Commanders such as Garen Tal, Maxwell Flint, Lucius Seyer and many, many more, would soon join Admiral Bassenthwaite and Commodore Gregory Blake in the Corridor as Starfleet stepped up its mission of scientific exploration.

Shortly thereafter, command of Task Force 47 moved to the newly promoted Rear Admiral Gregory Blake. Under the command of Admiral Blake, 47 grew once again, bringing the presence of the USS Ajax commanded by T. Malcolm St. Cloud, the USS Sagan commanded by Jonathan Knox, and the USS Viking commanded by Clay Teller. Viking and Sagan moved on a year later, but they were quickly replaced by the USS Ares and the USS Triton.

But as the Starfleet presence grew, so too did that of the Cardassian and Romulan Empires. New threats began to emerge in the volatile region and soon, tragedy would follow as Federation facilities, vessels and Commander's would be lost at the hands of aggressive new factions. Among them, Kepler Station was destroyed in late 2386, and the USS Patriot attacked to such an extent that she had to be scuttled. Both paled in comparison to the high profile deaths of Admiral's Gregory Blake and Garen Tal, believed to have been killed by a devastating new foe; the Order of 12.

With Bassenthwaite gone from the area, command of Task Force 47 fell to an Andorian, Vice Admiral Thalek th'Zorati. Based out of Deep Space 10, th'Zorati would oversee another new era for TF-47 as his forces began to focus on exploration of the Corridor at the same time as bringing the Order of 12 to justice. At the dawn of 2387, Admiral th'Zorati was transferred out of the Task Force, and Rear Admiral Alexander Whittaker was assigned as his replacement. He remained with the Task Force for the start of the year until the destruction of the Hobus system. Whittaker was ordered to take command of a Task Force and head to the Romulan border to assist the escaping refugees. Starfleet Command brought Admiral Luke Duncan out of retirement and gave him command of his old ship, the USS Odyssey, and ordered him to track down the possibility of his former station, Deep Space 19 being transported to the Gavarian Frontier. The Admiral’s mission was a success and Task Force 47 was then ordered to help the Romulans that were fleeing in to the frontier to escape the shockwave coming from the Hobus system.

After the Admiral's departure from Task Force 47 in late 2387, Vice Admiral James Holmes and Commodore Kate Walsh assumed command of the Task Force. During their tenure, the Federation, Starfleet and the Cardassian Union signed the historic Gavarian Armistice Agreement, ensuring that Task Force 47's presence in the Frontier would be eternal and any attempt to change that by the Cardassians would be seen as an act of war.

Shortly thereafter, an Order of 12 attack on Deep Space 10 led to the discovery that Commodore Walsh was in fact a Cardassian sleeper agent from the Order of 12, put in place to weaken the Federation presence and cause an outbreak in hostilities. In the fallout of the revelations, Vice Admiral Holmes resigned his position and returned to Earth, leaving the Task Force under the caretaker charge of Rear Admiral Thalek th'Zorati until a new, permanent TFCO could be assigned.

Cardassian-Romulan War

In early 2388, the Task Force operated under the command of Rear Admiral James Ryan, a decorated individual with recent experience of negotiating and working with the Cardassian government. The Admiral's tenure began in promising fashion, with both Cardassian and Romulan delegates arriving at Deep Space 10 to carry out negotiations over an amendment to the Gavarian Armistice Agreement that would have seen the Romulans become signatories as well. The promising peace did not last for long.

The process was undermined all along by the Order of 12 who had acquired a dozen or so Cardassian vessels. Posing as the 7th Order, the ships were dispatched to attack varying Romulan places of interest throughout the Corridor. Their goal was simple – to cause a conflict that would force the Cardassian government to take control of the Corridor and expel the Romulans and the Federation at last.

On Stardate 65089.63 (February 2nd, 2388) the Order launched their last mission and attacked a Romulan convoy leaving the Quillian System.

Exasperated by the outrageous aggression of what they believed to be the Cardassian 7th Order, the new Romulan government authorised an attack against the Headquarters of the Order, the Starbase Senk Nor on Stardate Stardate 65106.02 (February 8th, 2388)). Led by Admiral S'Ten tr'Ravanok, thirty Romulan ships converged upon the base, among them the IRV Rovaran. With the base defended by only two Heideki patrol ships, it was believed they would achieve success swiftly. The facility put up enough of a fight for three Galor class warships to arrive and for them to get a message to the Cardassian government and the Federation.

Upon hearing of the attack on Senk Nor during a social gathering on Deep Space 10, Fleet Admiral Oliver Tidwell and Rear Admiral James Ryan ordered all Starfleet vessels to rendezvous at Senk Nor and provide assistance under the terms of the Armistice Agreement. By the time the first of the Cardassian and Starfleet reinforcements arrived, the attack was over; debris of the five Cardassian ships and an all but deserted Starbase was all that was left of the headquarters of the Seventh Order.

Whilst rescue operations continued for over fifteen hours, Starfleet's participation in relief efforts was suddenly curtailed by a sudden Romulan demand that Starfleet evacuate Olympus Base in the Aquorat system. Failure to do so would result in a Romulan assault on the base, therefore taking it by force. Admiral Ryan ordered the USS Venture to evacuate personnel and equipment from the station. As Venture left the system, Romulan vessels closed in to take control of the facility.

Days later, on Stardate 65113.55 (February 11th, 2388), the Cardassians launched a twenty ship retaliatory strike against the Calsaria System of Romulan territory, bombarding the population centres and causing galactic condemnation, most notably from the Federation Council.

Within hours of the attack at Calsaria, war was officially declared between the Cardassian Union and the Romulan Star Empire and an ultimatum delivered to Starfleet and the Federation from both of the warring governments – if Starfleet or the Federation intervened or assisted either side against the interests of the other, it would be construed as an act of war. Unable to abide by the terms of the Gavarian Armistice Agreement, Rear Admiral Ryan (at the behest of Admiral Tidwell and the Federation Council) dissolved the Armistice and began to reinforce Deep Space 10. Starfleet Command, Starfleet Tactical and Starfleet Operations all began assigning new units to the Corridor and began bolstering the defences of key Starfleet assets.

War had begun… and Starfleet was caught in the middle.

Task Force Commanding Officer History

Over the short period that Task Force 47 has existed, the office of Task Force Commanding Officer has had several incumbents, listed below in order of succession:

R-A-2.png Rear Admiral Elizabeth Bassenthwaite 2381-2383
R-A-2.png Rear Admiral Gregory Blake 2383
R-A-2.png Rear Admiral Garen Tal 2383-2385
R-A-3.png Vice Admiral Thalek th'Zorati 2385-2386
R-A-2.png Rear Admiral Alexander Whittaker 2386-2387
R-A-3.png Vice Admiral Luke Duncan 2387
R-A-2.png Rear Admiral Erszebet Virkov 2387
R-A-3.png Vice Admiral Luke Duncan 2387
R-A-3.png Vice Admiral James Holmes 2387
R-A-2.png Rear Admiral James Ryan 2387-2388