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Based out of Deep Space 47 at the gateway to the Thomar Expanse, Task Force 47 is charged with establishing and developing new opportunities for Starfleet’s primary mission of exploration. The pathfinders of the fleet, it is their duty to negotiate with local powers for access, support, and intelligence in order to explore regions previously inaccessible due to practicality or politics.


  • Negotiate with local powers for access to regions unexplored by the Federation;
  • Explore beyond frontiers once politically-inaccessible to Starfleet;
  • Maintain relationships with regional governments to secure necessary mission support;
  • Build bridges with foreign powers by demonstrating the value of these on-going, mutually-beneficial agreements.


The changing status quo of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants has seen some borders collapse, others arise, and the friends and foes of the Federation change in warmth or hostility. Beyond the danger of such disruption are the opportunities born of new relationships and vanishing barriers.

These opportunities are the mission of Task Force 47. However close or far, they are charged to treat and negotiate with foreign governments to secure access to regions of space near or even within their borders. From there, Starfleet can explore areas never before available to them, whether they be on their doorstep and once locked away by politics, or on the far side of the quadrants and unavailable due to limited resources. Whether these locals offer merely begrudging acceptance of Starfleet’s proximity, open access to pass through their space, or outright support for Federation vessels, these are opportunities that cannot be missed.

This is a blend of exploration and diplomacy, for the latter is an ongoing responsibility to prove Starfleet is as good as their word, and demonstrate the value of such close scientific relationships. And the chance to go where no one could go before is beyond value.

Task Force Assets and Headquarters

The Thomar Expanse represents a fine example of the task force’s mission. On one side of this stretch of unclaimed space is the Cardassian Union, begrudgingly accepting Starfleet’s proximity. On the other are the Breen Confederacy and the Tzenkethi Coalition, near-hostile if Starfleet should stray too close. Exploration is a careful mission of balancing discovery with diplomacy.

Starfleet ships must pass through the Badlands to reach the task force’s headquarters, Deep Space 47, the first stop on this new frontier. A smaller outpost, it provides essential supplies and support to ship operations within the Expanse, and allows Task Force 47 to conduct its missions in the region.

Task Force 47's flagship, USS Nobel, acts as the task force's mobile command centre when required. The vessel maintains most of her fitments from her time in the Delta Quadrant as her new mission is much like her old one, just slightly closer to home.

Other ships of Task Force 47 consist of the following

Task Group 13

Task Group 63

Task Force History

The late-24th century was a time of significant political upheaval. Friendship with the Klingon Empire collapsed and was rebuilt; the Dominion War made allies of the Romulan Star Empire only for the Romulan Supernova to shatter the once-great power. Post-war negotiations with the Cardassian Union have warmed and cooled and warmed again over the decades. The old order, and the once-indelible borders of historic politics, have been strained if not swept away.

Beyond the disruption to the status quo, some in Starfleet view this as a grand opportunity. The collapse of the Romulan Neutral Zone and new friends in the Romulan Republic has granted access to regions never before visited by the Federation. New relationships with powers like the Cardassians and the Gorn have given similar chances. Chances for friendship and diplomacy, for certain, but also chances for new missions of exploration.

It became apparent to the Fourth Fleet that these were specific missions requiring ships ready to conduct diplomacy with potentially old enemies even as they blazed new paths of discovery. At the dawn of the twenty-fifth century with its new opportunities, new politics, new alliances, Task Force 47 was forged as these pathfinders, seeking and building these roads before walking them.