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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.Starfleet

Starfleet Command

Branch Position Person Assigned
Starfleet Command Commander in Chief Fleet Admiral Thani sh'Dastis (Andorian)
Chief of Staff of Starfleet Admiral Osbid Socim (Betazoid)
Inspector General of Starfleet Vice Admiral Elixena Xiralin (Bolian)
Starfleet Judge Advocate General Vice Admiral Graham Ghelfi (Human)

The Commander in Chief (or CinC) is by law the highest ranking military officer overall in the Federation Armed Forces, and the principal military adviser to the Federation President.

The Chief of Staff of Starfleet (sometimes referred to as Commander, Starfleet or COS) is responsible for, and has the authority under Article 4 of the Starfleet Charter, to conduct all the affairs of the Starfleet, including: recruiting, organizing, supplying, equipping, training, mobilizing, and demobilizing.

Starfleet Operations

Starfleet Operations (also known as Fleet Operations, and sometimes the Exploratory Division) is a division of Starfleet and is primarily responsible for the direct oversight of Starfleet's starships and starbases.

Branch Position Person Assigned
Starfleet Operations Chief of Starfleet Operations Admiral Glash (Tellarite)
Director of Starfleet Communications Rear Admiral Taroxo Rir (Betazoid)
Starfleet Security Chief of Starfleet Security Vice Admiral Haiggossu (Orion)
Starfleet Tactical Chief of Starfleet Tactical Vice Admiral Yuki Catlow (Human)
Starfleet Corps of Engineers Director, Starfleet Corps of Engineers Vice Admiral Corey Denning (Human)
Director, Starfleet Research and Development Rear Admiral Telex th'Giias (Andorian)
Director, Starfleet Shipyards Operations Rear Admiral Omiema (Saurian)
Starfleet Intelligence Director, Starfleet Intelligence Vice Admiral Keira Desai (Human)
Director, Starfleet Internal Affairs Rear Admiral Jamtod Kriheg (Bajoran)
Starfleet Medical Starfleet Surgeon General Vice Admiral Sepock (Vulcan)
Starfleet Science Chief of Starfleet Science Vice Admiral M'Rurin (Caitian)
Chief of Starfleet Cartography Commodore McKinley Galven (Human)

Other Offices

Branch Position Person Assigned
First Contact Office Director, Starfleet First Contact Office T'Madh (Vulcan)
Marine Corps Director, Starfleet Marine Corps General Vrabal Rox (Trill)
Star Fighter Corps Director, Starfleet Star Fighter Corps Lieutenant General Somia Worator (Bolian)

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