Sundered Wings

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Sundered Wings

Romulan Star Empire, Velorum Sector

Start Date

28 May 2022

End Date

11 July 2022


Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik

Winning Task Force

Task Force 47

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Sundered Wings was the third Bravo Fleet Fleet Action which ran from 28 May 2022. It consisted of three phases that each progressed the story of the collapse of the Star Empire of Rator and the Velorum Sector’s ensuing bid for independence and Starfleet protection.

The Story

Operation: Sundered Wings was undertaken by the Fourth Fleet in mid-2400 when the Velorum Sector requested the Federation’s aid and protection following the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire. With Starfleet vessels dispatched across the chaotic region, Bravo Fleet was charged with aiding the provisional government of Velorum in establishing itself in a free, fair, and democratic manner without undue outside influence.


Collapse of the RSE

In early 2400, the Talvath system and several aligned worlds formally declared their independence from the Star Empire of Rator. With its aged and underpowered military, the Star Empire deemed such distant worlds unworthy of a deployment of their forces, and while they did not acknowledge the independence of Talvath and others, they did not stop them, effectively letting them go.

This weakness by the Senate precipitated disaster on Rator. Weeks later, flag staff of the Romulan Star Navy by force of arms dissolved the senate. But the Star Navy proved to have grossly misjudged their public support. The thread of legitimacy that was the Senate of Romulus relocating to become the Senate of Rator was snapped in this move, and many systems declared their independence in response.

Some fled to the waiting arms of the Romulan Free State, and the Tal Shiar on several occasions interfered to encourage this outcome. A handful turned to the Romulan Republic. Most declared independence, either scrambling for self-sufficiency through seizing Imperial assets and gathering allies, or falling prey to the warlords who have long gorged on the remains of the once-great empire - particularly along the spinward frontier.


Notable among these was the Velorum Sector. Relatively close to Rator, the region is rich in minerals that have been essential to the Romulan Star Navy for centuries, and has long been home to Reman workers and slaves labouring in its dangerous mines and refineries. Within days of the coup, the Romulan regional governor on Psi Velorum III was removed by Reman workers led by Resak, a former pit boss. Resak was quickly declared acting-governor, and led the sector in declaring independence to create a new state respecting the rights and labour of Remans, Romulans, and other inhabitants alike.

The initial response to Resak’s takeover in the Velorum Sector was overwhelmingly positive. Most Star Navy forces fled or were pushed out, and local governments on other worlds - new or old - saw Romulan and Reman leadership alike pledging support. But it was clear Rator would not let Velorum go easily, and that the sector was vulnerable to interference or attack from the Tal Shiar, pirates, warlords, or the Klingon Empire. Resak thus turned to an unlikely ally: the Federation. Demonstrating himself a fair new leader with the backing of his populace, he requested protection so the Velorum Sector might safely determine its own destiny, shaking off the shackles of Rator without falling prey to some other power.

The Fourth Fleet’s Mission

With the illegitimate and self-appointed government of the collapsing Star Empire trying to bring Velorum back under its control, and the vast opportunities for the region to fall prey to another power, Starfleet felt the Prime Directive did not apply, and that they had no choice but to accept Resak’s request for help, dispatching the Fourth Fleet. The population of the inhabited worlds, moons, and facilities of Velorum was primarily workers for the industries and mines - mainly Reman, with a minority of Romulans and some other former vassal species. It was these workers who led the fight for independence and seized control, accounting for the movement’s overwhelming popularity.

With the Star Empire declaring Velorum's uprising the work of rebels and traitors, the sector needed defending against the Star Navy's efforts to reconquer it. Many worlds had been reliant on the Star Empire for their basic needs, with Starfleet now charged to offer relief missions. Other locations needed support and arbitration to help guide them to decide their political future. Further factions, such as the Free State's Tal Shiar, the Klingon Empire, or local pirates and warlords presented additional threats. Managing these concerns to support Velorum's endeavours for self-determination was a significant commitment by Starfleet.

The Operation

The Fourth Fleet dispatched a diplomatic delegation to Psi Velorum III to assist Resak in establishing his provisional government and make plans for the future, as well as to discuss any long-term relationship between Velorum and the Federation. Further ships travelled across the sector in support of the overall goal of enabling the region’s self-determination, as free as possible from external meddling.