Sovereignty of Kahless

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Sovereignty of Kahless
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D'okloss Si'Tac



As of 15th of December 2388, the Sovereignty of Kahless was formed by a rebellion of combined rogue houses. The main major house that was the leading force that turned against the Empire is known as the House of Targ. The name was given by the Emperor in disrespect after their former house lord disgraced the Empire. The house name, however, changed after the rebellion towards House of Si'Tac under command of D'okloss (Targ) Si'Tac. Starbase Sut HabmoHwI' mupwI' in the Narendra System, that formerly was owned by the House of Darg, is now known as the HQ of Sovereignty of Kahless.



  • Shortly after the Civil War caused by a contested Rights of Succession in which Jean-luc Picard was Arbiter, many past dealings of House Duras was also linked to other prominent houses within the Klingon Empire. On review of the evidence it seemed wherever House Duras had acted dishonorably, House Si’Tac was also close in support. Due to crimes against the Empire and the rightful Chancellor, house Si’Tac was disgraced, though too powerful to fully dismantle. As a result, the High Council forced a name change on House Si’Tac, to that of House Targ “Dishonorable dogs.”


  • Joint proposal from both the House' of Targ (Si'Tac) and Q'ras to build a new generation of battle station throughout the Empire. Whilst not as advanced or as large as modernized Federation Spacestations this new design packed a decent amount of fire-power for installation of its size. These battle stations were also home to prison facilities and a warriors combat arena. The Battlestations were to be placed above primary hunting worlds to further display a warriors honor.

  • The High Council readily agreed to the construction of these stations and both the Houses of Targ (Si'tac) and Q'ras headed the design and building process...a mistake the Klingon Empire would soon regret. the two houses embedded secret codes into each battle station allowing them to take full control of the stations at will...

2388 (March)

The Battlestations were completed within the following systems:

  • Narendra System (Targ/Si'Tac HQ - Battle station Sut HabmoHwl'mupwl)
  • Khitomer System
  • Q'ras System
  • HeH'bat System
  • Vor'cha System
  • Ty'Gokor System (Replacing the aging station in the system)
  • Yacae

2388 (November 20th)

  • Along the northern reaches of the Klingon Border 5 Starfleet vessels were attacked without provocation by Klingon warships. The attacks were brutal and quick so not to allow much of any evidence left of how the engagements came to pass. All that remains were the results:
  • USS Tesla - Destroyed, crews captured
  • USS Phobos - Destroyed, crews captured
  • USS Washington Nebula class, Captain Julia Demets - Escaped, crew safe, the captain was captured as a prisoner
  • USS Tyson Akira class, Captain Sergei Ivanovich - Escaped, crew safe, the captain was captured as a prisoner
  • USS Tornado-C Rhode Island Class, Captain Ryoko Takato - Engaged responding to distress call but the crew survived, however, Captain Takato was captured.
  • The formerly disgraced House of Targ officially announces it is claiming its old name of Si’Tac in open defiance of the Klingon High Council.

2388 (November 25th)

  • Starfleet Command, due to lack of solid information decides to keep the incident of the 20th under wraps until diplomatic and intelligence assets had a chance to gather more information and possibly broker a solution.

2388 (November 27th+)

  • An old run down Klingon prison barge nearing its finals days as a prisoner transport vessel is heading through Klingon Empire with a load of prisoners en route to the Klingon prison on Rura Penthe.However, midway through their voyage, the barge is forced to make a brief stop at an old Klingon K-7style space station for assistance in repairing their faulty warp engines. The repairs are estimated to only take several hours to a day, however, the detour it has provided the prisoners time to develop a plan of escape. Upon the prison transport's departure from the old K-7 station, the prisoners mount a surprising riot and gain control of the prison transport vessel, forcing it to change course. The prisoners have made contact with one of the more radical and disgruntled rogue houses of the Empire, pledging their loyalty to the house in exchange for their freedom and servitude to the house. The barge was carrying nearly one hundred and fifty dishonored and condemned warriors with a strong blood thirst for revenge on the ruling houses of the Empire. The last thing the Empire needs are more warriors in support of these rogue houses. The search for the barge ensues and the USS Tornado is dragged into the manhunt as well as the Empire hopes to locate and retake the barge before the prisoners reach the freedom of a fleet of rogue Klingon vessels. Critical information might be found to the whereabouts of Captain Takato.

2388 (December 5th)

  • Whilst examining an Ancient Orion Cruiser within the Hromi Cluster the USS Southern Cross under command of Commander Jack Lashmore encountered a badly damaged Klingon bird-of-prey within a radiation cloud. The vessel contained one survivor, Qen’aq of House Rustazh, whom claimed several Houses within the Klingon Empire were going to openly rebel against the High Council and also sabotage or take over several key Battlestations of the empire. Qen’aq had provided what information he could and the Southern Cross crew diligently but carefully and quietly attempted to correlate the information and little evidence with their own contacts.

  • The Klingon High Council replied to Commander Lashmore’s queries that it was an internal Klingon matter and that Qen’aq was to be handed to the next Klingon vessel they encounter to be charged as a criminal.
  • Three Klingon Birds-of-Prey decloak and demand the hand over of the so-called criminal Qen'aq, they identify themselves as members of the S.o.K. Upon denial of the request based on the fact that Cmdr. Lashmore cannot answer to demands from unrecognized factions, the S.o.K vessels fired on the USS Southern Cross and an assistant Oberth-class science vessel, the USS Jubilee. Although the S.o.K forces were quickly dispersed with the destruction of one of their vessels, the USS Jubilee was destroyed with all 79 crew lost.

2388 (December 15th)

  • Houses Si’Tac and Q’ras (insert the rest of the list tomorrow) lead a joint and open rebellion against the Klingon Empire. The alliance of houses call themselves the Sovereignty of Kahless and believe in the old ways of conquest, calling the High Council weak and lapdogs for H’urq.

  • All but two of the new Battlestations (Vor’cha and Ty’Gokor) completed recently suddenly only respond to S.o.K loyalist commands and thus key systems within the Empire easily fell to S.o.K forces.

  • Although the Klingon High Council denies it, the Klingon Empire is virtually halved and in open civil war.

2388 (December 19th)

  • The USS Tornado-C engages the prison barge and all but one of the highly dangerous criminals are captured. The Tornado-C continues its manhunt for the final prisoner. The Tornado-C is running under communications silence.
  • Within the Narendra system, almost 300 Starfleet prisoners were executed by their S.o.K captors.
  • The President of the United Federation of Planets publically condemns the actions of the S.o.K as a terrorist faction, due to such and the mounting evidence, the Klingon High Council is forced to accept the situation publically and tensions between the Federation and Klingon Councils lessen.

Intelligence Updates

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