Echoes of the Tkon

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Echoes of the Tkon

Omega molecule, Tkon Empire

Start Date

24 July 2021

End Date

17 September 2021


James Preston McCallister

Winning Task Force

Task Force 17


Echoes of the Tkon was the second Bravo Fleet Fleet Action which ran from 24 July 2021 until 17 September 2021. It was launched after the development of the new Bravo Fleet website, which better integrated fleet activities, and most notably allowed all fleet action writing to be hosted on itself instead of the Relay Station Bravo forums.

Echoes of the Tkon consisted of three phases that each progressed the story of an outbreak of Omega molecules across the galaxy, and Starfleet's investigation of ancient Tkon Empire technology to stop it.

The Story

Phase One: Omega

In 2399, Omega molecules were suddenly detected manifesting all over the galaxy. With the Fourth Fleet's decentralised structure, its ships were ideally positioned to respond to the manifestations wherever they could be found as the Omega Directive was activated fleet-wide.

Phase Two: Horizon

Starfleet Science identified the origin point of the Omega molecules as an ancient Tkon facility beyond the Galactic Barrier. Still unsure how the Tkon could be responsible, the Fourth Fleet was directed to pursue any and all leads on knowledge about the Tkon Empire. With the Omega Directive still in-place, previously unavailable or low-priority leads on the Tkon could be avidly pursued.

Phase Three: Vanishing Point

Investigations of the Tkon led the Fourth Fleet to a network of beacons across the galaxy, Tkon technology that helped their impossibly-ancient Vanishing Point facility maintain the Galactic Barrier from the outside. Identifying a mis=calibration in the Vanishing Point's network as the cause of the Omega molecule manifestations, ships of the Fourth Fleet raced to any of these beacons they could find to correct the network.


The Vanishing Point network was restored, not only stopping the manifestation of Omega but destroying the molecules where they had not yet been found. But the crisis had left ripples of unease across the galaxy as the Federation and other powers took erratic and extreme measures to counter Omega, and kept their activities highly classified. Both internal stability and interstellar relations were left unsteadied by the crisis.

Individual Winners

The top 3 individual winners of Echoes of the Tkon were:

  1. James Preston McCallister
  2. Th'lora Vehl
  3. Tikva Theodoras

Task Force Placements

  1. Task Force 17
  2. Task Force 93
  3. Task Force 86
  4. Task Force 72