Tzenkethi Coalition

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Tzenkethi Coalition
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Autarch Larquenten Rej Tov-AA


The Tzenkethi Coalition is a space-faring, warp-capable civilization bordering the United Federation of Planets, Talarian Empire, and the Inconnu Expanse.

The present leader of the Tzenkethi Coalition is Autarch Larquenten Rej Tov-AA


Isolated Conquerors

The Tzenkethi first revealed themselves to the Federation in the mid-24th Century when the Coalition attempted to annex Galen and two other worlds. This resulted in the oft-overlooked Federation-Tzenkethi War, which resulted in treaty-imposed border between the two powers. During the Dominion War, the Tzenkethi elected to remain a neutral party, even though they were courted by the Dominion.

Following the Dominion War, the Tzenkethi watched the Federation and her allies with great interest, even going so far as to invite the Federation to open an embassy on Tzenketh. Over time, the Autarch, Korzenten Rej Tov-AA, began to warm up to the idea of the Federation. Though he had no desire to request membership, he came to see the Federation as a potential ally.

2388 Coup D'État

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Korzenten Rej Tov-AA's stance on foreign policy began to worry several in the Coalition, namely the leader of the military arm, Larquenten Rej Tov-AA. As part of Korzenten's opening of the borders and embassies, Thot Grez of the Breen Confederacy was one of many to meet with the Autarch. That meeting was short-lived, due to a vast difference of opinion regarding the Federation. Graz, however, planned a second meeting with Larquenten. Both military leaders determined that they were in a singular accord regarding the Federation, and what it would take to resist their influence. Agreeing to work together, Thot Graz left to prepare matters on his end, while Larquenten set to work on reshaping the Coalition.

Larquenten attempted to reason with Korzenten, but his efforts were in vain. Finally, on December 11, 2388, Larquenten launched a different offensive. In a matter of hours, Larquenten was named the new Autarch. He raided every embassy and recalled Tzenkethi ambassadors. Once the Coalition was reset to its isolationist, imperial form, Larquenten sent Thot Grez a single message: "We are ready." Hours later, the coup was complete, and Larquenten was established as the new Autarch. He also raided every embassy, imprisoning over 250 members of the Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire. Those who resisted were not permitted to live. The public fully supported the coup and were grateful to have wise leadership once more.

Entering the Alrakis Pact

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In March of 2389, the Tzenkethi joined representatives from the Talarian Empire, Breen Confederacy, and the Ravagers at Alrakis Station and signed their initial charter, becoming a founding member of the Alrakis Pact. Immediately, the Tzenkethi released the diplomats and personnel they'd captured at the embassy, forcing them to the borders of Tzenkethi space for the Federation to retrieve.

Political Structure

As the Tzenkethi are a race bred for various purposes, only a select group are bred to govern the Coalition. The Coalition is lead by the Autarch, who is supported by a number of Ministers and Military Commanders, all of whom are bred for the role.

Because the Coalition's structure relies heavily on a caste and breeding structure, the Coalition views organizations such as the Federation as chaotic, where any individual has equal rights and equal opportunity.