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Once a common sight within the Federation, these stations are now reaching the end of their operational life and being phased out of service. Designed as resupply stations and drydocks in areas with few inhabited star systems, in the 23rd century they were built and operated as frontier and border outposts, and represented local Federation interests.

The design of the stations is based around a central core made up of cargo, engineering, and support areas, surmounted by deck crew accommodation and a recreation area. The base of the core was a large hangar designed to house and maintain cargo craft as well as the station's own small complement of shuttles. Built outwards from the core are three long arms, each tipped with a section containing more cargo bays and a docking port for larger ships, as well as a five-deck section with accommodation and recreation areas for visitors.

K-class stations were historically more successful in peaceful regions of the galaxy, successfully supporting Federation trade and research. Those in proximity to the Klingon border proved to have insufficient defences against the Klingon Empire, several falling to Klingon occupation during the war of the 2250s. These defensive limitations and the need for larger and more sophisticated support for Starfleet ships led to reduced construction of the K-class through the latter 23rd century.

In the late 24th century, many of these stations have been retired, while others have been abandoned or been handed over to civilian management. Border expansion means very few remain in frontier locations, and the K-class stations still in operation largely serve as trade or research hubs.

K-class Stations of the Fourth Fleet

The following K-class stations have been assigned to Starfleet's Fourth Fleet:

K-class Stations In Play

  • K-class stations still in operation were built over a century ago and must have some reason to not have been replaced. So they are rarely in high profile or dangerous locations; frontier outposts are on borders that have not changed for decades, while others have been repurposed to support research or commerce.
  • These stations are old and small and offer far less space or comfort than many modern Starfleet ships. Technological advances in automation have reduced the necessary crew numbers, but bases that see much civilian traffic are often crowded.
  • Any remaining in use as distant research outposts can be lonely and claustrophobic throwbacks of a bygone era, often doing very little of significance in isolated pockets of space.