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"What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from."
    —T.S. Elliot - Ship's Dedication Quote

The USS Nobel (NCC-76990) is a Federation Galaxy-class starship and as of 2400 was assigned to Task Force 47 and deployed to the Thomar Expanse. A veteran of the Dominion War, the Nobel was one of the few Galaxy-class ships that were launched during the conflict. Geared at the time to more combat-oriented missions, including troop transport, the Nobel established itself during key battles and was most noted for its heroic actions during the closing days of the war. The Nobel returned to peacekeeping duties and has seen many captains come and go through its service. Originally launched from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, the Nobel has received a number of upgrades in its twenty-five years of service to Starfleet.

Design & Layout

Originally configured almost exactly the same as other Galaxy-class ships, like the USS Venture, the only difference for the Nobel was that a majority of her scientific laboratories and facilities were not installed as the ship was rushed into service. It wasn't until 2377, that the ship returned to its birthplace in orbit of Mars to have all of its systems fully installed.

When it received its sixth upgrade and refit (which was completed in 2399), Starfleet made several adjustments to the ship to prepare it to join the expeditionary group that was heading out to the Delta Quadrant. Not only were her tactical and defensive systems improved but almost every system on the ship was enhanced. Along with supporting exploration efforts, the Nobel would play host to specialist teams from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers assigned to her to assist in the maintenance of the expeditionary force as well as deal with any other engineering matter that would arise during their time in the Delta Quadrant. With her industrial replicators and large cargo bays dedicated to storage for important parts, components and resources, the Nobel would extend the lifeline the expeditionary force required while they were so far away from Starfleet.

A new impressive sickbay was also installed. It could provide state-of-the-art medical assistance to anyone in the fleet if required to do so or deal with mass triage. It rivalled the sickbays often found on outposts and starbases.

With a pivot in operations from Starfleet towards the Thomar Expanse, the Nobel was picked as the flagship for Task Force 47 where it continues in much the same role as it had in the Delta Quadrant. With the unpredictable difficulties of the Badlands and either hostile or obstructionist powers in close proximity to forces stationed within the Expanse, Nobel's presence allows for Task Force 47 to operate further from Deep Space 47 than normal, using Nobel as an extension of the existing supply lines and rapid support.



Being one of many ships quickly launched in 2374, the Nobel was part of Starfleet's response to the ever-growing need to have strong, battle-ready ships to combat against the threat posed by the Dominion. The ship, like others of her class, would survive the war and went on to serve in Starfleet's peacekeeping force along the Cardassian border for the next two years. Eventually she returned to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards to receive repairs, refits and have a majority of its scientific laboratories and facilities finally installed in 2377.

From 2378 onwards, the ship was assigned to a range of missions across Federation territory but was seen on many occasions along the Federation-Klingon border. Its mission parameters were changed in 2381 to assist Federation interests close to the Talarian Empire. This was where for the next four years the ship spent its time. Starfleet Command felt it was important to ensure that their nearby neighbour did not think they had let down their guard along the border. The ship was also a welcomed sight by many Federation colonies and bases that sat close to the Talarians.

In 2385 the ship was assigned to help with the resettlement of refugees from the Romulan Star Empire onto suitable habitable worlds in the ever-collapsing Romulan Neutral Zone. When the supernova took out Romulus, the Nobel was assigned to patrol the former Neutral Zone on and off for the next five years, providing limited aid to refugees and ensuring no one crossed into Federation territory. The crew would find themselves dealing with ongoing piracy and the involvement of Fenris Rangers in such matters.

A decade on and it was high time for the ship to receive a massive overhaul of all of its systems. As such the Nobel was one of a few ships to receive such an extensive refit, one that would take Starfleet almost four years to complete. Placed at the Devron Fleet Yards, the updates to the ship were completed by 2399 but a brand new crew had to be selected to take over the reins of the ship.


Captain Thrain, c.2399
The Nobel was handpicked to support the new lead expeditionary group being sent to the Delta Quadrant and would be one of the main support ships. Command was given to Captain Thrain, an experienced captain.

2400 and onwards

USS Nobel was picked as the flagship for Task Force 47 when the task force was stood-up and recalled for deployment to the Thomar Expanse. There she acts in much the same role as she had in the Delta Quadrant. Her extensive diplomatic facilities have been amended with flag facilities aboard ship.


Command Staff

USS Nobel In play

  • Nobel acts as the flagship for Task Force 47. Orders from the TFCO would come from this ship.
  • Involvement of the Nobel should follow the Task Force Writing Guidelines