Lakota Squadron

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Lakota Heavy Cruiser Squadron, or, informally, Lakota Squadron, is a squadron of the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 17, centered on the USS Lakota, under the command of Fleet Captain Keziah Nazir. Based out of Deep Space 17 in the northern frontier, the squadron boasts the ability to deal with a wide range of mission profiles, from basic patrol duties and engineering repairs to rapid response and amazing scientific discoveries.

Squadron Composition

Formed in the aftermath of Frontier Day 2401, Lakota Squadron is composed of four starships capable of carrying out the various roles and responsibilities dictated by the mandate of the United Federation of Planets. The composition of vessels assigned to the squadron is such that virtually any objective can be completed, whether within the confines of Federation space, or far from safety in far-flung areas of the known galaxy.

USS Lakota


USS Lakota is an Excelsior II-class starship commanded by Fleet Captain Keziah Nazir. As flagship of the squadron, Lakota is by far the most well-known vessel in the unit, often found operating around Federation space responding to different crises, patrolling space lanes, ferrying diplomats and hosting negotiations between implacable enemies. Her proud name and reputation often see her involved in missions where larger, more capable vessels might excel, flying the flag for the squadron, and the Task Force.

USS Hypatia


USS Hypatia is a Sutherland-class starship commanded by Captain Giarvar Kauhn. Scientific research and exploration is the mandate for Hypatia as she provides unparalleled insight into the universe thanks to her impressive sensor suite and dozens of specialist scientific departments. Hypatia most notably excels at the study of planets, celestial bodies and anomalies, often responding to requests for further study from other vessels in the squadron and wider Task Force.

USS Proteus


USS Proteus is an Echelon-class starship commanded by Captain Elara Quinn. A new and formidable vessel, Proteus adds logistical support to the squadron's many mission profiles. Capable of rapidly responding to a wide variety of humanitarian and engineering assignments, she is also no slouch when it comes to protecting Starfleet and Federation assets across the quadrant. Led by her veteran commander, the Proteus crew is largely made up of young officers seeking to atone for the tragedies of Frontier Day.

USS Proxima


USS Proxima is a Sovereign-class starship commanded by Captain Kelvan Voss. One of the older vessels in the squadron, Proxima is responsible for tactical and security initiatives for the unit, and is often seen dealing with threats to the Federation, both near and far. Despite her increasing age, numerous refits have seen her systems modernised to the point that she remains a significant assets to the Task Force, often flying the flag and reminding others of Starfleet's commitment to the quadrant's ongoing safety.



Initially created in the aftermath of The Lost Fleet crisis of 2401, Lakota Squadron has taken on many different assets, but her flagship has remained steadfast and resolute at the heart of the group's continuing mission. Initially consisting of Lakota, Buran and Osiris, the unit was significantly bolstered after the Borg incursions later that year. Replacing the aging Buran and the frigate Osiris, the state-of-the-art Sutherland-class research cruiser Hypatia expanded the unit's scientific and exploration caabilities, while the Sovereign-class exploratory cruiser Proxima added some much needed tactical and strategic capabilities to the squadron. The final addition to the team was an untested crew of youngsters eager to make amends for their part in the Frontier Day massacre, aboard the Echelon-class light cruiser Proteus, adding humanitarian relief, high priority engineering assignments and rapid response efforts to the squadron's mission profile.