Kzinti Patriarchy

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Kzinti Patriarchy
Basic information
Major Species:



Kzin Prime


? (Earth Year)

Warp Capable:

? (Earth Year)

Official Language:


Official Currency:


Political Information

Dictatorial Monarchy


Patriarch Chu'raft

Military Branches:

Kzinti Police Force



The Patriarchy and Earth have a history of conflicts with each that included four wars. These were known collectively as the Earth-Kzin Wars with the Kzin being the one who started and wish Earth who would finish and be the victor. The wars started shortly after the first contact between the Humans and the Vulcans in the 2060s.

Following these conflicts the Treaty of Sirius was signed between the Kzin and Earth where the former, its government and all its territories were essentially demilitarized. The Kzinti as part of the treaty were forbidden to possess any form of weapons or starships except for their Police vessels to be used only for peacekeeping.

The current head of the Kzinti Patriarchy is Patriarch Chu'raft.


A Kzin is normally two metres tall with a cat-like humanoid appearance. Due to evolution and it is believed by Starfleet Science there constant fighting with each other in the past, they have developed a reinforced anatomical structure which includes multiple hearts.

They have the telepathic ability within their species and is normally found in the male part of the population, however they are also generally unhappy and neurotic which according to Starfleet Medical maybe due to some hormonal imbalance but as it is merely a theory.


A prejudiced, war-like species who speak with pride and honour. The male Kzinti had no respect for vegetarian species such as the Vulcans, or females of any species. The lack of respect stemmed from the fact that on the Kzinti Homeworld, the females of the species were simply "dumb animals".

When a Kzin is defeated in battle and allowed the live, it was deemed as being the most heinous of insults. In such casses, the Kzin must seek revenge by challenging the attacker to a duel before the one who was attacked was allowed to seek either medical assistance or reinforcements.