USS Hypatia

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"Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all."
    —Hypatia - Ship's Dedication Quote

Named after one of Earth's most famous philosophers and astronomers from Alexandria, Egypt, USS Hypatia is a Sutherland-class research cruiser of great size and significance. On the surface, she is equipped with all of the necessary equipment and personnel to carry out an array of scientific and exploratory endeavours, but beneath the surface hides something curious. Adjustments made to the vessel following the appointment of her commanding officer have equipped her with systems that allow her to fulfil a dangerous objective; to gather intelligence on Klingon movements near the Romulan Republic and perform reconnaissance patrols as required by Starfleet and their Romulan allies.

As the first of her name to ever grace Starfleet, it is up to Captain and crew alike to forge a name commensurate with the legacy of such an influential thinker and mathematician. That legacy sees Hypatia serve as a vital asset of Lakota Squadron in Task Force 17 of the 4th Fleet, operating out of Deep Space 17 near the Typhon Expanse.

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Historical Data Records


  • 2398: The first of what is sure to be many vessels in the Hypatia lineage, construction begins on the Sutherland-class Hypatia at Avalon Fleet Yards. The process goes relatively smoothly and the ship is ready to begin her shakedown cruise on schedule


  • 2401: Hypatia begins her six month shakedown cruise on 1st January, 2401, under the temporary command of Commander T'Prynn. She conducts a number of trials of key systems in several areas of space near to her headquarters at Deep Space 17, but she is kept out of significant galactic events such as the war with the Breen-Dominion alliance in the Deneb sector, and the disastrous Frontier Day celebrations. Hypatia completes her shakedown and is ordered to the Quasaris Sector where she meets with her permanent commanding officer.
  • Echoes of Ambition: With the Quasaris lockdown still in effect, Hypatia arrives during Lakota Squadron's blockade of the system. Captain Giarvar Kauhn of the USS Buran is ordered to assume command of Hypatia and begins assembling a crew from other vessels in the squadron. In the process, Kauhn and his former CO, Fleet Captain Keziah Nazir, almost come to blows over the crew transfers. When a medical emergency arises aboard Lakota, Hypatia assumes Lakota 's patrol route while the squadron flagship transports a stricken crewmember to his homeworld for treatment.

The Hypatia Lineage

Whilst many starships in the Federation fleet endure long after the first ship to bear the name left dock for the first time, Hypatia has the distinction of being the first vessel to carry the name.

Commanding Officer Lineage

Notable commanding officers, past and present, include:

  • Captain Tomaz Rosicky, (Human Male) - Captain of Engineering, oversaw the ship's construction.
  • Commander T'Prynn, (Vulcan Female - Acting Captain, led the ship to her rendezvous with her new commander.
  • 2401 - Present: Captain Giarvar Kauhn, (Trill Male)