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USS Buran is a Rhode Island-class scout assigned to the Fourth Fleet. As of mid-2401, it is assigned to Arcturus Wayfinding Squadron, which is based out of Olympia Station. Buran is assigned to regular patrol and reconnaissance missions in the Olympia Sector, a duty it shares with Arondight, as two of Olympia Station's primary defensive assets.


The Buran was built at Avalon Fleet Yards from 2389 to 2390. After her launch and commissioning in late 2390, she was assigned to reconnaissance duties with the Fourth Fleet. From 2390 to 2400, she conducted two five-year missions. Her first major overhaul was scheduled to begin at the end of 2400, but this was delayed several months due to the Blood Dilithium crisis at the end of that year. She also served in the campaign against the Lost Fleet in early 2401. Repaired after these conflicts and brought back to her original design specifications, Buran was placed briefly with Lakota Division before being transferred to Arcturus Pathfinding Squadron in mid-2401.

Notable Events

  • 2389—2390: Buran is constructed at Avalon Fleet Yards. Several hull plates are fashioned from the wreckage of the former Challenger-class Buran lost at Wolf 359. Following her launch in 2390, she undergoes a brief shakedown before her commissioning.
  • 2390—2395: Buran conducts her first five-year mission of deep space reconnaissance and threat assessment for the Fourth Fleet.
    • 2391: Buran makes first contact with the Elsiver, a Humanoid species native to a world near Federation space, but which had long been occluded by a dense nebula the Buran was charting. Though accidental, this first contact is deemed a success.
    • 2393: Alongside sister ship Apollo, Buran engages a Kzinti slaver vessel and successfully rescues two-hundred Romulan refugees.
  • 2395—2400: Buran conducts her second five-year mission, continuing to provide deep space reconnaissance and threat assessment capabilities to the Fourth Fleet.
    • 2397: Buran conducts threat assessment missions along Breen space to document increasing tensions in the region. These tensions will come to a head in 2399 with the attack on Starbase 38.
    • 2399: Buran participates in the Osiris Initiative, Raptors Wings Campaign, and Archanis Campaign alongside the Fourth Fleet.
    • 2400: Buran participates in the Sundered Wings Campaign, as well as the fleet's response to the Century Storm and Blood Dilithium crises.
  • 2401: Buran's refit is delayed as the ship is pressed in to service against the Lost Fleet. Following this campaign, she is laid up for refit at Avalon Fleet Yards. She re-launches following Frontier Day that year, joining Lakota Division before being transferred to Arcturus Pathfinding Squadron.


The Buran is named after the 20th century Soviet space shuttle prototype Buran, which is the Russian word for "snowstorm." One Earth Starfleet vessel and two Federation Starfleet vessels have also borne the name Buran.

Commanding Officer Lineage

Notable crewmembers include: