USS Proteus

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"Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all."
    —Hypatia - Ship's Dedication Quote

The USS Proteus (NCC-97402), an Echelon-class light cruiser, stands as a beacon of resilience and dedication under the command of Captain Elara Quinn. Commissioned in 2398, this versatile starship is an integral asset to Task Force 17's Lakota Squadron. Based out of Deep Space 17 near the enigmatic Typhon Expanse, Proteus is equipped for a variety of crucial missions, including rapid response operations, engineering support, and humanitarian aid.

Following the tragic Frontier Day massacre, which claimed the lives of many of her seasoned crew members, Proteus is now largely manned by young and eager personnel determined to honor their predecessors' legacy. These fresh faces bring a spirit of renewal and commitment to the ship's vital duties, forging a path of hope and recovery in the aftermath of loss. With Captain Quinn's experienced leadership guiding them, the Proteus crew embodies the Starfleet ideals of courage, unity, and service to the greater good.

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The Proteus Lineage

Like many starships in the Federation fleet, the Proteus name has endured long after the first ship to bear the name left dock for the first time. Information about past incarnations includes:

  • USS ProteusEuropa-class light exploration cruiser
    • 2190—2220 (Destroyed)
  • USS ProteusExcelsior-class heavy cruiser
    • 2248—2374 (Destroyed)
  • USS ProteusAkira-class heavy cruiser
    • 2386-2398 (Decommissioned)
  • USS ProteusEchelon-class light cruiser — NCC-97402
    • 2398—Present (In Service)

Commanding Officer Lineage

Notable commanding officers, past and present, include: