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Romulan Faction

Welcome to the listing of specifications for all Romulan starships and starbases in the Bravo Fleet registrar.

Official Romulan Starship Specifications
Heavy Warbird Classes D'deridex classKhellian classScimitar class
Medium Warbird Classes 22nd Century Bird Of PreyValdore class
Light Warbird Classes Bird Of PreyD'renet classDrone ShipLaehval classLanora II classPreax classShrike classVentarix class
Shuttle Classes Vreenak classShalimar class
Fighter Classes Aen'rhien classScorpion class

While the specifications listed are for the standard configuration for a vessel within Bravo Fleet, there are special provisions for added equipment when the mission is out of the ordinary. Such equipment is labeled Mission Specific and a listing of such equipment can be found by clicking the prior link.