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The Federation operates a large number of space stations, many of which are built and administered by Starfleet.


While originally there was only one Spacedock, Earth Spacedock, others were built around the Federation and became the Spacedock-class. This is now a category of station entirely, which refers to the very largest space stations built by the Federation, all of which contain a massive hanger for servicing multiple starships at the same time internally. These massive stations serve as starship construction and repair facilities, orbital habitats, scientific research bases, major defensive installations, and command and control hubs for large areas of space. Typically, they have a crew of tens of thousands, with the capacity to house fifty to a hundred-thousand civilian residents.


Spacedocks In-Play

  • These are the largest stations in service. Even the Aurora-class which is roughly a third the size of a Guardian-class station is capable of holding dozens of starships at a time and a massive crew. These bases are located in key areas around the Federation, serving as anchors for entire sectors, and sometimes multiple sectors. It would be extremely difficult to assault one of these bases, as they have some of the most powerful shielding of any space vehicle, fixed or otherwise.
  • Spacedocks are not available for member-run fictions, but there are several such bases associated with the Fourth Fleet, however: Starbase 72, Starbase 86, Starbase 38, and Starbase Bravo, which you can use in your own stories.

Large Space Stations

Large space stations are defined as any station having a crew complement of less than five-thousand but more than one-thousand, with civilian populations anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand. The three bases in this category are more than suitable as stand-alone starbases, the centerpiece of fleet yards, or as the orbital component of major planetary facilities. As with spacedocks, large space stations are generalist installations: they do a little bit of everything, only lacking the larger interior hangers of their larger cousins.


Medium Space Stations

Medium space stations are defined as any station having of between five hundred and one thousand crew. They can be used in many different ways and are the most numerous category of station currently in service, forming the background of Starfleet's fixed assets.


Small Space Stations

Small space stations are defined as those stations with a permanent crew of less than five-hundred, distinguishing them from relay stations or defensive platforms which are only manned temporarily. Classes in this size category run the gamut from research stations housing just a few dozen scientists to trade outposts with crews in the low hundreds.


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