Maintenance Craft

From Bravo Fleet

Maintenance craft are used within shipyards and for EVA purposes on starships to perform maintenance tasks that cannot be accomplished by personnel in environmental suits. These craft are also used to manipulate and stow cargo within starbases and starships.

Cargo Management Unit

Cargo Management Units (also known colloquially as workbees) are essential for cargo transport and EVA maintenance tasks across the Federation, ranging from shipyards to starbases to ships. They have been in use for well over a century and a half and the basic design hasn't changed in that time, other than periodic updates to their computer systems and maneuvering systems. They can be operated in a pressurized or unpressurized configuration with the operator in an environmental suit.

The cab module can be coupled to a number of other accessories, including manipulator arms, welding systems, and diagnostic sensors. The craft can also pull chains of cargo modules attached to the back. This is useful for moving cargo between starbases and starships when the transporters can't be used.