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Retired Federation Starship Classes

The New Normal (2385 - current)

Elysion-class Light Explorer

Post-War Renaissance (2375 - 2385)

Argonaut-class Light Cruiser

The Borg & Dominion Conflicts (2368 - 2375)

Galaxy Refit-class explorer

The Ambassador Era (2330s - 2350s)

Freedom-class Scout
Niagara-class Light Cruiser

Refinement & The Great Experiment (2270s - 2330s)

Akula-class Frigate
Centaur-class Scout
Constellation-class Heavy Cruiser
Constitution-class Refit Heavy Cruiser
Excelsior-class Heavy Cruiser
Excelsior-class Refit Heavy Cruiser
Oberth-class Surveyor
Miranda-class Refit Light Cruiser

Standardization and Consolidation (2260s - 2270s)

Antares-class Surveyor
Hermes-class Scout
Federation-class Dreadnought
Miranda-class Light Cruiser
Ptolemy-class Tug
Saladin-class Destroyer

Golden Age of Exploration (2210s - 2260s)

Cardenas-class Heavy Cruiser
Constitution-class Heavy Cruiser
Crossfield-class Research Cruiser
Engle-class Frigate
Helios-class Tug
Hernandez-class Surveyor
Hoover-class Light Cruiser
Magee-class Science Vessel
Malachowski-class Frigate
Nimitz-class Heavy Cruiser
Shepard-class Heavy Cruiser
Walker-class Scout

Early Federation Starships (2161 - 2210s)

Columbia-class Cruiser
Daedalus-class Cruiser
Freedom-class Scout
Intrepid-class Frigate
Neptune-class Scout
NX-class Cruiser
Yorktown-class Cruiser

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