USS Serenity

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The USS Serenity is a Duderstadt class light cruiser currently assigned to Polaris Squadron within Fourth Fleet Operations.


The Duderstadt class USS Serenity was commissioned in January 2401. It follows a lineage of vessels to bear the name Serenity, including most recently a Diligent class vessel, registry NCC-81356, which also served in the Fourth Fleet until it was lost in 2400.

The USS Serenity left drydock in February 2401 under the command of Captain Mark Gilliam, and almost immediately, it was thrust into the Lost Fleet crisis, responding to a distress call from the USS Kison, a Raven class corvette that had come under attack from three Jem'Hadar fighters. The Serenity successfully repelled the assault, but it suffered extensive damage and the loss of its captain.

Following two weeks of repairs at Farpoint Station, the Serenity was assigned by Commodore Imya Jori to Fleet Admiral Allison Reyes as part of Polaris Squadron.

March 2401: Voices of Deneb

During the latter stages of the Lost Fleet crisis, Admiral Reyes took the Serenity behind enemy lines to conduct a series of sorties against Dominion and Breen forces. This culminated in the Battle of Ciatar Nebula when, assisted by the USS Valhalla and the USS Andromeda, the Serenity aided the USS Mariner in delivering Vorta representatives from the present era Dominion to the Lost Fleet in order to facilitate the cessation of hostilities.

April 2401: Troubles on the Homefront

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June 2401: Children of the Borg

As part of Polaris Squadron, the USS Serenity was deployed to Wolf 359 to hunt for a Borg homing beacon that had appeared and then gone missing. Once it became evident that the beacon had been seized by the colonists of Beta Serpentis III to be used to summon the Borg via a transwarp conduit, the USS Serenity and the USS Diligent jumped at max warp to assist. The Serenity focused on destroying the transwarp conduit in Roche lobe of the binary star pair before a squadron of Borg vessels could come through it, while the Diligent retook Salvage Facility 21-J, which had become assimilated by Borg subroutines.

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