USS Kison

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USS Kison is a Raven-class corvette assigned to Fourth Fleet.

Physical Configuration

The Kison is a Raven-class corvette largely in the stock configuration for the 2380s.

Deck Layout

  • Deck 1 | Engine Room
    • Houses the ships Deuterium storage tanks, Intermix Monitoring room, Graviton generators and aft sensory array along with other key ship systems that do not need continual access.
  • Deck 2 | Central Area
    • This deck houses the quarters for the command staff (Captain, XO, etc) and guest quarters along with the general living spaces such as the mess hall and observation lounge. Additionally, the bridge, briefing room, transporter room, medical facilities, and access to the upper level of engineering are located here. The main airlock for the ship is situated just aft of the bridge.
  • Deck 3 | Crew Area
    • Houses space for the remaining crew (if assigned to the ship) in bunks of four. In addition to this access to the holodeck, shuttle bay, computer core and engineering facilities, including the impulse control rooms are all on this deck. The main labs for the ship can be found on this deck. Currently, these are set up to facilitate astrometrics, and planetary sciences along with several general lab facilities.
  • Deck 4 | Cargo Bay
    • The majority of this deck is taken up by the large cargo bay along with the antimatter tanks and injector. The ventral airlock is also located here which leads to the forward landing leg and escape hatch.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers