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"Sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
    —H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

USS Mariner NCC-97607 is a Pathfinder-class vessel assigned to Task Force 86 in Fourth Fleet. The vessel is currently under the command of Captain Sazra Kobahl. While being assigned to Task Force 86, the USS Mariner finds itself in unknown territory to perform their deep-space science missions.


The Mariner is a Pathfinder Class that has been introduced in 2400. Starfleet has produced a certain amount of these ships to serve as the most advanced ships in the fleet and in the field of science. Mariner is therefore assigned to perform deep space scientific missions that will benefit Starfleet in exploration of the unknown. The ship was constructed at Devron Fleet Yards has received its shakedown course late 2400 and has entered service in 2401 under the command of Captain Sazra Kobahl

The Lost Fleet Arc

Fourth Fleet Command reaches out to Captain Kobahl with details of a mission regarding the arrival of the Lost Fleet. They are to travel into unknown territory since the Dominion War, the Gamma Quadrant. The Mariner travels to the Gamma Quadrant, where the Command Team choices to withhold the information from its crew and only tell them what they needed to hear. But this wall of lies would not hold when Captain Kobahl announces their true purpose as they arrive at the Dominion borders. Tension rises among the crew, lies and misinformation was spreading while the crew was waiting for the Dominion to respond to their request.

But when the Vorta twins arrived as representatives of the Dominion, the boiling point was reached and a mutiny started to unleash. The mutiny was under the leadership of Lieutenant Shew, who manages to take control of the bridge for a brief moment. The mutiny failed and all mutineers were arrested. Thought Captain Kobahl choices to not report it to Outpost Opaka as the urgency was to big and even let her Communication Officer Ensign Asipa fabricate false orders.

The Mariner skipped communication with the Deep Space 9 and was marked to be disabled. While en route to Ciatar Nebula a sabotage happened and communications was down. This poses a threat to the safety of the crew and completion of the mission. The Mariner arrived at Ciatar Nebula to buy Chief Engineer Commander Valerio time to resolve the communication problems while avoiding getting killed by the Dominion battle group. USS Serenity, USS Valhalla and USS Andromeda responded to give aid to the Mariner as they succeeded to deliver the Dominion representatives after communications were repaired.

On the response of the Fourth Fleet call to arms, the Mariner joined the Battle of Farpoint. After that she returned damaged to the port of Starbase 86. After Captain Kobahl delivered the mutineers and wounded to the starbase personnel, Starfleet JAG came in to arrest the command team for their neglecting duties in this mission. Captain Kobahl would have lost her rank as Captain and her command if the Fourth Fleet Command wouldnt redact that order later on.


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The Mariner is a Pathfinder-class long-range science vessel. She is part of the first batch of Pathfinders that got constructed in 2400. The ship specializes in extreme ranges. While she is not meant for long wandering missions and focuses on specific areas of space, she is equipped with more science labs than the Nova or Grissom. The science labs are each equipped with specialization of long-distance scientific research. Such as astrophysics, planetary scanners and more. The ship has better equipment to operate longer than the ship class is designed for, and it can operate long duration on unknown planets with specialized hazard equipment.

One of the things that difference the Mariner from her sister ships is the choice of interior color. The hallways have an aqua with light green as a color. The bridge has a more metallic feel to it while the mess hall or any recreation room more a beach feeling. The ship is more emerge into the Mariner theme.

Design & Layout

The following information concerns the layout of the USS Mariner in various locations. Locations such as the bridge, captain's mess, engineering and more.

The Bridge

Mariner bridge

The bridge design is focus on efficiency and quick operations. But also build for long-deep and scientific operations that is reflected into the bridge design. The design is a reflection of the Intrepid-class, the Sutherland-class and Diligent-class with the focus to reflect the Mariner mission. It is easy to move around and yet gets the feel of sections of various departments.

Behind the command section is a space dedicated as the primary Mission operations area where a holographic display is installed to quickly get latest information. Normally the Pathfinder-class doesn't require a Chief Intelligence Officer or mission advisor, but if it was for temporary assignment they would work in this location to get a quick overview. The holographic display has the function to turn into a table to provide a 3D map of planetary or stationary areas.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers

Support Craft

Type 12 Shuttle

  • Komodo
  • Sumatra
  • Java
  • Flores

Aeroshuttle Runabout

  • Merapi