USS Diligent

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The USS Diligent is an Alita class heavy escort currently assigned to Polaris Squadron within Fourth Fleet Operations.


March 2401: Infiltrate and Liberate

During the Lost Fleet crisis, the USS Diligent was assigned to an assault wing led by the USS Polaris under the command of Fleet Admiral Allison Reyes. On March 16, 2401, the USS Diligent participated in the Battle of Nasera, an offensive that successfully retook the key industrial center from Dominion forces. The USS Diligent then remained in orbit to assist with the humanitarian mission to rebuild the wartorn world of Nasera II.

June 2401: Children of the Borg

As part of Polaris Squadron, the USS Diligent was deployed to Wolf 359 to hunt for a Borg homing beacon that had appeared and then gone missing. Once it became evident that the beacon had been seized by the colonists of Beta Serpentis III to be used to summon the Borg via a transwarp conduit, the USS Diligent and the USS Serenity jumped at max warp to assist. The Diligent focused on retaking Salvage Facility 21-J, which had become assimilated by Borg subroutines, while the Serenity destroyed the transwarp conduit.

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