USS Pioneer

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USS Pioneer
General Information
Registry NCC-74657
Class & Type Intrepid-class light explorer
Affiliation Starfleet, United Federation of Planets
Status Active
Commissioned 2372
Role Light Explorer
Key Personnel
Commanding Officer Kal Rane
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"Curiosity is the essence of our existence."
    —Gene Cernan

USS Pioneer (NCC-74657) is an Intrepid-class light explorer of Fourth Fleet. One of the first Intrepid-class ships built, the Pioneer served with distinction during the Dominion War, triumphing in several engagements during the course of the war. Following the Dominion surrender in 2375, the Pioneer was reassigned to do what it was designed to do: exploration. After being saved from mothballs in 2400 and undergoing a year-long retrofit, the Pioneer resumes its mission to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Design and Layout

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During the Pioneer's year-long retrofit to update its systems to 25th-century standards and technology, it was made very clear by Captain Thiren to the work crews at Avalon Fleet Yards that the overall design and feel of the starship remain very much unchanged from the original Intrepid design language. When walking through the Pioneer, you find yourself on a familiar design, albeit with updated internals and technology to bring the starship into the 25th century. Interfaces and consoles have been updated and in most cases upgraded to the newest LCARS standards, but the overall design of the vessel was left intact per the Captain's instructions.


The Intrepid-class USS Pioneer, coming back from another tour of exploration in deep space, was set to transfer to the reserves or 'Mothballs' due to the lack of consistent upgrades and interest in the now ageing platform. When the Pioneer arrived at Avalon Fleet Yards, it caught the eye of Captain Kosev Thiren who, at the time, was currently without a starship and awaiting reassignment. Reading up on the ship's history and discovering that the vessel served with distinction during the Dominion War, winning every engagement it participated in, Kosev petitioned then head of Task Force 47, Fleet Captain Alexandra T'Rin Sudari-Kravchik, to have the USS Pioneer assigned as his new command. With his request being granted, the vessel spent the next year at Avalon Fleet Yards receiving a major retrofit before being placed back into active service in February of 2401.

The Lost Fleet Incident

When the Pioneer arrived at Farpoint Station to pick up the rest of their crew, Captain Thiren received a priority communication from Fourth Fleet Command about The Lost Fleet invading the Deneb sector. Holding a briefing with his senior staff, Thiren revealed a new priority mission that the Pioneer had been assigned: infiltrate behind enemy lines and destroy a secret Ketracel-white facility. With the Federation News Network refusing to call attention to the invasion, instead citing that the attacks were nothing more than a Breen border skirmish, the Fourth Fleet stood alone against the Dominion, and they needed every edge they could get to turn the tide. So, the Pioneer was dispatched to destroy the facility.

Utilizing technology and intelligence gathered by another famous Intrepid-class starship, the Pioneer was able to avoid detection during the entire trip to Saxue. Once there, they entered the nebula, located the facility, and launched a daring plan to destroy the lab to give the Fourth Fleet the edge they needed to win this fight. With the facility destroyed, the Pioneer retreated at maximum warp to Farpoint Station, where they arrived just in time to take part in the final offensive launched by Dominion forces. Together with the Fourth Fleet, the crew of the Pioneer were successful in repelling the attack and protecting the Deneb sector.

Fourth Fleet Directive - We Are the Borg

With the battle over, the Pioneer set course for Avalon Fleet Yards for crew rotation and repairs in preparation for the Frontier Day festivities. Unfortunately, repairs took longer than what was originally planned, and therefore the Pioneer couldn't make the trip to Earth for the Frontier Day celebrations, and instead stayed in dock. After the Borg signal was activated, the Pioneer crew made an ultimately futile attempt to retake the ship, but was unsuccessful. During the battle, phaser fire from the Borg controlled crew hit and ruptured several plasma conduits on the Engineering deck. Also due to additional sabotaging from the chief engineer and chief operations officer, the Pioneer sustained considerable damage during the takeover.

With the ship liberated, they remained at Avalon to continue the repairs until Pioneer could be made space-worthy again. Finally, late in 2401 Pioneer was assigned to the new wave of vessels departing the edge of Federation space for the unknown. In the coreward region of Federation space, where the Beta Quadrant becomes the Delta Quadrant, Pioneer was assigned to begin exploring the unknown and uncharted frontier of the Talvath Cluster.

The Neo-Phage

Runabout Crash on Zercan 2[1]

On Zercan 2, whilst responding to a request from the planetary research base to provide repairs to their comm array, an away team from Pioneer discovered the existence of a virus that caused the accelerated regression of both humanoids and native fauna to a less evolved, primitive version of themselves, with a marked increase in aggressive tendencies. After crash landing on the planet the away team had to cross the forest to reach the abandoned research base, crossing river trenches and bypassing devolved Starfleet officers, whilst also battling their own nascent infections. Unfortunately during their attempts to secure the base and escape they found a survivor in secret discussions with agents of the True Way, who had staged the accidental release of the virus at the base to examine its effectiveness as a biological weapon. The Away Team were able to stall the enemy in their escape and summoned Pioneer to render assistance, chasing the Cardassian forces from the system.

The Auction at Valkoran Base

When Starfleet Intelligence recieve reports of a weaponised version of the newly christend Neo-Phage virus previously discovered on Zercan 2, Pioneer is dispatched to investigate and if necessary destroy this dangerous new bio-weapon.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers