USS Helios

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"The test of any man is in action."

USS Helios (NCC-63284) is an Akira-class Federation star ship assigned to Fourth Fleet's Task Force 47. She is currently under the command of Captain Tanek, operating out of Deep Space 47 in the Thomar Expanse, providing pathfinding and diplomatic support in the politically unstable region.

Service History

Commissioning and Early Service

One of the first block of Akira class vessels produced in 2363, Helios was part of the wave of new designs rapidly sweeping across the fleet that explored a different form of shipbuilding that focused on mission specialisation over larger multi-role vessels. Spending much of the next two decades undertaking operations at the Cardassian Border, Helios also served with distinction during the Dominion War as part of the Fourth Fleet's space command programme, defending key locations throughout the war-front. After a lengthy overhaul following the ceasefire the ship returned to the Cardassian border regions to provide ongoing security and patrol support against pirates, privateers and the separatist movement, The True Way.

Helios was present in the task force that supported the efforts of Stargazer and the Jurati Collective to defend against the dangers of the temporal and spatial anomaly. Following these events the ship underwent a major overhaul at the Avalon Fleet Yards to modify it for deployment with Task Force 47.

Shards of Obsidian

Following the events of Frontier day and losses associated with the resurgence of the Borg activity, Starfleet's assets capable of deploying to the frontier with little support was severely reduced. As part of 'Operation Ploughshares' Helios was one of several ships originally designed with a combat focus that found themselves refitted to take on diplomatically focused missions independently, with support several days away. Their first mission was to rendezvous at the mining outpost Bryntail in the Llanidos system, where the Starfleet Auxiliary were struggling to work with the civilian miners following Starfleet's general withdrawl from the system.

Threadbare Flags

Late in 2401, Helios found themselves redeployed to the Cardassian border following the destruction of Outpost C-91, reportedly by the True Way separatist movement. Initially assigned reconnaissance and overwatch responsibilities in the expansive region, utilising it's large number of auxiliary craft to supplement long range sensor platforms, Helios was part of a network providing real time long range oversight of the region. When a personal message to a young Lieutenant suggests an imminent bomb threat from the New Maquis, Helios is retasked to Cyodan II, to investigate the security threat.

Design and Capabilities

Heliades Squadron

Originally created to take advantage of the Helios' through-deck design as it fulfilled escort carrier duties during the Dominion War; Heliades Squadron has found new life as a specialist service unit. In a galaxy of instant transporters and increased automation, several members of Starfleet Operations have identified a critical vulnerability in starship operations when these systems are rendered unavailable. Whilst effective mass-produced vehicles, the standard shuttle designs are created with adaptability in mind and as a result cannot provide high level support to star ships and operations. The need for craft and officers who can provide expert logistical support & mobile services aboard larger ships, over and above the standard training of shuttle pilots was becoming evident. Heliades squad are experts with a wide range of auxillary vehicles, their operation and usage, including shuttles, combat auxiliary craft (such as the Valkyrie-class starfighter) and ground craft, including traditional motorised and wheeled vehicles.

Theta Squad

Theta Squad.png

Born from the Hazard Team programmes, Theta Squad has gone through several incarnations in a short period of time. Initially a rapid response team operating under Starfleet Science, they were intended for scenarios ranging from experiments gone wrong to unexplained phenomena. As time went by, the squad found themselves engaged in missions where they had to employ a much wider variety of skills including engineering, diplomatic and tactical expertise. Initially operating aboard their dedicated Aerie class transport USS Nestus they became a home for officers and enlisted crew who were, by nature, difficult to categorise and under the guidance of Lieutenant Maine, the squad grew in number will members coming and going as their careers and missions dictated. The Squad was later transferred to Helios by request of Captain Tanek, who felt Theta Squad's unusual skill sets and unorthodox atittudes would be a benefit in their duties wihtin the Thomar Expanse.

Notable Locations

The Pynx

The Pynx is a state of the art diplomatic and conference centre located in the refitted 'battle module' of Helios, an attempt at Starfleet Command to highlight the peaceful intentions of the new age of exploration. At the cost of some of its torpedo capabilities the module has seen the addition of a large complex of diplomatic suites, each modelled after famous diplomats, a number of multi-function conference and meeting places in addition to a cadre of talented officers from the Federation Diplomatic corps. Throughout the complex holographic generators and advanced environmental systems are able to adapt the suites to cater for a wide variety of needs, allowing diplomatic meetings, conferences and summits to take place aboard the vessel, surrounded by glorious views of the cosmos at every turn.

At the centre of the complex is the main offices of the Diplomatic detachment and the high capacity transporter that connects the module with the rest of the vessel. Travel to and from the module is generally free to all crew-members of any rank, as the suites & multi-function rooms are often used as practice rooms and bookable spaces for the wide variety of shipboard activates.

Hypatia Suite

Situated at the rear of the module, the Hypatia suite's focal point is a set of expansive windows fitted with hand crafted glass from Tellar Prime; the home of many of Starfleet's greatest diplomats, providing an inspiring, unobstructed vista of the galaxy. Named in honour of the pioneering ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician of Earth, the Hypatia suite seeks to inspire whilst presenting a sobering reminder of how small we are in the grand scheme of the universe.

Kor Suite

Inspired by the dramatic statement architecture of the Klingon Hill Council chambers, the Kor suite is perfect for channelling the particular spirit of Klingon Diplomacy. Named after the famed Dahar Master and diplomat who served the Empire for over a century, the Kor suite is part conference room, part amphitheatre, with specialist acoustics designed by the renowned Ferengi composer Jeere Goold; a perfect stage for entertaining and facilitating more private discussions.

In keeping with Captain Tanek's insistence that all facilities are multi-use outside of mission operations , the various music and live performance groups of Helios have made the Kor suite their home away from home, making use of it's particularly beneficial acoustic design. The additional musical underscore has become a permanent feature of the Agora, much to the pleasure of the Diplomatic Corps.

Soval Suite

The Soval Suite aboard USS Helios, showcasing the holographic abilities of the diplomatic suite.
Named after the famed Vulcan diplomat and Ambassador to the burgeoning United Earth in the 22nd Century, the Soval suite models itself after the open meeting places of Vulcan where philosophers, scientists and ley persons met to discuss the topics of the day. In this suite the holographic capabilities of The Pynx are used to full effect with the warm, dry environment seeming to disappear into the distance, instilling the peace and calm of the Vulcan homeworld into all discussions.

When not in use for Mission Operations this suite also hosts the twice-weekly meeting of the vessel's hot yoga and meditation group, as well as being the venue for the monthly stargazing club whose bring and share BBQ has become a staple in the ship's calendar.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers