Orion Syndicate

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Mon of the Orion Syndicate
Orion Syndicate
Basic information
Major Species:

Orion, though the Markalian, Farian, Yridian, Flaxian, Lethean species are frequently found within.


Dozens of worlds, most of them nonaligned to major galactic powers. Farius Prime and the Orion Colonies are the most frequent hotbeds.


~5,600 BCE, roughly four hundred years before the Twelfth Empire collapsed in 5,200 BCE.

Warp Capable:

Before 200,993 BCE.

Official Language:

Orion Standard, Vondemese, Botchoki, Kolari, Farian, Markalian, Yridian

Official Currency:

Gold-Pressed Latinum, information

Political Information

Decentralized (varies by cell)

  • Various Syndicate "Tahedrin" (Bosses)
Military Branches:

Individual Syndicate-aligned vessels