Interstellar Relations

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Diplomacy is at the heart of the Federation's approach to the wider galaxy

The following provides an overview of the United Federation of Planets’ relationships with all major powers of the galaxy.

Alpha Quadrant

Breen Confederacy

As a loose central confederation, the Breen do not have a united or uniform stance towards the Federation, and diplomatic relations are limited. Since 2399, however, individual warlords have consistently launched border raids on the Federation, seeking resources and slaves. Encounters between Breen and Federation ships outside Federation space are particularly likely to lead to hostilities.

Cardassian Union

Tensions between the Cardassian Union and the Federation heightened in mid-2401. The Union has drawn criticism for the expansion and modernisation of its fleets through the integration of Dominion technology, straining the Dominion War-ending Treaty of Bajor. This has been overshadowed, however, by the borderlands of the Former Demilitarized Zone falling into crisis, with two renegade insurgent groups, the Cardassian True Way and the Federation New Maquis, leading violent attacks against Starfleet, Central Command, and each other. Starfleet seeks to restore stability, while divided factions of the Union seek sometimes cooperation, and sometimes political victories to demonstrate or restore Cardassian supremacy.

Children of Tama

Relations between the Federation and the Tamarians have only improved since first contact. Communication methods have been refined, trade agreements ensure a free flow of goods and ideas, and several Tamarians serve in Starfleet. Closer relationships are continuously negotiated, with the possibility of a more formal alliance or even Federation membership in the future.

Ferengi Alliance

The Ferengi Alliance is in a formal state of peace with the Federation, bound by treaties and multiple economic commitments. Ongoing negotiations for the Alliance’s eventual ascension to the Federation ebb and flow - they are currently in a state of ebbing. Individual DaiMons and ship captains will still often exploit Starfleet wherever possible, however, and will rarely render assistance without payment.

First Federation

Relations between the First Federation and the UFP are friendly, and multiple treaties cover issues such as extradition, justice, and trade. Commercial and leisure visits across the borders are easily arranged, and border security is perfunctory on both sides.

Kzinti Patriarchy

A loose coalition, the Kzinti are overall xenophobic and aggressive. They have no formal treaties with the Federation, and regularly launch raids into their territory, targeting civilians as much as military targets. Starfleet protects the border and the sight of a Kzinti ship usually precipitates hostilities. When necessary, Starfleet has launched counter-attacks into Kzinti space to incapacitate dangerous and consistent raiding parties, or recover abducted citizens.


The Melkot are highly territorial and use their telepathy to punish those who encroach on their space without permission. Since a positive first contact with the Federation in 2368, Starfleet has on occasion been able to acquire permission to enter Melkot space. This is very rare, and largely the Melkot and Federation leave each other alone.

Metron Consortium

The powerful and elusive Metrons remain largely isolated and uninterested in the wider galaxy. They have not reached out to the Federation since first contact in the 23rd century. Starfleet policy is to not venture into their territory.

Sheliak Corporate

The Sheliak are deeply isolationist and view all other life-forms as inferior. They actively avoid contact with anyone, including the Federation. They are aggressive and powerful if approached, and Starfleet policy is to not initiate an encounter.

Talarian Republic

After historic conflicts, a clear and formal peace treaty now exists between the Federation and the Talarian Republic. Despite significant xenophobia in Talarian culture, they have engaged with the wider galaxy in politics and trade or as mercenaries. Border defences on both sides remain substantial, and it is not unknown for a Talarian captain to test their strength against Starfleet and force the diplomats to tidy up afterwards.

Tholian Assembly

Xenophobic and isolationist, the Tholians remain uninvolved in galactic affairs and send only limited envoys to the Federation. Their surveillance network’s observation of Federation territory is a point of contention between the powers, and the Assembly has been known to expand its borders without warning. Starfleet ships never knowingly enter Tholian space, and their duties on the border are largely limited to stamping out Tholian surveillance probes.

Tzenkethi Coalition

The Tzenkethi have been politically isolated for the last fifty years. Their tentative peace with the Federation is regularly tested by their raiding parties venturing forth in search for useful technologies, and they guard their borders jealously. Relations with the Federation are highly limited and the sight of a Tzenkethi ship outside their space usually leads to hostilities.

Beta Quadrant

Gorn Hegemony

The Gorn have limited diplomatic relations with the Federation. They are territorial and guard their borders jealously, but may still send breeding parties in the forms of bands of warships into Federation territory. Interactions with the Gorn are wildly inconsistent, and understanding between the two governments is limited. More often than not, the Gorn keep to themselves and ignore the Federation.

Klingon Empire

Relations between the Klingon Empire and Federation are at their lowest point in thirty years. The ascension of Chancellor Toral, son of Duras, and his stated intention to conquer Romulan space has set the two powers on a collision course, with the Federation treaty-bound to protect the Romulan Republic. The Empire is increasingly factionalised, however, with several Great Houses opposing Toral and maintaining close relations with the Federation. No formal conflicts have broken out, internally or with Starfleet, but there have been hostile encounters between the KDF or houses loyal to Toral and Starfleet in or near Romulan space.

Orion Syndicate

While the Syndicate is not a formal government, with many of its worlds within the territory of the Federation or Klingon Empire, the criminal organisation is vast, with its own holdings, and a complex hierarchy. More often than not, the Syndicate is involved in criminal enterprises that undermine Starfleet interests, and the Federation’s return to fringe worlds has been particularly unwelcome. Encounters are rarely directly hostile, however, and Starfleet captains have been known to negotiate the Syndicate’s assistance at times.

Romulan Independent Factions

Outside of the Free State and Republic, the old Star Empire has fallen to an array of independent Romulan factions, rarely larger than a handful of systems and often in the hands of warlords. They each have their own stance towards Starfleet, with some inclined to negotiate for an advantage while others will aggressively defend their territory. An unknown faction’s territory should be approached with care.

Romulan Free State

The Romulan Free State is regarded as the legitimate successor to the Romulan Star Empire and is recognised under all relevant treaties, such as the Treaty of Algeron. Relations between them and the Federation have been fractious in recent years, but the formal peace is upheld on both sides. Eager to prove themselves a galactic power, the Free State desires legitimacy from the Federation, but will also seize any opportunity to embarrass their rival. This usually takes the form of political machinations or subterfuge, however.

Romulan Republic

The Romulan Republic is a formal ally of the Federation, seeking the eventual reunification of the Romulan and Vulcan people. The alliance favours the Republic more and shields them from hostilities with the Klingons or other Romulan factions. Still, the Federation considers it the best chance at a lasting peace in the Beta Quadrant. Starfleet works closely with Republic scientists and the military in and near Republic space for their protection and development.