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The Melkots (or Melkotians) are a xenophobic species and minor power with territory in the Alpha Quadrant. Historically xenophobic and deeply territorial, they have long jealously guarded their borders and resisted encroachment or even peaceful visitation by any outsiders. The Federation made a fraught first contact in 2268, with the USS Enterprise earning permission to enter Melkot space. Since then, relations between the Federation have been cordial at best, non-existent at worst. There are rarely interactions between the two powers; Starfleet ships may not approach or enter Melkot space without permission, and the Melkots have only communicated with the Federation in times of dire need for either side. In those times of necessity, however, contact has been possible, and the Melkots wary of engagement but open to discussion.

Melkot Species and Culture

The Melkots themselves are non-humanoid and powerful telepaths. They have bulbous bodies without limbs, which appear to float through unknown means, and have bright, round eyes. They are capable of projecting telepathic illusions that are indistinguishable from reality to the recipients, especially in non-telepaths. These illusions are so potent that experiencing injury and death can cause sufficient psychic trauma to hurt or even kill. Other telepathic species, such as Vulcans, have proven capable of resisting the illusions with varying degrees of success.

The only confirmed survivors of a telepathic illusion intended to be lethal for the victim was the crew of the Enterprise in 2268. They were immersed in an illusion of the Old West and were expected to be killed in a gunfight. It is believed that the Melkots identified an experience, setting, or period that the crew associated with violence, where death would be an inevitable outcome. It was through resisting this expectation of violence, when Captain Kirk refused to kill an illusory opponent, that the Melkots became curious enough about humanity to make contact.

Little else is known about the Melkot people. The Federation highlight their xenophobia and territorialism, but also point to the fact that they were stirred by unexpected mercy from those they viewed as invaders. Starfleet presumes the Melkot border policies to be dictated by fear, and thus strives very hard to follow the example of mercy and compassion set by Kirk in all their dealings with them.

Border Defences

The Melkots leave warning buoys at the edge of their territory, which all communicate a message directing anyone approaching to leave. Those ignoring such warnings are treated harshly, with the Melkots demonstrating their xenophobic tendency to view such outsiders as 'aliens' or even 'disease'. Most ships which ignore the warnings meet a grim fate, the Melkots sentencing them to death. Either technological defences repel encroaching ships or, if possible, the Melkots kill the crews through their telepathic illusions.

Ships which need to approach Melkot space are advised to establish a communication link with a warning buoy, state their business and identify themselves as part of Starfleet, and await further contact. If no response is heard, no ship has permission to violate Melkot territory.

In Play

  • The Melkots are a deeply inhuman and unknowable species encountered in one episode of TOS, who are also deeply isolationist. This combination gives writers only limited storytelling opportunities with them, as it is inconceivable Starfleet would not leave them alone unless they had no other choice.
  • With the right level of emergency or accident, Starfleet ships may still have encounters in or near Melkot space. It is up to the writer if the Melkots would accept any request for access, or how indulgent they would be of transgression, especially intentional. This might be an opportunity for intense and difficult diplomacy, or a story of a crew trying to survive an encounter with Melkot telepathic illusions such as those seen in TOS: Spectre of the Gun.
  • Melkots telepathic illusions feel real to all but the most disciplined of minds or powerful of telepaths. If your crew is hit by one, it's entirely up to you how much Vulcans, Betazoid, or others are affected, or how much they can affect the illusion in turn. The Melkots are clearly very powerful, but it's up to you decide what's best for your story.

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