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Sheliak Corporate
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The Sheliak Corporate is the governing body of the Sheliak. A non-humanoid species resident of the Alpha Quadrant, the Corporate occupies a small region of space wedged between Federation space and the Tholian Assembly. The Sheliak are isolationists, and view all other life-forms as inferior. The only visual record of the Sheliak's appearance comes from an encounter by the USS Enterprise-D, following the Sheliak colonization of Tau Cygna V. Encounters with the Sheliak have typically been resolved using text-only communications.

Sheliak/Federation Relations

Relations between the Federation and the Sheliak are non-existent. Up until the Tau Cygna V incident, exchanges between the Sheliak and the Federation had been limited to text messages. Given the Sheliak's belief of human languages as primitive, imprecise and irrational, such messages were typically several thousand words in length. The Treaty of Armens, negotiated via text messages over subspace and which establishes a basis for Federation-Sheliak relations, is over half a million words in length, required six months of negotiation, and 372 Federation legal experts to draft.

The Sheliak actively avoid contact with other species, appearing only when they need to. After a brief expansionist phase in the latter half of the 2360s, little was heard from them. They remained uninvolved in the Dominion War.

Sheliak Technology

The Sheliak use quantum processors in their technology, with bioneural interfaces designed to be operated through direct connection to Sheliak neurons, making their computer systems unusable by non-Sheliak.

Weapons and defense systems

The shields on Sheliak ships can easily withstand Federation weaponry, and their weapons systems can cut through Federation shields easily. Military confrontation is best avoided.

In Play

  • Though the Sheliak share a border with the Tholian Assembly, little is known about the relation between the two powers. Their status as allies or enemies is unknown.
  • The Sheliak are non-humanoid, appearing in distorted images as moving black masses.
  • The Sheliak view humanoid species as inferior, and have no qualms about destroying an approching vessel. Be prepared to be swatted like a fly if you cannot argue your case for hours!
  • Due to their non-humanoid biology, Sheliak are immune to telepathic touch.

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